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The 40 Trendiest Golf Gloves in 2024

Updated on January 30, 2024 by Chris Bajda

Golf enthusiasts understand the importance of a good grip, and that's where the right golf glove makes all the difference. In this blog post, we're delving into the world of golf gloves, exploring options that combine comfort, durability, and style.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a weekend golfer, our curated list of the best golf gloves is designed to enhance your game, providing that perfect connection between hand and golf club.

So, let's swing into the details and find the golf glove that fits you like a second skin with Groovy Golfer, ensuring every shot is as smooth and precise as possible.

1. Smart Golf Glove

Smart Golf Glove

The Smart Golf Glove by Voraus Golf is the future of the best golf gloves.

This game-changing golf glove is made of high-quality materials and is designed to allow golfers to use their smartphone and watches without removing their golf glove every time. 

2. Paint Splatter Mesh Golf Glove

Paint Splatter Mesh Golf Glove

Inject some personality into your golf gear with the Paint Splatter Mesh Golf Glove. Ideal for both right-hand and left-hand players, this golf glove, crafted from 100% premium Cabretta leather, ensures professional-grade quality and tour performance fit. 

This golf glove redefines style in the realm of men's golf gloves. Choose your perfect size for an unmatched fit and feel on the course.

3. Vice Pure Color

Vice continue to make their mark in the game, and their Pure Color glove certainly makes a splash.

The materials are buttersoft and pure lambskin and also incorporate a neat velcro closure.  With built in flexibility it should be easy to break-in this golf glove, it also has wonderful performance and a responsive feel.

The Vice golf glove has a broad selection of different hues and is a nice marriage of style and substance. 

4. Mustache Patterned Golf Glove

Mustache Patterned Golf Glove

Showcase your flair for fashion with the whimsical Mustache Patterned Golf Glove. Made from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, this golf glove is not only stylish but also offers superior grip and comfort. 

Its distinct mustache pattern makes it a unique addition to your golf gear. The golf glove features N45 strength magnets and comes with a handy signature ball marker.

5. Funny Golf Glove - Middle Finger You Suck 

You Suck at Golf Funny Golf Glove

The ultimate way to let your opponents know how you really feel on the golf course, the "You Suck" Middle Finger Golf Glove!

This premium cabretta leather golf glove is perfect for those days when your game isn't quite up to par, or for when you just want to give a little extra attitude on the green. 

6. Marijuana Mesh Golf Glove

Marijuana Mesh Golf Glove

Shake up your golf gear with the Marijuana Mesh Golf Glove. A perfect fit for both left-hand and right-hand players, this golf glove is crafted with 100% premium Cabretta leather for professional-grade quality. 

Providing a tour performance fit, this right glove stands out among men's golf gloves. Choose from a variety of sizes to find your perfect match.

7. Footjoy StaSof

Foot Joys Best Golf Glove

The StaSof Glove comes from the extremely reliable FootJoy family.

These FootJoy Stasof winter gloves combine wonderful feel with a nice grip. Definitely a golf glove on the thinner side but maintains its shape and softness well due to the lovely leather material.

Excellent moisture wicking technology, combined with overall comfort, makes this a popular golf glove among pros and amateurs alike.

8. Green Elite Tour Golf Glove

Green Elite Tour Golf Glove

Experience the exceptional feel and performance of the Green Elite Tour Golf Glove. Ideal for both left and right-hand players, this right glove is constructed from 100% premium Cabretta leather, guaranteeing professional-grade quality. 

The glove's tour performance fit ensures enhanced grip and comfort, raising the bar for men's golf gloves. You can select the perfect size to suit your hand, promising the ultimate fit and feel on the course.

10. Ghost Titanium Glove

The Ghost Titanium Glove is a game-changer for any baseball coach.

Made from 100% Cabretta Leather, it offers a soft feel and excellent grip, giving coaches ultimate control on the field. What's great about this golf glove is that you can choose the size that fits you best, ensuring a comfortable fit. 

With perforated and stretch zones, it provides flexibility and breathability. The dry cuff lining keeps your hands dry even during intense games. Plus, the signature GHOST pull tab adds a stylish touch.

11. Black Skull and Crossbones Mesh Golf Glove

Black Skull and Crossbones Mesh Golf Glove

Dare to be different with the Black Skull and Crossbones Mesh Golf Glove. Suitable for both right-hand and left-hand players, this right glove boasts of professional-grade quality, thanks to its 100% premium Cabretta leather construction. 

