• 38 High-End Golf Tournament Gifts to Set Your Event Apart

    by Chris Bajda April 23, 2024

    As the golf season kicks into high gear, many avid golfers are gearing up for their favorite golf tournaments. And what better way to elevate the experience of a golf tournament than with high-end gifts? We understand the importance of selecting the perfect gift for a golf tournament, which is why we scoured the award companies at the PGA Golf Show to bring you the top high-end golf gifts for the ultimate golf tournament. These gifts are not only impressive in quality, but they also exude luxury and sophistication.

    So, whether you're planning a corporate golf outing or a charity tournament, these gifts will elevate the overall experience and make it a truly memorable event. Get ready to impress and inspire with our handpicked selection of high-end golf tournament gifts.

    1. Golf Tournament Golf Club Decanter Set

    An ideal gift for avid golfers is the Golf Tournament Golf Club Decanter Set.

    This hand-blown, lead-free set comes customized with your company logo or desired engraving. The set includes a decanter and four 12 oz golf ball whiskey glasses, making it a perfect golf tournament gift.

    These unique and elegant decanter sets are memorable golf giveaways that beautifully capture the spirit of the sport.

    2. Luxe Leather Duffel

    This Luxe Leather Duffel makes the perfect gift for those high-stakes golf tournaments.

    Made from genuine cowhide leather, it has a spacious main compartment with separate shoe storage so all your needs are laid out stylishly in two coordinated areas.

    Adjustable shoulder straps provide the traveling golfer with one important source of comfort and versatile detail that he would expect from every aspect of a luxurious, functional duffel.

    3. Golf Swing Trophy

    Celebrate a big golfing accomplishment with a dignified piece of the Golf Swing Trophy, outstanding respect for skill and precision. Its club features classic wood and brass, reflecting the long, great tradition of the game.

    This optic crystal trophy may also be custom engraved with a laser logo and catches the dynamic movement of a perfect golf swing on a proud, elegant stand. This is not just a trophy; it is a piece of personalized art, rendering remembrance of victories and inspiration for one's profile.

    This is perfect for an elite golf tournament and will add special class and individualization to the event.

    4. Golf Decanter

    The Golf Decanter is an eloquent decoration for any golf party, either the top-of-the-class club tournament or the major championship.

    Carefully made of borosilicate glass, this decanter is bedazzled with its golf-inspired design. It can be a great item, which will be kept in memory for the winners of any golf tournament and its most valuable participant.

    Perfect for the most sophisticated of palates, the fine decanter that ensures each sip is celebration aplenty, of his accomplishment and the elegant spirit of golf.

    5. Trio of Glassware

    With this Trio of Glassware for golfers, the personal touch really comes into play. Hand-blown with a real golf ball built right into the design, this trio of coffee mugs, beer pints, and whiskey glasses has something for every kind of drinker.

    Each piece can even be personalized with the initials. It comes as a set that is beautifully presented in a custom-engraved pine wood box. Truly perfect for the golfer who has everything.

    It is the ideal gift that should be given to an individual during any prestigious golf event.

    6. Champions Classic Board

    The Champions Classic Board is a beautiful serving board made of premium quality maple with accents of mahogany, proportioned in a perfect balance of length and size.

    Fits any display of snacks. It custom comes designed with a tournament logo to add just the right kind of touch to any golf event and represents the epitome of quality and flare.

    Ideal for champions and milestones, this drinkware represents the epitome of elegance at any golf-affiliated gathering.

    7. Denier Cooler Bag with Bluetooth Speakers

    For a modern take on luxury golf tournament gifts, consider the Denier Cooler Bag with Bluetooth Speakers. Available in blue, red, and black, this cooler bag measures 10 3/4" x 10". It includes a 1-color imprint, adding a touch of personalization.

    Perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage and listening to music during golf breaks, it blends practicality with enjoyment.

    8. Championship Golf Belt with Case

    For a truly grand statement, consider the Championship Golf Belt with Case.

    This high-end golf tournament gift is a testament to victory and perseverance. The personalization plate on the front lip allows for the name of the event, the year it was held, and the prestigious title of 'CHAMPION' to be proudly displayed.

