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  • Winning Golf Outing or Tournament Swag Bag Ideas

    by Chris Bajda March 13, 2024

    Are you looking to make a big impression at your next golf outing or tournament? With a collection of golf items in swag bags, you can give your participants a unique and memorable experience.

    We offer a wide range of golf outing swag bag ideas that will have all your guests smiling. From personalized golf balls to personalized tees, our collection of golf tournament gifts will ensure that your tournament is talked about long after it's over.

    Let us help you put together the perfect swag bags for your next event.

    The Caddy of Swag Bags: Essential Golf Tournament Bag Ideas

    OUR ALL-IN-ONE: Premier Ready Golf Swag Bag

    Golf Outing Swag Bag

    While we offer numerous ideas for customizing golf swag bags to fit any event, our Premier Ready Golf Swag Bag stands out by offering a comprehensive collection of essential items pre-selected for convenience and luxury.

    It features three customized golf balls, a divot tool, a copper ball marker, and a golf towel, all adorned with your logo. Additionally, it includes a vegan leather golf bag tag and a stylish drawstring bag, making it a standout choice for golf outing prizes.

    This swag bag not only enhances the golfing experience but also serves as a memorable keepsake.


    Elevate your swag boxes with the Average Golfer Whiskey Gift Set, a humorous and sophisticated choice for golf enthusiasts.

    This set includes two 10 oz whiskey glasses, four golf ball-shaped stainless steel whiskey stones, tongs, and two slate coasters, all beautifully presented in a pine wood box engraved with a playful golfing quote.

    Perfect for adding a touch of class and fun to any golf outing.

    1. Custom Logo on Divot Tool

    Customizing your Divot Tool with Your Logo is a great way to make a lasting impression at a golf tournament.

    With an aluminum double-prong design, this divot tool by Groovy Golfer causes less damage to the greens, making them a popular choice among golfers. The switchblade feature allows for easy storage and quick access when needed. Plus, the double-sided removable magnetic ball marker adds an extra touch of convenience.

    By adding your logo to these divot tools, you can create a unique and memorable giveaway that will remind golfers of your event long after the tournament is over.

    2. Custom Logo Hat

    When it comes to golf tournament swag, a Custom Logo Hat is a must-have. Not only does it provide participants with protection from the sun, but it also serves as a walking advertisement for your event.

    With options like five-patch designs and the ability to add your logo to a patch, you can create a hat that truly stands out. Plus, with a 4" crown height and a matching plastic snap, these hats are both stylish and comfortable.

    Make sure to include custom logo hats in your golf swag bag to give golfers a fashionable and practical accessory to remember your tournament by.

    3. Custom Logo Bag Tag

    Add a touch of personalization to your golf tournament swag bag with a Custom Logo Bag Tag. Made from vegan leather in a classic brown color, and these golf bag tags are both stylish and durable.

    With the option to add your logo, you can create a unique and memorable giveaway that golfers will proudly display on their golf bags while playing golf. Plus, each tag comes with three golf tees included, adding even more value to this practical accessory.

    Elevate your swag bag game with custom logo bag tags that will leave a lasting impression on participants.

    4. Custom Logo Golf Towel

    Customize your golf tournaments with our high-quality Custom Logo Golf Towel. Not only is this towel a practical item for any golfer, but it also adds a personalized touch to your golf tournament goodie bags.

    With the option to have your logo embroidered on the golf towel, you can showcase your event or sponsor in style. This golf accessory is made from soft and absorbent materials, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable on the golf course.

    Elevate your golf event with our custom logo golf towel and leave a lasting impression on your participants.

    5. Golf Tournament Tumbler

    Introducing the Golf Tournament Tumbler, the ultimate beverage companion for your golf outing or tournament.

    This stainless steel tumbler is designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, ensuring your drinks stay hot or cold for hours. With 2X heat and cold resistance, you can enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about the temperature.

    Plus, you can customize the tumbler with your logo, adding a personalized touch to your event. Stay hydrated on the course in style with the Golf Tournament Tumbler, the perfect swag bag item for any golfer.

    6. Copperlinks Ball Markers

    Introducing the Copperlinks Ball Markers, the ultimate accessory for any golfer. These ball markers are made from 100% copper, giving them a luxurious and high-quality feel.

