• 12 Fun Golf Hole Ideas for Your Outing

    by Melissa Bajda April 24, 2024

    Golf may be a game of tradition and precision, but who says we can't inject a little bit of whimsy and wonder onto those pristine fairways? Step aside, dull and ordinary holes – it's time for some hole-in-fun inspiration that'll have you swinging, laughing, and celebrating like never before!

    We have rounded up 12 fun golf tournament ideas to keep your guests entertained, excited, and engaged throughout the outing.

    So, get inspired and find the perfect fun golf outing ideas for your event!

    1. Longest Drive Contest

    A truly classic contest in more or less every golf tournament, The Longest Drive is the perfect challenge for players who relish displaying power and, of course, pinpoint accuracy.

    This is one of those contests that is a huge hit among the people, simply because it takes the skill of a golfer and adds one of those entertaining spectacles at which anyone can look with wry amusement.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf Balls
    • Golf Clubs
    • Measuring Tools

    How to Set Up

    • Select a Hole: Use a long, straight Par 4 or 5 hole for clear visibility and ample driving space.

    • Tee Box: Set a tee marker for all players. Optional: mark different positions for varied angles.

    • Define Boundaries: Clearly mark fairway boundaries to measure drives accurately and prevent disputes.

    How to Play

    • Order of Play: Players take turns driving their ball from the tee box. Allow time for setup and execution.

    • Measurement: Measure drives from the tee after everyone plays, ensuring accuracy within the fairway.

    • Scoring: The furthest drive within the fairway bounds wins.


    Reward the winner and notable participants with prizes such as golf club covers, golf gloves, tees, and other small items.

    The Longest Drive contest is a great one to add some competitive fun to your next golf tournament game.

    2. Closest to the Pin Challenge

    This golf outing challenge represents the admired event of almost every charity golf tournament, testing precision and control, not power.

    Not only that, but it gives the best chance to every level of golfer to show finesse and precision wielding those irons.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf Balls
    • Golf Clubs (Typically, irons or wedges, depending on the hole’s distance).
    • Measuring Tape

    How to Set Up

    • Choose a Par 3 Hole: Pick an entire hole with a clear view from tee to pin and minimal obstacles.

    • Designate the Tee Area: All players hit from the same tee box.

    • Determine Shots: Decide the number of shots each golfer gets to approach the pin.

    How to Play

    • Taking Turns: Players alternately hit shots toward the pin. Measure each shot's distance to the pin.

    • Scoring System: Points are awarded based on proximity to the pin, with fewer points for closer shots.

    • Cumulative Scoring: After three shots, total the points. The player with the lowest score (closest overall shots) wins.


    • Winner's Prize: Award a prize, such as a sleeve of premium golf balls or a small trophy, to the winner.

    • Runner-Up Prizes: Consider giving smaller consolation prizes to second and third-place finishers to keep the competition engaging for everyone.

    This contest comprises not only fun and competition but also challenges the precision of players in their play.

    3. Beat the Pro Challenge

    This "Beat the Pro" challenge is the opportunity given to amateur golfers to measure their ability at your next golf tournament against that of a professional.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf Balls
    • Golf Clubs

    How to Set Up

    • Choose a Suitable Hole: Select a challenging yet fair par 3 or short par 4 for both amateurs and professionals.

    • Professional's Tee Shot: Have the professional golfer tee off first to set a benchmark for the contestants.

    How To Play

    • Contestant Shots: After the pro's shot, each contestant tries to match or beat the pro's score on that hole.

    • Scoring: Simply aim to score lower than the pro. Points can be awarded for shots that land closer to the hole than the pro's.


    • Beat the Pro: Present prizes to any contestant that has beaten the pro. This can be free lessons from the pro, golf equipment, or even gift vouchers.

    • Participation prizes: Consider small participation gifts for all the guys who are going to be part of the challenge.

    This best golf tournament challenge gives a regular golfer the chance to face one of the greats in direct, exciting competition.

    4. Hall of Fortune

    Hall of Fortune transforms the classic golf event into something novel and thrilling—blended with a smack of chance.

    This game, surely, does not only test the players' driving skills; instead, it tests their luck, as it includes a lot of chance that can make a 360-degree turn. This makes it a game to remember for your event.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf balls
    • Golf Clubs (Mostly drivers).

    How to Set Up

    • Designated Driving Area: Choose a long, open hole ideal for maximum distance drives.

    • Hall of Fortune Area: Mark specific challenging spots like sand bunkers or water hazards as "Hall of Fortune" areas, making them high-risk, high-reward targets.

    How to Play

    • Driving Contest: Players take turns driving the ball as far as possible down the fairway.

    • Fortune Zones: A drive landing in any "Hall of Fortune" area immediately wins the contest, regardless of distance.