    This striking keepsake is not only a symbol of accomplishment but also a memento of a memorable golfing event.

    9. Leather Golf Shoe Bag

    For the golfer who values style and sophistication, consider a Leather Shoe Bag lined in velvet with vents.

    This high-end golf tournament gift measures a substantial 19 1/2" w. x 14" h., providing ample room for golf footwear. As an extra touch of exclusivity, the bag can include a debossed logo, adding a personal element to this luxury gift.

    The integrated vents ensure that the shoes remain fresh, making this an elegant yet practical offering for any golfing enthusiast with high perceived value at the best price.

    10. "In the Rough" Decanter Set

    Our "In the Rough" Decanter Set reeks of pure indulgence for the man who knows exactly what he wants. The set includes a whiskey decanter with a wooden tray and detailing of turf grass to bring out the feel of the golf course.

    With its hand-blown glass sealed with an airtight stopper, and glasses that are shaped like golf balls, it becomes the remembered present for any representative of a golf competition, adding a prestigious touch in the circle of winners.

    11. High Gloss Ceramic Trophy Cup

    For golf prizes that combine elegance and traditional recognition, consider a high gloss, white and silver glazed Ceramic Trophy Cup.

    Standing at 9 1/2" in height, this trophy is a significant gift idea. The handles add to its classic charm, while a sand-carved logo can provide a customized touch. This high-end golf tournament gift is not only a symbol of victory but also a display of sophistication.

    12. Gray Wool & Poly Duffel Bag

    For the golfer who likes to travel in style, a Gray Wool and Poly Duffel Bag, with tan leather trim and plaid lining, is an excellent high-end golf tournament gift.

    With a vented side pocket, this golf bag, measuring 12" x 22", keeps gear fresh. Add a personal touch with up to 7500 stitches of embroidery, perfect for branding or personalization.

    These golf tournament giveaways are an ideal companion for your next golf tournament.

    13. Golf Tournament Golf Cart Decanter Set

    Poker Set

    A Golf Tournament Golf Cart Decanter Set is one of the interesting tournament gifts and a unique keepsake.

    This lead-free borosilicate glass set features a decanter, shaped like a golf cart with miniature golf items, that holds 850 ml, and two whiskey glasses, each with an 8oz capacity.

    The glasses have a golf ball on the base design, adding a distinctive touch. Adding your event logo creates this memorable gift stands out.

    14. American White Oak Barrel

    Poker Set

    For a truly unique high-end golf tournament gift, consider the American White Oak Barrel.

    Crafted meticulously, each barrel features a medium char or toast and is adorned with black steel hoops. Accompanied by a stand and personalization plate at no extra charge, these barrels are available in four sizes.

    It is one of the unique golf prizes that add a distinguished touch, making it an exceptional keepsake for any golf aficionado.

    15. Garmin Approach S60

    Poker Set

    A Garmin Approach S60, a premium GPS golf watch, makes an excellent high-end golf tournament gift.

    With a touchscreen display and full color CourseView mapping, it enhances the golfing experience by offering valuable on-course insights. Its sleek black silicone band adds to its sophistication.

    The watch doesn't just tell time, it also tells the golfer vital game details, making it an invaluable tool on the greens. Personalize this watch with your tournament logo to make it even more special.

    16. Wood Serving Tray with Ceramic Tile

    Poker Set

    The Wood Serving Tray with a 12″ Ceramic Tile is a thoughtful gift that adds a touch of personalization to any outdoor event. With the ability to display an image from your club alongside your logo or event name, it doubles as one of the distinctive promotional items.

    This high-end golf tournament gift makes a practical yet stylish addition to any golfer's collection.

    17. Poker Set

    Poker Set

    For your favorite golfer who enjoys games off the course as well, consider a High-End Poker Set.

    This gift, featuring a sleek design and a personalized plate on a rosewood box, comes in options of 100 or 300 poker chip sets. Leaving a lasting impression, it serves as a luxurious keepsake for any member guest.

