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11 Fun Golf Hole Ideas for Your Outing

Updated on August 08, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Golf may be a game of tradition and precision, but who says we can't inject a little bit of whimsy and wonder onto those pristine fairways? Step aside, dull and ordinary holes – it's time for some hole-in-fun inspiration that'll have you swinging, laughing, and celebrating like never before!

We have rounded up 11 fun golf tournament ideas to keep your guests entertained, excited, and engaged throughout the outing.

So, get inspired and find the perfect fun golf outing ideas for your event!


1. Longest Drive

One of the most popular fun golf tournament ideas is the Longest Drive contest.

These fun golf tournament ideas are designed to challenge players to hit their ball as far as possible on a designated hole.

The winner of this contest will be the golfer who hits their golf ball the farthest.

How to Set Up:

  • To hold this charity golf tournament contest, you can set up a tee box on the fairway of a par 4 or 5 and have players drive from the same spot.
  • You can also mark two or three designated spots on the tee box for players to drive from if you prefer to add an element of strategy to the contest.
  • Give players enough time to take their next swing when setting up the contest. It is also essential to set boundaries to eliminate confusion or disputes over where a ball has landed.
  • You should also consider offering small prizes for the most extended drives, like club covers, golf gloves, tees, and other small items.

By setting up this fun game during your golf tournament, you can raise money for your golf industry and create an enjoyable and competitive atmosphere that will get players excited about the golf outing.

2. Closest to the Pin

Closest to the Pin is one of the popular golf tournament ideas that can be great fun for everyone.

This golf tournament game aims for each player to hit their golf shot as close as possible to the pin. Whoever hits the ball closest to the pin at the end of the round wins the competition.

How to Set Up:

  • To set up these fun golf tournament ideas, designate a par three hole for your tournament and give each golfer three shots to hit as close as possible to the pin.
  • Award points for each golfer’s proximity to the pin, with one point awarded for every foot away from the pin. The person with the most points at the end of all three shots wins the hole.
  • For added fun, you can have a small prize or trophy for the Closest to the Pin winner, such as a sleeve of golf balls or an award.
  • You can also offer consolation prizes for second and third-place finishers.

Not only is this a great way to spice up your tournament and add some friendly competition, but it is also a great way to bring players of all skill levels together. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, these unique golf tournament ideas will be a blast!

3. Beat the Pro

This game is fun to add excitement and challenge to your next golf tournament.

It works best when you have a professional golfer at the tournament who can set up a specific hole for the contestants to attempt to beat.

How to Set Up:

  • To play these unique golf tournament ideas, the professional golfer will tee off on a hole, and the contestants will then take their shots and attempt to match or beat the pro’s score. The one with the lowest score wins!
  • You can also make it more interesting by adding prizes for each shot the contestants make that is better than the pro’s shot.

These fun golf tournament ideas encourage friendly competition and is a great way to get people involved.

Beat the Pro will surely be an exciting event that your golf tournament guests will discuss for days afterward!

4. Hall of Fortune

Hall of Fortune is one of the best golf tournament ideas that adds fun and competition to your tournament.

How to Set Up:

  • The basic concept is for each player to hit their drive to the designated area, and the farthest one wins.
  • However, if a player’s drive lands in a pre-selected “Hall of Fortune” area (such as a sand bunker or water hazard), they win automatically, regardless of how far their ball traveled!
  • To make this game more interesting, you can also add rewards for landing in specific areas like nearest to the flag, longest putt, etc.

These charity golf tournaments ideas will bring all involved smiles and laughter.

5. Golf Pong

Golf pong is a fun and exciting twist on the classic beer pong game.

It is a great way to add competition and hilarity to your next golf tournament! You will need 12 plastic cups, a Frisbee, and some beverages to play golf pong.

How to Set Up:

  • Set up six cups in a triangle shape, just like you would for regular beer pong.
  • The players then take turns throwing the Frisbee at the cups from a designated distance away. The opposing player must drink the beverage if they land the Frisbee in one of the cups.
  • One or two players can do it on each side, and it can be a great way to get everyone involved in your next golf tournament!

6. Flag Tournament

Flag tournament is a fun twist on traditional golf. It can be played with two teams of four players or individually.

How to Set Up:

  • The goal is to complete the golf course in as few shots as possible. At each hole, the player must try to get their ball closest to the flagstick without going into the hole.
  • The team with the lowest score on each hole is awarded one point. The team or player with the most points at the end of the golf course wins.

Flag tournament is great for charity golf tournaments and events because it adds an extra element of competition.

It is also a great way to add some extra excitement to a round of golf and challenge players to be more accurate with their shots.

A flag tournament is a great way to mix things up on the golf course and ensure everyone has fun!

7. Skins

Skins is a classic game that has been around since the dawn of the sport.

It is a game where the players compete against each other for individual prizes, also known as ‘skins.’ The hole winner takes the ‘skin,’ which can be cash or another prize.

How to Set Up:

  • Whichever golfer wins the most ‘skins’ at the end of the tournament is declared the winner.
  • It can be played with either two or four players and will help bring out the competitive spirit in your charity golf tournament.
  • To make your upcoming tournament game even more interesting, you can add other rules, such as double or triple skins on certain holes, or assign handicaps to different players.

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8. Scramble

A Scramble is a great way to make your next golf tournament enjoyable for all players.

How to Set Up:

  • You can play it with any number of players on each team, but typically four-person teams are used.
  • The main idea of a scramble is to have a team of players each hit a tee shot, then choose the best shot, and all players then play from that spot.
  • It continues until the hole is complete. The object of the game is to have each team record the lowest score possible.

It is an exciting way to have all players involved, and the competition is more equal since there are no individual scores.

9. Pro-Am

A Pro-Am golf tournament is a great way to add some extra excitement to your next golf tournament.

The Pro-Am format is a combination of both professional and amateur players.

How to Set Up:

  • Typically, each foursome consists of one professional golfer and three amateurs. The team’s score will be based on the professional’s score plus the best two of the three amateur’s scores.
  • It is an excellent opportunity for amateur golfers to play with a professional and have an unforgettable experience.
  • It also adds a competitive element to the tournament, as each team vies for the lowest score.

This golf outing event is trendy in pro-celebrity tournaments, allowing everyday golfers to play alongside celebrities and professional athletes.

Your participants will discuss their rounds with the professional for weeks to come!

10. Putting Contest

One of the most popular golf tournament hole ideas is a putting contest.

These charity golf tournament ideas add a fun, competitive element to your next golf tournament and allows players of all skill levels to participate.

How to Set Up:

  • Each golfer will get a putter and three golf balls, and they can make a putt from a certain distance.
  • Once everyone has had their turn, the person who made their putt in the least number of strokes is the winner.
  • Another way to set up this golf outing contest is to create a circular “putting green” on the golf course.
  • You can do it by sectioning off an area and having several small holes that golfers can putt towards.

It is a great way to add friendly competition to your next golf tournament and allow everyone to show off their skills!

11. Bingo Bango Bongo

Bingo Bango Bongo is a game that awards points for different achievements on each hole.

The first player to get their ball on the green gets a point (bingo), the player with the closest shot to the pin gets a point (bango), and the first player to get their ball in the hole gets a point (bongo).

The player with the most points at the end of the round wins.


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