    • Additional Incentives: Offer extra rewards for landing near the flag or making the longest putt.


    • Main Prize: There will be one grand prize winner for hitting either the space of the Hall of Fortune or the player who drives the farthest.

    The Hall of Fortune challenge adds an element of strategic decision-making to the game.

    5. Golf Pong

    Golf pong introduces a playful twist on the classic beer pong, tailored for golf enthusiasts.

    This game adds an element of light-hearted competition to your golf tournament game and will bring laughs and camaraderie among participants.

    Equipment Needed:

    • 12 Plastic Cups
    • Golf Ball
    • Golf clubs (putters recommended)
    • Favorite drinks

    How to Set Up:

    • Arrange six cups in a triangle shape at each end of a flat surface, similar to the setup in traditional beer pong.

    How to Play

    • Gameplay: Players or teams alternate chipping golf balls into the cups using a putter or similar club.

    • Drinking Rule: If a ball lands in a cup, the opposing player or team drinks from that cup. The game can be played one-on-one or in teams, making it adaptable for different group sizes.

    At Golf Pong family game night, Golf Pong supplies a fun, competitive game, perfect for use during golf outings, charity events, or casual time on the golf course.

    6. Flagstick Tournament

    The Flag Tournament is another form of golf purely adopted to help players work on their accuracy and strategy.

    One can adopt the format of individual players or divided into teams, which makes it suitable for various events like charity golf tournaments.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf Balls
    • Golf Clubs
    • Measuring Device
    • Flagsticks

    How to Set Up

    • Objective: Complete designated holes with the fewest shots possible. Aim to place the ball as close to the flagstick as possible without it going in.

    • Scoring System: Points are awarded based on proximity to the flagstick rather than the number of strokes.

    • Team Play: Team members compete to land their shots closest to the flagstick, with the nearest ball earning the team a point.

    How to Play:

    • Take Turns: Players hit their shots toward the green, aiming to get close to the flagstick.

    • Measuring Proximity: After all shots, measure which ball is nearest to the flagstick.

    • Cumulative Scoring: Play through all designated holes, accumulating points. The player or team with the most points wins.


    • Top Winners' Rewards: A gift certificate for the highest winner, or golf equipment.

    • Special Categories: Optionally, special categories of prizes could be made, such as "Most Accurate Shot" or "Best Strategy Play".

    This golf tournament idea not only adds another level of competition and fun with the icing on the cake to a round of golf but encourages control and precision rather than just raw power.

    7. Skins Game

    One of the classic and most competitive formats to play in is The Skins Game.

    The Skins Game format is designed for that person who has an individualistic nature about the game, for those head-to-head playing partners seeking excitement, this game pays off with tangible rewards.

    Equipment Needed

    • Golf Balls
    • Golf Clubs

    How to Set Up

    • Player Format: Skins games are typically played with two or four players for a smooth pace and multiple winning opportunities.

    • Determining Skins: A skin is earned by the player with the lowest score on a hole. Ties carry the skin to the next hole, raising the stakes.

    • Prize Allocation: Set the value of each skin (money, points, or prizes) before starting, ensuring all players agree and understand.

    How to Play

    • Winning Skins: Win a skin by scoring the lowest on a hole. Ties carry over the skin, increasing the next hole's value.

    • Special Rules: Consider doubling or tripling the value on tougher holes or adjusting handicaps in charitable events to level the playing field.


    • Prize System: Give them skins as cash rewards, but easily dividable into vouchers or golf merchandise.

    • Overall Winner: This is the title that is awarded to the player who had the most number of collected skins in the whole golf course of the game.

    The Skins Game is wonderful for creating competitive grounds where the players continue to be at the heat of things on every hole.

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      8. Team Scramble

      The Team Scramble is a popular golf tournament format that emphasizes teamwork and inclusivity, making it ideal for players of all skill levels.

      This format allows groups to work together to achieve the best score on each hole, thereby creating a cooperative and supportive atmosphere throughout the golf tournament. 

      Equipment Needed:

      • Golf Balls
      • Golf Clubs

      How to Set Up:

      • Team Formation: Form teams of four, adjusting based on total participants. Four players balance play pace and strategy.

      • Starting the Game: Each player tees off, then the team picks the best tee shot as the next play point for all members.

      • Continuing Play: Repeat the selection and play from the best shot for each stroke, including putts, until the ball is holed. Record the score for each hole from the selected shots.

      How to Play

      • Selecting Shots: Teams decide on the best shot considering distance, ball lie, and strategy. All members participate in this decision.

      • Shot Execution: From the chosen shot, each player hits within one club length of that spot, not nearer to the hole. On the green, play from the exact spot.

