If hitting the green in regulation isn't sweet enough, repairing the green with these divot tools will make it even sweeter.

What is a Golf Divot Tool

A golf divot tool is a small, pocket-sized tool used by golfers to repair the turf on the greens after they have hit a shot and created a divot. Divots are small sections of grass that get indented and leave a hole when the ball hits the ground, and they make it challenging for golfers behind you to putt when they have to play on that green and putt over the divot that was created.

A golf divot tool is used to gently push the pieces of grass back into place, which helps other golfers to putt over that spot and it also helps the area to recover and minimizes damage to the course. In addition, not repairing divots is considered poor golf etiquette and can have a negative impact on the course and other golfers.