With a tour performance fit, this golf glove provides the comfort, enhanced grip, and style that sets it apart from other men's golf gloves.

11. G/Fore Golf Glove

G Four's Best Golf Glove

Looking to add a splash of color to your golf fit? Then look no further than the G/Fore Golf Glove.

This best golf glove comes in most colours and can be styled to your fit. Stylish coloured gloves are making their way back on trend in the game, and G/Fore are at the forefront.

These best golf gloves are made from 100% super-thin Cabretta leather that gives you that soft and comfortable feel. One of the most fun golf gloves on the market!

12. Argyle Mesh Golf Glove

Argyle Mesh Golf Glove

For those who value both style and performance, the Argyle Mesh Golf Glove is your go-to. This right glove, designed for right-hand and left-hand players, is created from 100% premium Cabretta leather. 

With a tour performance fit, this golf glove offers professional-grade quality that sets it apart in the market of men's golf gloves. 

13. Purple Golf Glove

Purple Golf Glove

Indulge in the rich color of the Purple Golf Glove. Crafted from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, this golf glove ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining high performance on the course. 

Embedded with N45 strength magnets and accompanied by a signature ball marker, this golf glove ensures that you're always ready for your next shot. The unique VivanTee pull tab adds a chic touch to its design.

14. Blue Elite Accent Golf Glove

Blue Elite Accent Golf Glove

For both right-hand and left-hand players seeking a superior golf glove, the Blue Elite Accent Golf Glove is a game-changer. Constructed with 100% premium Cabretta leather, this right glove offers a tour performance fit, a mainstay in men's golf gloves. 

The professional-grade quality is enhanced by an AA Cabretta leather palm with a reinforced patch, ensuring exceptional durability. With a range of sizes to choose from, this golf glove ensures comfort, enhanced grip, and style on the course.

15. Footjoy Pure Touch

Want to feel like a Tour Pro? The Pure Touch is a premium, high end golf glove with ultimate feel.

These best golf gloves are an extremely tailored fit with beautifully thin premium cabretta leather and a silky, soft feel. Many Tour Players choose to wear gloves from FootJoy, but be warned, it is definitely less durable than most.

It is also on the more expensive end, meaning if you are looking for great value for money and a long-lasting golf glove, you may have to look elsewhere.

16. Vivantee Golf Glove

Introducing the Men's Grey Golf Glove, a sleek and stylish option for any golfer.

Made from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, this best golf glove offers a luxurious and comfortable fit. The deluxe magnets provide a secure hold for easy access to your ball marker, while the signature VivanTee pull tab ensures effortless putting on and taking off. 

With its soft and form-fitting design, these cabretta gloves are tour-ready and meets all PGA and USGA standards. Experience ultimate performance on the course with its moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties. Choose your perfect size and elevate your golf game in style.

17. Birdie Middle Finger Golf Glove

Birdie Middle Finger Funny Golf Glove

If you are looking to add a little bit of personality to your golf game, or just want a humorous way to let your opponents know how you really feel, the "Birdie" Middle Finger Golf Glove is the perfect choice. 

This best golf glove will bring a smile to your face (and maybe a few chuckles from your opponents) with its bold design featuring the word "birdie" on the extended middle finger.

This golf glove is designed to offer a secure grip on the golf club, facilitating ease of use and enhancing overall performance.

18. Men's Golf Glove Bundle

Men's Golf Glove Bundle

The Men's Golf Glove Bundle presents a striking blend of luxury and performance. These golf gloves, constructed from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, offer a buttery soft structure for supreme comfort. 

The signature VivanTee pull tab adds a unique touch. They come with N45 strength magnets and a signature ball marker, providing added convenience on the green. You can customize your golf glove by choosing the color, hand and size to fit your style and need.

19. Men's Bionic Reliefgrip Golf Glove

Men's Bionic Reliefgrip Golf Glove

Experience the epitome of comfort and grip with the Men's Bionic Reliefgrip Golf Glove. Perfect for both left and right-hand players, this golf glove features a patented relief pad system, ideal for golfers with arthritic hands. The glove's design is based on the anatomy of the hand, providing an enhanced grip. 

Constructed with premium Cabretta leather, it offers professional-grade quality. These golf gloves are available in various sizes and colors, embodying the pinnacle of style and performance in men's golf gloves.

