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53 Funny Golf Gifts That Will Make Your Golfer Crack a Smile

Updated on March 24, 2024 by Chris Bajda

In a sport known for hushed whispers, polite applause, and those all-too-serious "quiet please" signs, these funny golf gifts are the delightful disruptors and the laugh-out-loud renegades.

The team at Groovy Golfer hit up the PGA Show this January to check out the hottest brands on the market and let us tell you, we were blown away by the fresh, funny products we saw.

Whether you are a golfer on a quest for gear that'll make you the life of the clubhouse or you're on a mission to gift your golfing buddy with a bellyful of laughter, buckle up for a journey through the hilariously quirky world of funny golf gifts.

1. You Suck Golf Glove

You Suck Funny Golf Glove

Grip your clubs with a giggle using the You Suck Golf Glove, the ultimate accessory for golfers who don't take life (or their game) too seriously!

Made from top-notch Cabretta leather, this glove doesn't just up your game, it brings a cheeky charm to the course with its bold and humorous message.

So, whether you're hitting birdies or bogeys, this glove ensures you're doing it with style, comfort, and a big, playful grin!

2. Tee Time Trunks

Elevate your comfort on and off the golf course with Tee Time Trunks, the ultimate blend of style and humor.

These golf-themed boxers are made from premium viscose and spandex, ensuring a snug yet stretchy fit that moves with you. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable through all 18 holes, making them ideal for the golfer who likes to stay active and laugh.

With playful designs that only a true golf enthusiast would appreciate, TeeTime Trunks are the perfect funny golf gift for adding a bit of jest to a golfer's wardrobe essentials.

3. Titties Hat

Turn heads on the golf course with the cheekily named Titties Hat. This cap, crafted from 100% chino cotton twill, features an unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile design for a comfortable fit that's as laid-back as your golf swing.

Equipped with 6 embroidered eyelets for improved airflow, it ensures you stay cool under pressure. The adjustable strap with an antique buckle offers a customizable fit, making it suitable for golfers of all sizes.

4. Swing Aide Tumbler

Funny Golf Tumbler

For those looking to add a dash of humor to their golf game, the Swing Aide Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler is a hole-in-one gift idea.

This nifty 17oz tumbler not only keeps drinks ice-cold throughout the entire round but also guarantees a chuckle with its clever design and practicality.

Perfect for any golfer with a sense of humor, it's a refreshing way to stay hydrated and entertained on the course.

5.Custom Photo Golf Balls

Nothing says 'fun' more than these golf gag gifts: Custom Photo Golf Balls!

What better way to surprise your favorite golfer than with a unique set of golf balls featuring their cartoon versions? With custom photo golf balls, you can personalize your gift to make them smile.

These funny golf gifts will add an extra dose of humor and excitement to the game. So go ahead and make someone's day with custom photo golf balls!

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6.Wacky & Funny Head Covers

Golfers have been using headcovers to protect their clubs for years, but now they can add a bit of humor to their game with Wacky & Funny Head Covers!

Whether you want to add fun to your golf bag or make your friends laugh, these funny golf gifts are sure to be a hit.

All our headcovers are designed to fit up to the 460cc driver, meaning that most golf clubs will fit into them comfortably and securely.

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7. Excuses Funny Golf Shirt

Full of Excuses Funny Golf Shirt

The Excuses Golf Polo is the ultimate conversation starter on the golf course, designed for golfers who've heard and made every excuse in the book. This funny polo shirt showcases a lighthearted approach to the game, featuring a list of classic golfing excuses.

It's perfect for those who can't resist blaming the wind, the sun, or even their unlucky socks when things don't go as planned on the fairway. This shirt not only adds a touch of comedy to the game but also serves as a reminder that golf is as much about having fun as it is about mastering the perfect swing.

It's an ideal gift for golfers who can take a good-natured ribbing and appreciate the playful side of the sport.

8. Terrible At Golf Sun Shade

Make a statement in the parking lot with the Terrible At Golf Sun Shade. Designed for the golfer who can laugh at their own game, this sun shade combines functionality with humor.

The front side is made of durable 100% polyester, while the back features a 100% aluminized film cushion to reflect sunlight effectively, protecting your vehicle's seats and dashboard from the harsh effects of sun exposure.

It easily attaches to your car's windshield with suction cups, offering a quick and simple way to keep your car cool and make fellow golfers chuckle as they pass by.