    This high-end golf tournament gift is a thoughtful and unique offering that extends the enjoyment beyond the greens.

    18. Belvedere Clock

    Belvedere Clock

    As a testament to sophistication and precision, the Belvedere Clock is an outstanding choice among high end golf tournament gifts.

    The solid wood top and base, complemented by a high gloss piano finish, lends a touch of timeless elegance. This multifunctional piece includes a clock, thermometer, and hygrometer, encased in an 8" h x 6.75" w x 2.5" d dimension.

    The added value of a personalization plate makes it one of the most popular promotional golf prizes.

    19. Blue & Bone Ceramic Vintage Cup

    Blue & Bone Ceramic Vintage Cup

    The Blue & Bone Ceramic Vintage Cup is a magnificent choice for those seeking one-of-a-kind golf prizes.

    This custom handcrafted cup, available in three sizes, comes with an intricate lid and a personalized engraving included in the price. This vintage-inspired piece offers an aesthetic appeal, making it a distinctive high-end golf tournament gift.

    Its timeless elegance and unique craftsmanship make it a highly cherished keepsake.

    20. Bongo Set

    Beer Mulligan Award

    For an unconventional yet interesting tournament gift, consider a Bongo Set.

    With the possibility to imprint your logo or image on the drum tops, this gift offers a fun twist to traditional golf tournament mementos. This high-end gift is not only entertaining but also provides a creative way for recipients to remember the event.

    The Bongo Set is guaranteed to hit the right note at your next golf tournament.

    21. Beer Mulligan Award

    Beer Mulligan Award

    For a fun and unique golf tournament gift, consider the Mulligan Beer Glass Trophy.

    This quirky golf award is crafted from durable acrylic and can be personalized with a custom engraved plate. It's an excellent way to celebrate a player's 'do-over' or second chance in a light-hearted and memorable way.

    This high-end gift for golf enthusiasts offers a playful spin on traditional golfing trophies.

    22. Golf Club Board

    Golf Club Board

    Consider a Club Rack with a handmade replica club for a unique golf enthusiast's keepsake.

    This 1/2-size, wood-crafted display board is a charming tribute to the sport, providing a distinctive touch to any golf decor. It can be engraved with the tournament name or the recipient's initials to add a more personalised aspect.

    This high-end golf tournament gift is a heartfelt symbol of a golfer's passion for the golf game.

    23. Engraved Golf Decanter and Glasses

    Increase the exclusivity factor of your next upscale golf tournament with the magnificent prize of the Engraved Golf Decanter and Glasses. Sandblasted into the side of this square decanter and all four glasses.

    Perfect for the sartorial savant, it is a prime addition to any collection of the golfer and a true ideal gift for personal and professional milestones, leaving a lasting impression on all who participate.

    24. Custom Porcelain Plates

    Custom Porcelain Plates

    For a more personalized high-end golf tournament gift, consider Custom Porcelain Plates featuring an image of your clubhouse or signature hole.

    Available in four sizes – large (12" diameter), dinner (10" diameter), salad (8" diameter), and dessert (7" diameter), these plates for your friendly tournament allow for customization on the rim.

    They are presented with a plate stand, available in either black or mahogany wood, adding an elegant touch to these right golf tournament gifts.

    Other Trendy and Luxurious Golf Tournament Gift Ideas in 2024

    When it comes to golf tournaments, whether you're organizing one or looking to gift something to a participant, opting for luxurious items can make the event even more memorable. Here are some luxurious golf tournament gift ideas that are sure to impress:

    25. Custom-Fit Golf Clubs

    Offering a voucher or arranging a session with a professional fitter for custom clubs is a gift that combines luxury with personalization.

    26. High-End Golf Bags

    Look for designer brands or limited-edition golf bags that offer both style and functionality on the course.

    27. Luxury Golf Apparel

    Premium brands that offer cutting-edge technology in fabrics, along with stylish designs, can make a great gift for any modern golfer.

    28. Exclusive Golf Course Memberships

    Gifting a temporary or year-long membership to an exclusive golf club provides an unforgettable experience.

