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15 Funny Golf Gifts That Will Make Your Golfer Crack a Smile

by Chris Bajda August 02, 2022

Can't keep your tee time? Make them laugh with these funny golf gifts!

I'm always on the lookout for funny golf gifts that will make my friends laugh. I think it is important to have a sense of humor on the golf course because it can be a frustrating game. A good laugh can help relieve some of that frustration.

If you are looking to bring some humor to the game, these 15 funny golf gifts are sure to make people laugh!

1.  Funny Golf Silicone Ball Holder

Funny Golf Ball Holder

This is a great gift for the golfer who has everything. The Silicone Ball Holder is made of silicone and attaches to the belt, making it easy to access balls while on the course.

The greatest thing about this funny golf gift is that it will make any golfer smile. No matter how hard they try to hide their smile, they will crack after opening up this funny golf gift.

2.  Funny Lady Bikini Girl Golf Tees

Funny Golf Tees

These Bikini Golf Tees are certain to make golfers smile. It come in a set of three, each with a different design. They are made of durable plastic, so they will last through many rounds of golf. And they're sure to put a smile on your face every time you tee up.

So if you want to make someone laugh or want a little something fun for yourself, these funny golf gifts just might be perfect!

3.  Golf Ball Marker with Magnetic Hat Clip

Funny Golf Ball Marker

If your husband loves golf more than he loves you, then this is the perfect gift for him! He will smile when you give him this Ball Marker with a Magnetic Hat Clip, and it will also help him keep track of his golf balls.

This hat clip is a great way to show him that you are thinking of him while he is out on the course. And, He will giggle every time he sees it.

4.  Vintage Golf Flask Gift

This Vintage Golf Flask is the perfect gift for any golfer who likes to enjoy a drink on the course. The flask comes with a never-lose cap and features a funny golf-themed design. It is a nice way to show your appreciation for your favorite golfer, and they will chuckle for sure.

For golfers who need to carry their drinks on the course, this flask can hold up to 8 ounces of liquid. You can also attach it to your belt so you don't have to worry about spilling anything while swinging away at the ball.

5.  Funny Toilet Golf Game

Funny Golf Toilet Game

This hilarious Toilet Golf Game set is sure to make any golfer laugh. It is the perfect gift for any golfer who loves spending time in the bathroom.

The game includes a mat over the toilet seat, so you can practice your putting while taking care of business. It also comes with a flag, ball, and putter, so you have everything you need! 

It is sure to be a hit with any golfer who likes to have a good time on the course. This set is sure to provide hours of fun for any golfer.

6.  Eject a Putt Golf Prank

It is the perfect gift for the golfer who loves to play practical jokes with his friends. The Eject-a-Putt golf prank is a simple yet effective way to get a laugh out of your golfing buddies.


Place the device on the ground near the hole, and when someone goes to putt, their ball will be ejected from a hole! It is sure to get a few laughs and is easy to set up and use. Plus, the product is small enough to fit in a pocket so you can carry it anywhere!


7.  I'd Rather Be - Funny Socks

These Funny Socks are an excellent gift for any golfer who loves to laugh. They feature the phrase “I'd rather be golfing" on the bottom of each sock. So, everyone will know your true passion, and each time someone sees them, they are guaranteed to make them smile.


The color combinations on these socks make them easy to coordinate with any outfit. Plus, they come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. So, there's no need to worry about whether or not you'll have the right size.


8.  On-Course Card Game

This Card Game is the perfect way to make golf even more fun. It comes with two decks of cards, one for the front nine and one for the back nine.

Each card has a different golf-related challenge on it. The challenges range from easy to hard, so there's something for everyone. And if you complete the challenge, you get a point. The first person to reach 21 points wins!

9.  Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

This Pint Glass is perfect for the golfer who likes to relax with a cold beverage after a long day on the course. The golf ball is embedded in the glass, making it a conversation starter. And, of course, it is a great way to show off your love of the game.

It also makes a unique and thoughtful gift idea for any occasion. If you want to find something to make any golfer chuckle, this is the present you should go with!

10.Golf Pen Holder

This Golf Pen Holder is the perfect gift for the golfer who loves to play a round or two of golf. The holder is made to look like a miniature golf course, and it even comes with a flag. Any golfer will laugh at it, for sure, and it's a unique way to show your enthusiasm for the sport.

If you're looking for an affordable but fun present, a funny desk accessory will be perfect. It also makes a cute little addition to any office space.

11.Personalized Golf Name Art 

This Unique Golf-themed Art makes a great gift for any golfer, and it can be personalized with the recipient's name. They're likely to make people chuckle, and they will be able to display their new artwork proudly in their home or office.

The prints come in various colors and sizes, so you can choose something that fits your style or your gift recipient's tastes. It would look great on a wall, but it could also be displayed as a photo frame if they want to showcase their favorite shot. As golf gifts go, it doesn't get much better than that!

12.Golf and Marriage Book

Being married to a golfer can be tough, but it can also be hilarious. This Golf and Marriage Book is a hilarious take on the ups and downs of marriage, told through the lens of golf. It is full of funny stories and comics about golf and marriage, and even the most gloomy golfers are likely to laugh at it.

The book was written by a husband and wife team who are avid golfers. There is no shortage of inside jokes in this one!

13. Golf Exploding Balls - Prank Balls That Explode on Impact

Golfer will enjoy these Golf Exploding Balls. They look like regular golf balls, but when they hit something, they explode! They are perfect for pranking your friends or family members, and they will get a good laugh out of anyone who sees them.

And if you want to prank the whole course, these exploding golf balls come in bulk packages so you can prank everyone at once.

14.Funny Golf Towel

A must-have for any golfer, this Funny Golf Towel features a witty saying that is sure to make anyone laugh. It is perfect for those days when you just can't seem to get your game together. They come in different colors and sayings. I like the one that says, “I Use This Towel to Clean My Balls”.

15.Golfer License Plate Frame 


If your husband is a golfer, he will appreciate this License Plate Frame that says, “It Takes A Lot of Balls to Golf the Way I Do”. It's a funny and clever way to show his love for the game.

The bold white text pops against the black background. It is made of durable plastic. So, it will withstand the elements and last for years. It is easy to install, and it fits most standard-sized license plates.



I understand that golf gifts should be unique, fun, and a perfect fit for every golfer in your life. Therefore, I have done all the hard work for you, handpicking some of my favorite hilarious golfing products.

From gag gifts to pranks, these gifts are sure to get a chuckle out of even the most serious golfer. So, next time you need a gift for a golfer in your life, give him one of these funny golf gifts and watch his mood lighten up in no time.

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