9. Fairway Fuel Flask

funny golf flask

This ingenious flask is a golfer's secret weapon, with not one, not two, but three compartments to stash your favorite spirits discreetly. It is like having a well-stocked 19th hole bar right in your golf bag!

This flask is bound to be a conversation starter on the course. So, why settle for a boring water bottle when you can have the Triple Compartment Golf Flask, the gag gift that proves that golfers take their game seriously, but not themselves.

Cheers to a round filled with laughter and libations!

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10. Average Golfer Whiskey Gift Set

For a blend of humor and elegance, the Average Golfer Whiskey Gift Set is unmatched.

This set caters to those who enjoy a good laugh along with their golf and whiskey. The witty engravings and golf ball-shaped whiskey stones bring a lighthearted touch to the serious business of enjoying a drink, making it an ideal gift for the golfer who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

11. Funny Golf Towel - Golf Clubs For Sale

Funny For Sale Golf Towel

The Clubs for Sale Golf Towel is the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for any golfer who's been known to have a love-hate relationship with their clubs. This towel doesn't just keep clubs clean; it humorously suggests that maybe it's time for an upgrade.

It's a hilarious way to lighten the mood on the golf course and poke fun at the never-ending quest for the perfect set of clubs, making it a great gift for golfers who can appreciate a bit of self-deprecating humor.

12. Funny Golf Hat 

Funny Golf Hat Love Cart Girls

A funny golf hat makes a great gift for a golfer because it adds a playful twist to their gear, showcasing their love for the game with a touch of humor. It's a unique way to personalize their golfing attire, standing out on the course while also providing practical benefits like sun protection.

Such a gift not only serves a functional purpose but also sparks joy and laughter, enhancing the overall golfing experience.

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13.Funny Golf Towel

A must-have for your golf buddy, this Funny Golf Towel features a witty saying that will make anyone laugh.

This funny golf towel is perfect for those days you can't get your game together. They come in different colors and phrases.

You will like this golf towel that says, "I Use This Golf Towel to Clean My Balls."

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14. Funny Toilet Golf Game

This funny golf gift Toilet Golf Game Set is sure to make any golfer laugh. It is the perfect gift for any golfer who loves spending time in the bathroom.

These golf gag gifts include a mat over the toilet seat, so you can practice putting while taking care of business.

These funny golf gifts will surely be a hit with any golfer who likes to have a good time on the golf course.

15. Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

funny pint glass with golf ball

This Pint Glass is perfect for the golfer who likes to relax with a cold beverage after a long day on the golf course.

The real golf ball is embedded in the glass, making it a conversation starter. And, of course, it is a great way to show off your love of the game.

This golf ball glass also makes a unique and thoughtful gift idea for any occasion.

16. Golfer Decanter

Add a touch of elegance and humor to any golfer's bar collection with the Golfer Decanter.

This unique piece is a proud 8.3" tall and can hold up to 750ml of your favorite liquor. What sets this decanter apart is the meticulously crafted figure of a golfer standing on a golf ball inside, making it a conversation starter at any gathering.

Perfect for the golfer who enjoys a good laugh as much as a good drink.

17. Golfers' Glassware Trio

Introducing the Golfers' Glassware Trio, the perfect blend of craftsmanship and golfing spirit for any enthusiast's home bar.

Each piece, from the 13oz coffee mug and 16oz beer pint to the 11oz whiskey glass, is handcrafted with a real Titleist golf ball embedded into the side, offering an unmatched combination of quality and whimsy.

These glasses are neatly presented in a pine wood box that can be custom engraved with a message and personalized with initials, making it an incredibly thoughtful and funny golf gift that will be a hole-in-one with any golf lover.

18. Flipping the Bird Ball Marker

Unleash a laugh on the greens with the Flipping the Bird Ball Marker.

Made from durable copper, this 1.25" diameter marker features a comical design of a hand flipping the bird. It is not only a practical tool for marking the position of your ball but also a cheeky way to inject some humor into your game.

Whether gifting it to a friend with a great sense of humor or keeping it for your own rounds, this ball marker will get some chuckles and make a statement on the golf course.

19. F$%K 3 Putts Golf Towel

Laugh in the face of those frustrating three-putt greens with the bold and humorous F$%K 3 Putts Golf Towel.

Crafted from 100% polyester, this durable towel is gentle on your clubs and hands, ensuring no scratches or damage with its non-abrasive materials. Featuring a double-sided print that boldly declares your disdain for three-putts, it will spark conversation and chuckles.

Complete with an easy-to-attach hook, this towel promises simple access and usability, allowing you to keep your gear clean and your spirits high, even on the most challenging holes.