      • Scoring: Record strokes from the best ball positions to complete each hole, aiming for the lowest round score.

      The Scramble format is exceptionally engaging because it allows less experienced players to contribute equally alongside more skilled players.

      9. Pro-Am Tournament

      The Pro-Am format is an electrifying and prestigious golf format that brings into one event the array of skill sets from professional and amateur golfers.

      This format raises the competitive spirits of the golf tournament and gives an opportunity for amateur golfers to even learn from playing with seasoned professionals.

      Equipment Needed

      • Golf Balls
      • Golf Clubs

      How to Set Up

      • Team Composition: Form teams of four with one professional and three amateurs for optimal interaction.

      • Scoring System: The team score per hole combines the professional's score and the best two out of three amateur scores, fostering both team cooperation and individual play.

      How to Play

      • Teeing Off: All team members tee off at each hole. Afterward, strategize shot selection based on the ball's position and player strengths.

      • Proceeding in the Game: Follow standard golf rules, with each player playing their own ball. Calculate the team's score for each hole by adding the professional's score to the two best amateur scores.

      This is more so in regard to the amateurs; they can draw a lot of tips by just watching the approach and technique applied by the professional.

      10. Putting Contest

      The Putting Contest is an all-time favorite and one of the greatest games for golfers at any level. This contest adds spice and a good added tactical taste to your charity golf tournament, with all the focus on precision and control, not raw power.

      Equipment Needed

      • Putters
      • Golf balls (3 per player).
      • Putting Green (That area of a golf course where the grass has been specially treated and prepared for putting).

      How to Set Up

      • Standard Single-Hole Contest: Set up a putting green and mark a specific distance. Each player putts three times from this distance.

      • Circular Putting Green Setup: If space allows, create a circular green with multiple small holes at different distances within the circle. This setup lets all players putt simultaneously, enhancing pace and variety.

      How to Play

      • Scoring System: Players aim to hole out in the fewest strokes. The player with the fewest strokes over three attempts wins.

      • Variation with Green: Players putt once at each hole around the circular green, tallying scores from all holes to determine the winner.


      • Winner's Prize: One may even give some kind of special prize to the winner, such as a trophy, gift certificate, or even golf gear.

      • Consolation Prizes: You could also offer smaller prizes for second and third place or even for notable efforts like the longest putt made.

      These charity golf tournament ideas are perfect for everyone to have an opportunity at this golf event.

      11. Bingo Bango Bongo

      Bingo Bango Bongo is a dynamic and engaging point-based golf game that encourages strategic play and rewards precision and speed on the green.

      This game is ideal for adding a lively competitive element to your golf tournament, suitable for players of varying skill levels.

      Equipment Needed:

      • Golf Balls
      • Golf Clubs

      How to Set Up:

      • Game Structure: The game is played hole by hole, with three specific achievements to aim for on each:

        • Bingo: Awarded to the first player in the group to get their ball onto the green, emphasizing the importance of the initial approach shot.

        • Bango: Goes to the player whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green, highlighting precision in approach play.

        • Bongo: Earned by the first player to hole out, encouraging efficient putting and a strong finish.

      How to Play:

      • Playing Order: Players rotate the order of play on each hole to ensure fairness in the scoring opportunities for Bingo.

      • Scoring: Each player earns points based on their achievements:

        • One point for achieving Bingo,

        • One point for Bango,

        • One point for Bongo.

      • Winning the Game: At the end of the round, the player with the most points accumulated across all holes is declared the winner.

      Bingo Bango Bongo is particularly effective in golf tournaments as it keeps all players fully engaged throughout each hole, regardless of their skill level.

        12. ABCD Best Ball Format

        The ABCD Best Ball format is a thrilling and strategic twist on traditional best ball golf tournaments, designed to challenge both individual skills and team dynamics.

        This format allows each team member to shine and significantly impact the team's overall success.

        Equipment Needed:

        • Golf Balls
        • Golf Clubs

        How to Set Up:

        • Team Composition: Organize participants into four-player teams.

        • Game Structure: The scoring system changes with every hole in a cyclical pattern:

          • Hole 1: Only the best (lowest) score counts towards the team total.

          • Hole 2: The top two lowest scores from the team are used.

          • Hole 3: The three lowest scores contribute to the team's total.

          • Hole 4: All four scores are counted, increasing the stakes and collective pressure.

        • This sequence repeats every four holes throughout the 18-hole golf course.

        How to Play:

        • Scoring: The aim is to achieve the lowest possible score on each hole according to the format's requirements.

        • Strategy and Coordination: Teams need to coordinate their play, deciding whether to play more aggressively or conservatively.

        The Best Ball format is particularly engaging because it requires constant strategic adjustment and provides a platform for all team members to contribute critically to the outcome. 


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