• Golf Tournament Trophy

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    The trophy, a symbol of triumph in the realm of golf, stands at an impressive height of 9 inches with a proportional width and length of 3 inches each, ensuring it is an eye-catching yet space-conscious addition to any display. Crafted with a significant weight of 5.425 pounds, it feels as substantial as the accomplishment it represents

    Atop the trophy is a meticulously detailed golf ball, conveying the essence of the game, supported by a sleek, tapering pillar that culminates in a robust black base.

    This base is not just structural but also features the custom wordings of your choice, signifying the exceptional victory of its recipient πŸŽ‰.

    Product Details:
    • Height: 9" πŸ“

    • Length: 3" πŸ“

    • Width: 3" πŸ“

    • Weight: 5.425 lbs. βš–οΈ