20. Chuckle Caddy Phone Holder

Funny Golf Cart Phone Holder

The Phone Caddy with Funny Quotes is the perfect gag gift for the golfer who has everything. This cleverly designed phone holder keeps their device secure and accessible on the golf cart, while the hilarious golf-related quotes add a playful spin to their game.

It is a practical yet humorous accessory that's bound to get a laugh out on the links, making it an ideal funny golf gift.

21. I'd Rather Be - Funny Socks

These funny golf socks are an excellent gift for any golfer who loves to laugh. They feature the phrase "I'd Rather Be Golfing" on the bottom of each sock.

So, everyone will know your true passion; each time someone sees these funny golf socks, they are guaranteed to make them smile.

The color combinations on these funny golf gifts make them easy to coordinate with any outfit.

22. Fun Golf Tumbler

funny golf tumbler

This funnygolf tumbler combines the love of the game with the love of a good drink. It's the perfect gift for golfers who enjoy both on and off the course.

It is a witty and practical accessory that lets you drive, chip, and sip your way through a round of golf, making it an excellent gift choice for golfers who appreciate a dash of humor with their game.

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23. Exploding Golf Balls

exploding golf ball funny

These Exploding Golf Balls are the ultimate hilarious golf gift. These balls are designed to provide unexpected jolts of laughter on the golf course, delivering a shockingly funny twist to the game.

With their electrifying humor, they're sure to leave any golfer in stitches, turning a regular round of golf into an electrifying comedy show.

24. Fun Golf Multi Tool

fun golf multi tool

This fun golf multi-tool is like a Swiss Army knife for golfers, equipped with essentials like a divot repair tool, groove cleaner, and bottle opener. Its practicality is given a playful edge with the witty "Do not 3 Putt" slogan, blending functionality with fun.

25. Funny Lady Bikini Girl Golf Tees

These Bikini Golf Tees are certain to make golfers smile. It come in a set of three, each with a different design.

These funny golf gifts are made of durable plastic, so they will last through many rounds of golf. And they're sure to put a smile on your face every time you tee up.

So if you want to make someone laugh or want a little something fun for yourself, these funny golf gifts just might be perfect!

26. Funny Golf Ball Marker - Putter Throwing Champion

Funny Golf Ball Marker

The Putter Throwing Champ Ball Marker is the ultimate comedic addition to any golf enthusiast's collection. This quirky accessory humorously celebrates the all-too-relatable moments of frustration on the golf course when the putter seems to have a mind of its own.

With this playful ball marker, golfers can acknowledge those not-so-putting-perfect rounds and share a laugh with their fellow players. It's a lighthearted nod to the game's occasional quirks and a reminder that even the most skilled golfers might occasionally be tempted to try their hand at "putter tossing" in moments of exasperation, making it a hilarious and relatable gift choice for golfers with a great sense of humor.

27.Golf and Marriage Book

Being married to a golfer can be challenging, but it can also be hilarious.

This Golf and Marriage Book is a hilarious take on the ups and downs of marriage, told through the lens of golf.

These funny golf gifts are full of funny stories and comics about golf and marriage; even the gloomiest golfers are likely to laugh at it. There is no shortage of inside jokes in this one!

28. On-Course Fun Card Game

This funny golf gift Card Game is the perfect way to make golf even more fun. These golf gag gifts come with two decks of cards, one for the front nine and one for the back nine.

Each card has a different golf-related challenge on it. The challenges range from easy to hard, so there is something for everyone.

If you complete the challenge, you get the point. The first person to reach 21 points wins.

29.Monogram Golf Ball Flask

These funny golf gifts are perfect for showing off your golfer's personality.

The Monogram Golf Ball Flask features a 1oz flask with a genuine golf ball design. The flask also comes with a corkscrew, so you can ensure your golfer always has a few shots of whiskey at the ready!

These golf gag gifts are excellent for any occasion and will bring a smile to your golfer's face.

30. Golfing Takes Some Balls Pint Glass

Funny Golf Pint Glass

Covered in witty golf-themed joke, this funny Golf Takes Some Balls Pint Glass is like having a mini golf club roast every time you take a sip. This golf gag gift is practically a hole-in-one in the humor department. It is built to endure more laughs than when your golfer shanks it.

Get ready for a good chuckle and a refreshing drink with this funny golf themed gift, your personal golfing comedian for the 19th hole! 