    With a width of just 1mm, they are sleek and compact, fitting easily into your pocket or golf bag. The copper material not only adds a touch of elegance but it also provides durability and longevity.

    These ball markers are a must-have for any golfer who wants to make a statement on the green. Refrain from settling for ordinary when you can elevate your game with the Copperlinks Ball Markers.

    7. Custom Logo Flask

    Looking for a unique and personalized gift for your golf outing or tournament? Look no further than our Custom Logo Flask. This great gift holds 6 ounces of your favorite beverage, perfect for sipping on the green.

    Add a personal touch by having your logo laser engraved onto the flask, creating a one-of-a-kind item that golfers will love. Not only is this flask functional, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and style to any golfer's collection.

    Elevate your swag bag with our custom logo flask and make a lasting impression on your participants.

    8. Custom Logo Golf Balls

    Looking for a unique and professional touch to add to your golf event? Consider Custom Logo Golf Balls for your swag bag. These customized golf balls not only make a statement on the course but also serve as a lasting reminder of your golf outings.

    Whether you choose to feature your event logo or a personalized message, custom logo golf balls are a great addition to any golfer's collection.

    With these custom golf swag bag ideas, you can enhance the playing golf experience and create a memorable event for all participants.

    9. Golf Outing Bottle Opener

    Looking for the perfect addition to your golf outing swag bags? Look no further than the Golf Outing Bottle Opener.

    This 14 gauge stainless steel bottle opener in a sleek matte black finish is the ultimate bar wrench. Its credit card size makes it easy to carry around, ensuring that your participants always have a handy bottle opener at their fingertips.

    With this great gift, you can make a lasting impression on your seasoned golfers and ensure that they remember your golf event long after it is over.

    10. Golf Tournament Koozie

    When it comes to keeping your drinks cool on the golf course, the Golf Tournament Koozie is a game-changer.

    Made from neoprene with a faux leather lasered color in black, this koozie is not only functional but also stylish. It fits snugly around your beverage, keeping it insulated and refreshing throughout your game.

    The Golf Tournament Koozie has become one of the great gifts and is a must-have for charity tournament swag bags. Keep your drinks cool and your game on point with this sleek and practical koozie.

    11. Custom Logo Shot Glass

    Raise a toast to your golf event with our Custom Logo Shot Glass. Standing at 2.5" in height and holding 2.25 ounces, this shot glass is the perfect addition to any golfer's collection.

    With the option to customize it with your logo, it adds a personalized touch to your swag bag. Whether you are celebrating a great shot or simply enjoying some post-game camaraderie, this shot glass is one of the unique golf swag bag ideas that will impress some golfers.

    Cheers to your successful golf outings with our custom logo shot glass.

    12. Golf Tournament Water Bottle Labels

    When it comes to golf tournaments, one item that often gets overlooked is a water bottle. But think about it: every golfer needs to stay hydrated on the course, and what better way to do that than with a personalized water bottle?

    With waterproof labels, you can add your company's logo, names, and other information to water bottles, ensuring that your participants are not only refreshed but also reminded of your event.

    Whether they are sipping from their bottles during a round or in the golf carts, these Custom Labels are a subtle yet effective way to make a lasting impression.

    13. Custom Mini Golf Pencils

    Custom Mini Golf Pencils are a fun and practical addition to any golfer's collection.

    These mini pencils are the perfect size for keeping score on the golf course and can easily fit in your pocket or golf bag. With an eraser on top, you don't have to worry about making mistakes, and the fact that the erasers are latex-free is a bonus.

    Including this gift for golfers who have everything with your other golf tournament swag bag items is a great way to provide a useful gift that golfers will appreciate during their golf tournaments.

    14. Personalized Golf Tees

    Looking for a unique and personalized addition to your next golf outing? Look no further than Personalized Golf Tees. These white-coated wood golf tees, measuring 3 inches long, can be customized with your tournament name.

    They are a great way to stand out from the crowd and add an extra element of customization to your golf tournament swag bags or other smaller golf swag items.

    Whether you choose to feature your event logo, sponsor names, or even individual golfers' names, these custom golf swag bag ideas add a personal touch to any golfer's experience.

