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    Golf Outing Bottle Opener

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    Introducing the Golf Outing Wallet Bottle Opener – the perfect blend of functionality and personalization for your golfing adventures. With 9 distinct golfer silhouette options to choose from, this accessory allows you to showcase your unique style and make a statement on the course.

    Customization is at the heart of the Golf Outing Wallet Bottle  Opener. Engrave the top line and two bottom lines with your preferred text, whether it's a motivational quote, a special message, or the name of your golf tournament. This personalized touch transforms the wallet opener into a cherished keepsake that commemorates your golfing journey.

    Whether you're promoting your upcoming golf tournament or planning a fun outing with your buddies, the Golf Outing Wallet Opener is an ideal choice. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your golf gear, while its practicality ensures you'll always have a reliable tool on hand to open your favorite beverage. 


    Line 1 (25 Char.): 25th Annual
    Line 2 (25 Char.): Groovy Golf
    Line 3 (25 Char.): Tournament 


    • Heavy 14 gauge stainless steel speed opener in matte black finish.
    • This bar blade is the perfect bar wrench.
    • Credit card size.
    • Fits in wallet credit card slot.