    29. Personalized Golf Balls with Gold or Silver Finish

    Elevate the standard golf ball gift by opting for ones with a luxurious gold or silver finish, personalized with the recipient's name or initials. Add a custom ball marker for an extra touch.

    30. High-Tech Golf Gadgets

    From the latest GPS rangefinders to golf swing analyzers, tech gadgets make for a modern, luxurious gift.

    31. Golf-Themed Luxury Watches

    Some watchmakers offer golf-themed watches that are both a piece of luxury jewelry and a useful tool on the course.

    32. Private Golf Lessons with a Pro

    Gifting a series of lessons with a well-known golf pro offers a blend of luxury and personal development.

    33. Travel Package to a Famous Golf Destination

    Organize a trip to an iconic golf destination, complete with accommodation at a 5-star resort and rounds of golf at renowned courses.

    34. Gourmet Food and Drink Hamper

    Curate a luxury hamper filled with high-end snacks, wines, and spirits for the golfer to enjoy after a day on the course.

    35. Custom Golf Cart

    For the ultimate in luxury, consider gifting a custom golf cart, equipped with the latest tech and comfort features.

    36. Leather-Bound Golf Course Guide

    A guide to the world's top golf courses, bound in fine leather, makes for a sophisticated gift.

    37. Spa Day at a Golf Resort

    A day of relaxation and pampering at a top golf resort spa can be the perfect way to unwind after a tournament.

    38. Golf Artwork and Memorabilia

    Limited edition prints, sculptures, or autographed memorabilia from golf legends can be treasured gifts for a golf enthusiast.

    By choosing any of these luxurious golf tournament gift ideas, you're sure to make a lasting impression on the recipient, enhancing their golfing experience and showing your appreciation for their passion for the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What do you give out at a golf tournament?

    At a golf tournament, it's customary to give out items that enhance the golfing experience or serve as mementos of the event. Popular giveaways include branded golf balls, golf tees, and divot tools, as well as golf towels, caps, and umbrellas. High-quality, useful items like insulated water bottles, sunscreen, and personalized golf gloves are also appreciated.

    For a more memorable touch, organizers can include golf-related merchandise, such as custom ball markers or golf bags, all bearing the tournament's logo or emblem to serve as lasting reminders of the day.

    Q2. What is a good prize for a golf tournament?

    Good prizes for a golf tournament often involve golf-related items that appeal to enthusiasts of the game. These can range from high-end golf clubs, bags, and exclusive golf apparel to tech gadgets like GPS rangefinders and electronic scorecards.

    For more significant tournaments, offering experiences such as memberships to prestigious golf clubs, lessons with professional golfers, or paid trips to renowned golf destinations can make the prizes highly coveted.

    Gift certificates to golf stores or luxury items, like watches and fine dining vouchers, also make excellent prizes, catering to a golfer's lifestyle off the course.

    Q3. How do you make a golf tournament more fun?

    Making a golf tournament more fun can involve incorporating creative and engaging formats beyond traditional stroke play, such as scrambles, best ball, or match play, to encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

    Adding on-course contests like longest drive, closest to the pin, or a hole-in-one challenge with attractive prizes can create excitement and friendly competition. Themed tournaments, where participants dress up or the course features fun obstacles, also add a unique twist.

    Organizing social events before or after the tournament, such as a welcome breakfast, a post-game barbecue, or a celebratory dinner, can enhance the social experience and enjoyment for all participants.

    Q4. How does a golf tournament raise money?

    A golf tournament raises money primarily through entry fees, sponsorships, and fundraising activities tied to the event. Participants pay an entry fee, which contributes to the fundraising goal. Sponsors can contribute by funding different aspects of the tournament, such as holes, contests, or giveaways, in exchange for advertising opportunities.

    Additional fundraising can include selling mulligans, organizing raffles or auctions with donated items, and offering premium experiences like beat-the-pro contests or exclusive dinner tickets.

    Charity tournaments often encourage direct donations, and incorporating fun, engaging ways to donate throughout the event can significantly increase the total funds raised.


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