27 Golf Outing Prizes That Will Make Your Event a Smash

by Athisham Ulhaq February 25, 2023

Of all the things that make a golf outing memorable, the prizes handed out at the end of the what people remember the most because they happen at the end of the event.

But what makes a great golf outing prize? From traditional trophies to unique golf gifts, there are many options to choose from. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most popular golf outing prizes and offer tips for selecting the perfect awards to make your event a success.

Whether you're planning a corporate golf outing or a charity tournament, this guide will help you choose the perfect prizes to reward your players and make your event unforgettable.


27 Great Golf Outing Prizes That Will Have Everyone Raving!

1. Annual Tournament Trophy

You cannot go wrong with an annual trophy for your golf tournament prize, whether based on a points system or the number of entrants.

There are many golf tournament prize ideas, but this Annual Tournament Trophy with golf balls design is my favorite!

These golf tournament prizes will last forever, and it is one that you can enjoy while you remember all those fun golf tournaments that have come before.


2. Golf Tumbler

You can always go right with these golf tournament prizes: Golf Tumbler.

Fill it with beverages for your golfers who have won the golf tournament, and they can bring this to the golf course!

These golf tournament prizes are perfect for holding cold, refreshing beverages that keep your golfers cool on those hot summer days on the links.

3. Golfer's Best Tool Multi-tool

This Golfer’s Multi-tool is perfect for golf giveaways!

Keep track of your strokes with the Stroke Counter, fix divots, brush off the mud from your shoes and golf cart, and repair ball marks on the green using the Divot Repair Tool. You can use Golf Balls Marker to mark the ball's location in the golf course.

Club Groove Cleaner removes dirt and grime build-up on golf club grooves. The brush allows you to clean off sand stuck to golf club faces.

4. Golf Pen Gift Set

Who doesn't love a good pen? This Golf-themed Set has three pens, small golf balls and a carrying case, making it perfect for golfers, coaches, and people who work in offices.

If you are looking for Golf Tournament Gifts to make your golf event stand out, go with something players can use on the golf course or around their office.

5. BenShot Pint Glass

Pint glasses are popular giveaways for golf outings, but there is no reason why your giveaway has to be boring.

Everyone can use these best golf tournament prizes on their next golf tournament; you will raise a few eyebrows while getting your company out on display.

6. Putting Indoor Mat

While many people have a putting green on their lawns, an Indoor Putting Mat is easy to store and can be used even when it is raining outside.

If you don't have enough space for an outdoor green, these golf tournament prizes are a practical way to improve your skills with golf balls, making them perfect next golf tournament giveaways!

7. Worlds Okayest Golfer Insulated

World's Okayest Golfer Stainless Steel Insulated Bottles are great golf prizes for golf lovers.

Its contemporary design and engraved metal logo make a perfect golf outing prize for golf tournaments.

These best golf tournament prizes are double-wall stainless steel water bottle that holds up to 30ounce of their favorite beverage.

8. Custom Company Logo Decanter

People walking around with a drink at golf tournaments in their hands are much more likely to remember your company.

Corporate gifting is all about marketing, and one of the simplest ways to do so is by giving out promotional items like logo decanters.

So put this Logo Decenter as one of your best golf tournament prizes!

9. Can Insulated Cooler Sleeve

Golf Beer Sleeve

What golfer wouldn't want an insulated cooler sleeve where they can put their drinks and food while playing?

These Can Cooler Sleeve is something almost every golfer will use, and it will make your golf outing prize gift a top pick!

These best golf tournament prizes cost under $25, so it is budget friendly.

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10. Golf Themed Gifts Blanket

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or Christmas gift, a blanket with a cute golf design is a great way to add fun and flare to an important event.

If you want a successful golf tournament event, then you can never go wrong with giving them a Golf Blanket with their favorite sport at golf tournaments!

11. Golf Bottle Openers

These Golf Bottle Openers are a must-have for any golfer and one of the best golf tournament prizes to motivate golfers to win the game!

Not only will your golf tournament players love them because these golf awards are fun, but they also make great conversation starters while out on a round of golf with friends.

12. Personalized Medal Golf Gift

If you are looking for the perfect golf tournament prizes to giveaway at your next golf outing, take a look at these Personalized Gold Medal Trophies.

These golf tournament gifts are stylish and can be personalized. Each gold medal trophy has a red satin ribbon, making it easy to display.

13. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Most people are familiar with whiskey rocks, which keep your favorite drink chilled but make it taste like you are drinking a melted Popsicle.

Golf Chillers Whiskey Golf Balls work just as effectively, and they add an element of class to your drink.