31.Funny Toilet Paper Roll Gift

Are you looking for a hilarious golf gag gift to give your favorite golfer? Look no further than this Funny Toilet Paper Roll gag gift!

These golf gag gifts include a mini toilet paper roll with a golf ball drawn and a clever saying: "Because Your Golf Game Is SH*T." This saying is printed in bold, black letters on transparent paper and will make your golfer chuckle.

This gag gift is also affordable, making it the perfect present for any budget.

32. PROV1 DONOR Flag

Show off your sense of humor on the golf course with the PROV1 DONOR Flag.

This flag is a playful nod to those golfers who seem to "donate" more Pro V1s to the water hazards and woods than they'd like to admit. Made from 100% polyester knitted fabric, this durable flag is designed to withstand the elements without shrinking.

Its vibrant design and witty message make it an ideal funny golf gift, perfect for personalizing a golfer's space or for flying high on a golf cart.

33. Golf Hub Trucker Hat

The Golf Hub Trucker Hat is the perfect combination of comfort and playful golf spirit.

Made from a durable blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this hat features a structured, six-panel cap design with a mid-profile cap and a low-profile embroidery area. The mesh back ensures breathability and comfort, making it ideal for those sunny days on the course or casual wear off it.

With its unique design that captures the essence of golf humor, this trucker hat will be a hit among golfers looking for both style and a nod to their favorite pastime.

34.Fun Golf Ball Markers With Hat Clip Set

funny golf ball marker hat clip set

The Golf Ball Marker Set makes for a hilarious gift for any golfer due to its blend of practicality and humor. Each of the three markers features a funny saying, adding a light-hearted and playful touch to the serious game of golf.

Plus, the magnetic hat clip not only offers convenience by keeping the markers easily accessible but also adds to the amusement, ensuring the golfer will always have a quick quip at hand to share a laugh with their fellow players.

35.Caricature Golfer Portrait

Caricature Golfer Portrait makes a great funny golf gift for your golf buddy. Caricatures are an exciting way to capture a person's personality in a fun and humorous way.

You can customize a caricature golfer portrait to include the golfer's clothing, clubs, and other accessories.

It is the perfect option if you want a truly one-of-a-kind gag gift.

36. Golf Bag Humidor

Golf Bag Humidor

Elevate your golfing experience and indulge in the perfect fusion of leisure and luxury with our Golf Bag Humidor! Crafted to cater to the refined tastes of golf enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things in life, this humidor is more than just a cigar accessory – it's a statement of sophistication on the greens. 

With a capacity for up to nine 50-ring cigars, it includes a humidifier and a cigar cutter – perfect for preserving stogies in optimal condition.

37.World's Okayest Golfer Shirt

If you know someone who is always having a good time on the green, then the World's Okayest Golfer Shirt is the great gift for your golf buddies! These golf gag gifts are made of 100% cotton and features a fun slogan for all golfers: "World's Okayest Golfer."

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38. Golf in The Forecast Flask

Funny Golf Flasks

The Weekend Forecast Flask is the perfect blend of humor and functionality for golf enthusiasts. This exquisite 6 oz flask is a miniature masterpiece, designed to bring a touch of elegance to every swing.

With a selection of nine meticulously engraved fun golfer silhouettes, each flask captures the essence of the sport and personalizes the experience.

39. Fun Golf Koozie

fun golf koozie

The Roadie Koozie features stylish designs with high-quality ink prints, allowing golfers to express their personal style while they enjoy their drinks. 

It is a universal can cooler that adapts to various drink sizes, from slim cans to larger bottles, ensuring your favorite beverage is always at the perfect, frosty temperature.

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40. Eject a Putt Golf Prank

These golf gag gifts are perfect for the golfer who loves to play practical jokes with his friends.

The Eject-a-Putt golf prank is a simple yet effective way to get a laugh out of your golfing buddies.

Place this funny golf gift on the ground near the hole, and when someone goes to putt, their ball will be ejected from the hole! It is sure to get a few laughs and is easy to set up and use.

41. Golf Ball Marker with Magnetic Hat Clip


If your husband loves golf more than he loves you, this is the perfect gift for him!

He will smile when you give him this Ball Marker with a Magnetic Hat Clip, and it will also help him keep track of his golf balls.

These funny golf gifts are a great way to show him that you are thinking of him while he is out on the golf course.

42. Beer Bottle Golf Tees

Looking for a unique twist on your golf tee? Look no further than Beer Bottle Golf Tees! These funny golf gifts are designed to resemble miniature beer bottles, adding a touch of humor to your game.