20. Black Camo Glove

The Black Camo Glove is a game-changer on the baseball field. Made from 100% Cabretta Leather, it offers a soft feel and excellent grip, giving players the confidence they need to make every play count.

With the ability to choose the perfect size, these best golf gloves are tailored to fit your hand like a second skin. The perforated and stretch zones ensure breathability and flexibility, while the dry cuff lining keeps sweat at bay. 

And let's not forget the stylish black camo design that will have everyone's eyes on you. With the signature GHOST pull tab, this good golf glove is not just functional but also looks cool.

21. TaylorMade Tour Preferred

Our first mention of TaylorMade and a very worthy first mention goes to their Tour Preferred Glove. The material is a soft tech cabretta leather which gives an immediate silky soft feel to these best golf gloves.

It is a very sleek and minimal design making it quite fashionable. A range of sizes from S to XXL makes it a fit for most, however, be warned, try this soft golf glove on first to get the correct sizing as the material makes for limited stretching.

On the more luxurious side, but who doesn’t need a little luxury in their life every now and again.

22. Callaway Tour Authentic

Like TaylorMade, Callaway is a golf staple. Their premium cabretta leather golf gloves are excellent and this Tour Authentic is a well-made fit.

Another feature is leather, and it combines quality stitching with nice craftsmanship to provide a sophisticated look. Definitely a Callaway Tour glove with a nice tackiness, aiding grip, while the smooth touch reveals a very satisfactory overall golf glove.

We trust these new golf gloves to remain intact and prove durable over a decent stretch of time. 

23. Mustache Patterned Golf Glove

Introducing the Mustache Patterned Golf Glove, a stylish and functional accessory for any golfer.

Crafted with 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, this golf equipment offers a buttery soft feel for optimal comfort and fit. It features a signature ball marker and a pull tab with the VivanTee logo for easy putting on and taking off. 

The perforated design provides stretch, comfort, and durability, while the moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties ensure peak performance on the course. Available in various sizes, these PGA and USGA-compliant golf gloves are a must-have for any golfer looking to golf swing in style.

24. MacWet Micromesh Original

You might be wondering why a wet or rain golf glove is included in this list of Best Golf Gloves. Well, simply, no golfer should be without a pair. 

MacWets are a ‘Break glass in case of an emergency’ type, but, after all, golf is an all-weather sport, whether it is a sunny or wet weather. Bust these out when the rain hits and your playing partners will be immediately jealous.

With these lightweight rain golf gloves, the unique fabric increases its grip when it absorbs water, whilst not compromising feel – so they really are “all grip, no slip!”. A definite gamechanger. (PS. They’re also good when its humid)

25. PUR Tour Golf Glove

The PUR Tour Golf Glove is a must-have for any serious golfer. Its PURFIT Tech construction and contoured wristband ensure the perfect fit and ultimate comfort. Made with premium AAA Cabretta Leather, these best golf gloves provide a luxurious feel and excellent grip on the club.

With strategically placed micro-perforations, it offers breathability and the wrist sweatband wicks away moisture for a dry and comfortable experience. Plus, you can choose the size that suits you best.

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26. Black Bones Skeleton Mesh Golf Glove

Black Bones Skeleton Mesh Golf Glove

The Black Bones Skeleton Mesh Golf Glove offers an edgy yet sophisticated design for both left-hand and right-hand players. These golf gloves are crafted with 100% premium Cabretta leather ensuring both professional-grade quality and tour performance fit. 

The reinforced patch on the AA Cabretta leather palm further guarantees durability and stability. As one of the best men's golf gloves, you can choose the perfect fit from a variety of sizes.

27. Iowa Golf Glove

If funky is your brand, look no further than an Iowa Golf Glove.

The Big Kahuna or Talk Birdie to Me are about as colorful as it gets, and you’re sure to stand out from your peers. Cabretta leather gives these golf gloves a decent soft feel, so you won’t be left wanting on that front.

Pair one of these best golf gloves with a groovy shirt and you’ll be unmatched when it comes to your outfit. One of our favorite golf gloves. 

28. Soho Blush Golf Glove

Soho Blush Golf Glove

Step up your golf game with the Soho Blush Golf Glove. Made from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, these golf gloves ensure a strong grip while offering unparalleled comfort. Its N45 strength magnets and a signature VivanTee pull tab make the wearing process seamless. 