Plus, these raffle prizes are my favorite!

14. Cognac Brown Premium

Designed with a premium leather construction, these Cognac Gloves help make sure that your grip stays strong. These golf gloves are flexible and breathable, making them easy to take on and off in no time.

These golf tournament gifts are an excellent choice for someone who wants a comfortable glove that will stay true to its quality for years to come.

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15. Men's Turf Hat

A good golf outing prize can take a lot of work to find. Many falls into the same trap: they are either too dull or too cheesy.

If you want a golf tournament prize to ensure your next outing is well-received, go with this Turf Hat.

These golf tournament gifts are practical that can be used every time golf season rolls around!

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16. Golf Ball Flask

There is nothing worse than being forced to drink warm beer on a hot summer day, but with the golf balls flask that keeps your brew ice-cold, you will never have to worry about it again.

This golf tournament prize will insulate your drink and keep it tasting fresh no matter how long you take to finish it.

These Golf Ball Flasks is also a great outing prize for adults!

17. May the Course Be with You Shirt

This Great T-shirt is a May the Force Be with You reference that any Star Wars fan can appreciate.

One great feature of this golf tournament prize is they are made from cotton, which means they are very soft and comfortable to wear. 

These also make for some excellent golf outing prizes because golfers love Star Wars, and there are few gifts for them.

18. Birdie Juice Can Cooler

Birdie Juice Can Cooler is a great way to ensure your golf outing is a hole-in-one.

This excellent gift idea features a golf man design with a funny message, allowing you to give something truly unique to your players.

This golf tournament prize lets guests keep their drinks cool for hours and show off their good taste.

19. Vintage Green Enamel Golf Lapel Pin

Add a touch of nostalgia and class to your next golf outing with a Vintage Green Enamel Golf Lapel Pin!

This golf tournament prize is perfect for gifting to guests of your event and can be used as an award or to recognize achievement.

Not only do they look great, but they also signify prestige and the true spirit of the game. 

20. Golf Log Pocket Notebook

Golf Log Pocket Notebook is an essential item for any golfer and can make an ideal prize for a golf outing.

These best golf tournament prizes contain 50 pages, with each page having a scorecard to log scores and a summary page to track performance over time easily.

Perfect for golfers of all levels, this golf tournament prize will be a great addition to your golf outing prizes.

21. Golf Tee Holder

This set of Golf Tee Holders is perfect for any golf outing.

These golf giveaways include golf balls carry golf bag pouch, a golf ball holder keychain belt clip, and four golf tees holders.

This golf tournament prize is durable neoprene and has a drawstring closure to quickly take your golf tees on the golf course.

22. Golf Flask Prize

When it comes to golf, sometimes it just takes courage to hit that perfect swing.

With this 8 oz Golf Flask, you can provide the perfect incentive for your golfers. It is a funny and unique gift that any golfer will appreciate.

Plus, these golf tournament gifts are made of stainless steel, which means they are durable enough to withstand any rough conditions out on the golf course.

23. Microfiber Golf Towel

This versatile Microfiber Golf Towel is the perfect prize for your golf outing.

These golf tournament prizes measure 16" x 16", so it is small enough to be attached to a golf bag or golf cart with the included golf towel carabiner clip, making it easy to access during a round of golf.

This perfect golf tournament gift also doubles as a cleaning cloth for sunglasses or other personal items.

24. I'd Rather Be Funny Socks

One of the most unique and entertaining golf outing prizes you can give out is a pair of Funny Socks.

Not only are they sure to get your guests laughing, but they also provide a practical gift that everyone can use.

These golf tournament gifts will surely be a hit with your guests and create a lasting memory of your event.

25. Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner

If you are looking for a practical golf outing prize, the Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner is an excellent choice.

These golf tournament prizes allow golfers to quickly and easily clean dirt and debris from their golf clubs.

This practical and perfect golf tournament gift is sure to be a hit with any golfer.

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26. King of Clubs Coaster

If you are looking for a fun and unique golf outing prize that your guests will remember long after the event, consider getting them the King of Clubs Golfing-Themed Coaster!

These golf tournament prizes are perfect for adding a touch of personality to any home bar or man cave.

The text reads, "The King of Clubs!" an appropriate sentiment for any golf enthusiast.

27. Funny Golf Coffee Mug

You cannot go wrong with a humorous Ceramic Coffee Mug regarding golf outing prizes.

These golf tournament prizes feature the phrase, "Life is full of important choices". It is a great way to remind everyone that golf is an essential part of life and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Give these golf tournament prizes to your guests and make your golf outing a smash hit!


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