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9 Fun Golf Tournament Ideas That Will Get Everyone Excited

by Athisham Ulhaq October 20, 2022

Having some fun golf tournament ideas can help you create the kind of excitement and buzz that will get more people to participate in your golf tournament, and possibly spend a little more .

I have compiled a list of nine fun golf tournament ideas to help you get started with the tournament for your golf industry, no matter how big or small it might be!

1. Pick a Theme

Organizing a golf tournament is not as difficult as you may think. With the proper planning and budget, you can have an event that will be fun for everyone.

  1. The first step to organizing a golf tournament is deciding what type of tournament you want to do. There are four types of fun tournaments: individual, team, mixed, or corporate.
  2. Once you know what type of tournament you want to do, it is time to decide on a theme for the event.
  3. If you are going with an individual or team format, come up with some crazy-themed dress-up days where players wear costumes based on the day's topic. These could be a Wild West Day, an old school gangster day, British royalty day, etc.
  4. For a mixed tournament, try making each Hole one from each different course.
  5. Have players come up with creative names for their Hole (i.e., Snake in the Grass at Oakmont Country Club).
  6. What about a patriotic-themed tournament? Use red, white, and blue decorations for your tee boxes on Independence Day.
  7. You can also include lots of food, like hot dogs and hamburgers, to keep with the theme.
  8. A corporate team would work best if you make this a friendly competition among departments within your company.
  9. One idea is to pick two companies for the competition, who would compete against each other over 18 holes using only five players per side instead of six.

2. Rent Trolleys, Carts, and Vans

One of the best ways to ensure golfers have a great time is to provide amenities that make their experience as comfortable as possible.

Renting trolleys, carts, and vans will give them access to all the necessary equipment while also giving your tournament a touch of professionalism.

  1. It is easy to find vendors who can provide these services at rates that suit your budget.
  2. You may also find golfers willing to donate their time in exchange for discounted entries or other perks.

3. Have an Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies are a great way to end a tournament. These fun golf tournament ideas can be as small and simple or as big and extravagant as you want. So, if you are planning on having your awards ceremony, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. First, decide what kind of award you want to give out. For example, are they team captains? If so, captain trophies might be the best option for a trophy.
  2. Maybe it is individual players? If so, individual trophies might be a better option.
  3. What about awards for closest to the pin or longest drive? You can hand out these types of prizes during an awards ceremony too.
  4. It also doesn't have to be an award; sometimes, just giving recognition is enough.
  5. Make sure you have someone ready to call all winners up individually in front of their peers and congratulate them on their accomplishments!

4. Use Multi-Purpose Games

A golf tournament is a great way to get everyone together for a day of fun, relaxation, and competition. You can also use games that are played at the event as well.

These fun golf tournament ideas will make the golf event more competitive and provide entertainment for people not participating in the tournament. Some games that you could use during your event include:

  1. Tossing balls into buckets.
  2. Throwing rings on hooks.
  3. Mini putt competitions.
  4. Driving range contests.
  5. One hole or hole-in-one contest.
  6. Closest to the pin contests.

5. Serve Food and Drinks

Whether you are hosting a corporate golf tournament, a charity golf tournament to raise money, or want to have a fun day on the course with your friends and family, you need to make sure that there is plenty of food and drinks.

I have gathered some tips for what to serve at your next event:

  1. Keep things light but hearty in the upcoming tournament.
  2. Sandwiches are perfect for a golf outing because they can be eaten standing up or sitting down.
  3. Salads and wraps also work well because they are easy to eat.
  4. Consider offering chili dogs, burgers, or nachos if you want more substantial fare. Don't forget a variety of desserts!
  5. You will want heavy sweets like brownies, chocolate cake, and ice cream and lighter options like fruit tarts and bars.
  6. It would help if you also had plenty of water available throughout the day to keep everyone hydrated.

6. Have Prizes during the Event Itself

Golf is great and all, but it can get a little boring without prizes. Prizes are the key to making golf tournaments fun for everyone and keeping them motivated to buy raffle tickets!

  1. One way to increase your chances of winning is to have prizes during the event rather than at the end.
  2. This will help players remember why they are participating in the golf outing in the first place: to win stuff!

Here are some ideas for prizes you can have at your next golf tournament: Golf Outing Prizes!

7. Go Out for Dinner after the Game

After the game, why not go out for dinner? These unique golf tournament ideas are a great way to get everyone together and discuss what happened during the game.

  1. Your dinner location will be determined by how far away you are from home. If you are close enough to walk or take a short drive, plenty of places offer quick services like pizza delivery or Chinese take-out places.
  2. If you have to travel more than a mile or two, it is best to pick a place that offers both sit-down and fast food options because it will make it easier on everyone if they don't want to wait in long lines for food.

8. Take Pictures of your Team as you Go Around the Golf Course

Golf is an excellent sport for team building, and whether you're hosting your tournament or just playing with friends, it is essential to have fun! The following are a few of the best ways to do it:

  1. Start with a photo of each team member in their golf attire on the putting green. It will show how excited they are to play and give them something to post from the event and share with their friends and family.
  2. Take a picture at the registration table for guests who may be interested in joining next year.
  3. Take a picture when the team is waiting for their turn to tee off on Hole #1 and have someone holding up a sign that says tee time.
  4. Take pictures of team members walking around the golf course during each round of play so they can remember what holes they played on and get an idea of where they need to focus more attention during future rounds or courses they play on.

9. The Putting Contest at the End is a Must!

The putting contest is a must!

Playing golf is not just about hitting the ball into the hole. It is also about mastering your putting skills, which is why we must emphasize this.

  • You can even make it a competition and award prizes for those who can finish their round with the lowest number of strokes.

Final Thoughts

Golf tournaments are a fun way to spend a day with friends, connect with other players and meet new people. The competition is intense, and the games are challenging.

Whether you are looking for an amateur tournament or a competitive event, there is something for everyone out there!

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