Not only are they funny, but they are also functional, providing a sturdy base for your ball. Plus, you can even find beer bottle golf tees with funny sayings on them, adding an extra element of laughter to your round.

So why settle for a regular tee when you can have a beer bottle tee? Cheers to a hilarious and enjoyable game of golf!

43. Fun Golf Tee Shirt

fun golf tee shirt

This Always Wash Your Balls golf T-shirt designed for the fashion-forward golfer with a sense of humor. 

Made with 100% preshrunk cotton sourced from sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton, this tee offers unbeatable comfort and a clear conscience making it a great golf tee shirt for links lovers.

44. Golf & Whiskey Gift Set


The Golf & Whiskey Gift Lover Set adds a delightful twist to traditional golf gifts, making it a fun and memorable choice for golf lovers. The personalized golf accessories, featuring the recipient's name and a golf-themed design, add a playful touch to their home bar. 

45.Golfer License Plate Frame

If your husband is a golfer, he will appreciate this License Plate Frame that says, "It Takes A Lot of Balls to Golf the Way I Do." It is a funny and clever way to show his love for the game.

These funny golf gifts are made of durable plastic. So, it will withstand the elements and last for years. It is easy to install, and it fits most standard-sized license plates.

46. Funny Golf Silicone Ball Holder

These golf gag gifts are excellent for the golfer who has everything.

The Silicone Ball Holder is made of silicone and attaches to the belt, making it easy to access balls while on the golf course.

The greatest thing about this funny golf gift is that it will make any golfer smile. No matter how hard they try to hide their smile, they will crack after opening up this funny golf gift.

47. Funny Golf Polo

legalize mulligans funny golf polo

This fun Legalize Mulligans golf polo is bound to spark conversations and a few laughs, whether the wearer is hitting the links or relaxing at the clubhouse. It's a cheeky nod to every golfer's secret wish for a second chance on a bad shot. 

The crisp white color and stylish design ensure the golfer looks sharp while showcasing their fun side.

48. I'd Tap That Golf Hat

The I'd Tap That Golf Hat is the perfect choice for golfers who love a good double entendre. Made with a poly/spandex blend performance material, this funny golf gift offers both comfort and flexibility on the course. Plus, it is sweat and stain-resistant so that you can stay fresh and clean throughout your game.

The custom interior lining adds a touch of personalization, while the perforated back allows for breathability. With its cheeky design, the I'd Tap That Golf Hat will turn heads and keep everyone laughing.

49. Funny Golf Water Bottle

Fun Golf Water Bottles

A Fun Golf Water Bottle is the perfect way to bring a little light-hearted fun to the often-serious golf course, turning every hydration break into a tee-rific chuckle.

After all, who wouldn't love a side of laughs with their sips, especially when the back nine is looking as challenging as a sand bunker on a windy day?

50. Backyard Golf Game

fun golf gift

The Backyard Golf Game is a fun golf gift because it adds a whole new dimension of entertainment to the game of golf.

It offers an exciting twist on traditional golf, allowing players to compete in their own backyard or any outdoor setting, making it perfect for social gatherings and family fun. 

51. Fun Golf Coffee Mug

Funny Golf Coffee Mug

This golf-themed coffee mug is a hilarious gift for golf enthusiasts, featuring a whimsical design that combines their two loves: golf and caffeine.

With a golf ball as the coffee mug's handle and a witty message that says "Golfers do it with drive," it's sure to bring a chuckle to their morning routine.This gift is the perfect way to tee off their day with a dose of humor and a caffeine boost.

52. Fun I Got a Birdie Middle Finger Shirt

Funny Golf Polo Birdie Middle Finger

The In-Your-Face Birdie Finger Golf Polo is the ultimate gag gift for any golfer with a sense of humor. Its bold and rebellious design is sure to turn heads on the course, making it a hilarious statement piece for those who like to add a bit of cheeky humor to their game.

Plus, its moisture-wicking material ensures the wearer stays cool while stirring up some laughs, making it a funny yet functional gift for any golfer looking to make a playful impression.

53. Funny Custom Driver Head Cover

Funny Golf Driver Head Cover

This Custom Headcover isn't just about protecting your beloved driver; it's about flaunting your unique style and humor. With the option to add a custom message, you can turn your driver into a golfing billboard of hilarity.

Whether you are labeling it the "Slice Saver" or the "Hook Hider," this hilarious golf gag gift is bound to turn heads and elicit chuckles from your fellow golfers.

Funny Golf Gift Ideas

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