• Golf Tournament Prize

    Elevate the stakes at your golf tournament with our exclusive Golf Tournament Prize, designed to be the epitome of sophistication and style for the discerning golfer. The lucky winner will receive a rugged and practical cigar travel case, a premium golf divot tool that doubles as a cigar holder, a sleek cigar cutter for the perfect draw, a feather-light cigar holder for the golf cart, and a refillable butane lighter for a flawless cigar experience on the greens. This tournament prize isn't just a collection of accessories; it's a symbol of victory, luxury, and the ultimate golfing experience.

    What's Included:

    🌟Durable Cigar Travel Case: Our set includes a rugged and protective cigar travel case, ensuring your cigars stay fresh and unharmed during your golfing adventures. Enjoy your favorite cigars anytime, anywhere, without worry. The travel case can be personalized.

    🏌️‍♂️ Premium Golf Divot Tool: Our divot tool is not just functional; it's a statement piece. Crafted with precision, it's designed to repair divots effortlessly and hold your cigar while you are putting, ensuring the course remains pristine for every golfer.

    🔥 Elegant Cigar Cutter: Enjoy a premium cigar on the golf course with our sleek cigar cutter. Its precision blade guarantees a clean, even cut for the perfect draw, allowing you to savor your favorite cigar to the fullest.

    🪶 Feather-Light Cigar Holder: Designed to rest gently on your golf cart or bag, our feather-light cigar holder keeps your cigar secure and within easy reach. It's the ultimate accessory for the golfer who enjoys a puff while strategizing their next shot.

    🔥Refillable Butane Lighter: Our gift set features a high-quality, refillable butane lighter, providing you with a reliable and wind-resistant source of flame to ignite your cigars with ease, even on breezy golf days. This lighter can be personalized.

    How To Personalize

    Simply enter your golfers initials in the box that appears in the above to cart button and our team will put initials on the set.  If you do not want intials on it you can leave that field blank.


    Cigar Travel Case

    • Built-in Hygrometer and Humidifier
    • Drawstring
    • Holds up to 6 cigars (more if smaller)
    • 8.75in x 6.5 x 2
    • Personalization: up to 3 characters on the box

      Cigar Clip-

      • All-purpose cigar clip helps golfers easily and safely manage cigars during play
      • Clip-within-a-clip design easily attaches to your steering wheel or cart rails
      • The clip also stands up to keep your putter or golf glove dry for versatility


      • Triple Torch
      • Copper Finish
      • Retractable Cigar Puncher
      • Butane Refillable
      • Adjustable Flame
      • 3.15" H x 1" W x .75" D