    15. 3-Ball Tube with Poker Chip Marker

    Looking for a unique and practical swag bag item for your golf event? Consider the 3-Ball Tube with Poker Chip Marker.

    This golf ball gift set includes three Callaway 2.0 golf balls and a poker chip ball marker, all packaged in a convenient plastic tube. It is the perfect combination of essentials for any golfer. Not only will they appreciate the high-quality golf balls, but the poker chip golf ball markers add a touch of style to their game.

    Make a statement at your next golf event with this must-have golf gift that golfers will love. 

    Tips for Creating the Perfect Swag Bag for Your Golf Event

    Creating the perfect swag bag for your golf event is all about planning and attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you create a golf swag bag that golfers will love:

    1. Know Your Audience

    Consider the demographics and preferences of your participants. Are they serious golfers or casual players? This will help you choose items that they will find useful and enjoyable.

    2. Focus on Quality

    Choose high-quality items that will make a lasting impression. Whether it's custom logo golf towels, golf balls, or accessories, invest in golf items that are durable and well-made.

    3. Personalize the Items

    Adding custom logos or personal touches to your golf swag bag items can make them even more special. It shows that you've put thought into creating a unique experience for your participants.

    4. Consider Practicality

    Think about the items that golfers would use on the course. Golf tees, golf ball markers, and divot repair tools are practical items that golfers of all skill levels will appreciate.

    5. Add Some Fun

    While practical items are important, remember to include some fun and unique items in your swag bag. Bottle openers, shot glasses, and koozies can add a touch of enjoyment to your event.

    6. Stay within Your Budget

    Swag bags don't have to break the bank. Look for budget-friendly options that still offer quality and value. Consider partnering with sponsors or vendors who can provide discounted or customized items.

    7. Get Feedback

    After the event, ask for feedback from participants on what they liked or didn't like about the swag bag. This will help you improve and make adjustments for future events.

    By following these tips, you can create a swag bag that golfers will appreciate and remember long after the event is over.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What do you put in a golf tournament swag bag?

    A golf tournament swag bag can be filled with a variety of items to enhance the experience for your participants. Some popular choices include personalized golf balls, branded tees, golf towels, divot repair tools, and ball markers. You can also consider adding items like sunscreen, lip balm, and water bottle to keep your participants protected and hydrated throughout the day.

    Q2. What is a typical swag bag?

    A typical swag bag for a golf tournament usually includes a combination of branded or personalized golf accessories, practical items for on-course use, and small treats or goodies. While the specific contents may vary, a typical swag bag could include items such as golf balls, tees, a divot tool, a golf ball marker, a towel, and perhaps some snacks or promotional items from event sponsors.

    Q3. What do you give out at a golf tournament?

    At a golf tournament, it is customary to give out swag bags to participants. These swag bags can be filled with a variety of golf-related items such as personalized golf balls, tees, towels, divot repair tools, and ball markers. In addition to these golf essentials, you can also include branded items or promotional merchandise from event sponsors.

    Some tournaments also choose to give out prizes to the winners, which can range from golf equipment or apparel to gift certificates for golf lessons or experiences.

    Q4. How to make a swag bag?

    Making a swag bag for a golf tournament involves a few key steps. First, decide on a budget and the number of participants you'll be creating swag bags for. Next, select a variety of golf-related items such as personalized golf balls, tees, towels, divot repair tools, and ball markers. Consider including branded or promotional merchandise from event sponsors as well.

    Once you have your items, find a suitable bag or container to hold everything. Personalize the golf swag bags with your tournament logo or event branding.

    Q5. What do you give away at a golf tournament?

    At a golf tournament, it's common to give away swag bags filled with golf-themed items. Some popular choices include personalized golf balls, tees, divot tools, golf bag coolers, towels, and hats. These items not only serve as souvenirs for participants but also enhance their golfing experience.

    Q6. How do you host a fun golf tournament?

    Hosting a fun golf tournament involves careful planning and attention to detail. Start by selecting an appealing venue and setting up exciting contests or challenges throughout the event. Offer engaging activities like putting competitions, longest-drive contests, or even mini-golf courses for some added fun.

    Don't forget to provide food and goodie bags filled with unique and memorable items, ensuring that every participant leaves with a smile on their face.

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