This glove's striking blush tone brings a dash of femininity to your golf gear. Plus, it comes with a signature ball marker, making it a multifunctional choice among golf gloves.

29. Nike Dura Feel IX Golf Glove

The Nike Dura Feel IX is a well-constructed golf glove with a strategically placed natural and synthetic leather for excellent grip and feel. The back of the golf glove is designed with a perforated synthetic leather that supports breathability and movement.

These synthetic golf gloves feature the angled tab which provides tidy closure and increased ergonomic fit. A slightly different overall feel to full leather, but a good performer nonetheless.

30. Jordan Tour Golf Glove

The Jordan Tour Golf Glove is the perfect combination of style and performance.

With its palm made of 100% sheepskin leather and a back that includes a mix of sheepskin leather, polyester, and spandex, these best golf gloves offer a comfortable and flexible fit. 

The embroidered Jumpman logo adds a touch of elegance to your game. And with the option to choose your size, you can ensure the perfect fit.

31. Midnight Midtown Golf Glove

Midnight Midtown Golf Glove

Dive into the world of style and comfort with the Midnight Midtown Golf Glove. Its unique design, centered around the logo, is sure to turn heads on the fairway. Crafted from 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, this navy-blue golf glove boasts a buttery soft structure, enhancing grip and comfort. 

These golf gloves feature N45 strength magnets and a signature VivanTee pull tab for effortless wear. Choose the perfect hand and size, and enjoy the added bonus of a signature ball marker.

32. Titleist Player Glove

Ultra-thin feel, and extremely breathable, these best golf gloves are perfect. This Titleist Glove provides a seamless connection to the club and its high quality is designed with satin reinforcement at the cuff and thumb for durability. Many Tour players wear this golf glove and it's easy to see why.

A noteworthy warning - because of their super thin make-up, these golf gloves will not stand the test of time like some others. However, if you love that razor thin-soft feel, these golf gloves are a good bet.

33. No Laying Up Glove 

Chances are, if you are an avid golf fan, you’ve heard of No Laying Up.

The guys have some excellent merch, so this is a fun inclusion. Made with Tour Cabretta leather with their iconic Wayward Drive Logo on the strap.

They do golf gloves for both Left and Right hand, and also for Ladies and Men. A clean white look makes for a classy golf glove. 

34. BIONIC StableGrip Golf Glove

This Bionic Glove from Bionic is most suited for a senior golfer.

These bionic golf gloves are on the thicker side, and don’t have that thin-leather feel, but they can provide that extra comfort that the senior golfer is looking for. Interwoven through the fingers is a lycra material, which aids grip and support, plus gives the softer feel to your hands.

These best golf gloves are machine washable, which is unusual, but gives long term durability and maximum usage. 

35. Footjoy Hyperflex

We’ll round this list out with the FootJoy Hyperflex. It has a unique leather combinationand is engineered with a soft leather that will offer remarkable breathability and unmatched durability. Lightweight with extreme grip - a winning combination.

The Power Mesh material used is great for flexibility and aids the fit each time you pull it on. Overall, one of the best golf gloves you can get your hands on (or hand in!). 

36. Wilson Staff Grip Soft

Wilson Staff Golf Glove

This Wilson Staff Glove is made from a multitude of materials and is slightly thicker than your thinner cabretta leather golf gloves. However, this makes for great durability, and it has a nice all-round grip.

These golf gloves also have an upper mesh structure which allows for extra breathability. It is on the cheaper end, which makes it perfect for someone just getting into the game.

37. Men's Orange Golf Glove

Introducing the Men's Orange Golf Glove, a true game-changer for stylish golfers.

Crafted with 100% sheepskin cabretta leather, these golf gloves offer a buttery soft feel for ultimate comfort and fit. The deluxe magnets provide a secure hold, ensuring easy access to your ball marker, while the signature VivanTee pull tab makes putting on and taking off a breeze. 

With their softly structured design, these best golf gloves are both PGA and USGA-compliant, guaranteeing top performance on the course. Stay cool and dry with its moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties.

38. Under Armour Medal

Under Armours Best Golf Glove

This is a new design by Under Armour and, for the price point, is an excellent glove.

Unlike many other golf gloves, the Medal is made from synthetic materials, but don’t let that put you off. This makes the golf glove extremely durable, so if you love grinding on the range, or are looking for golf gloves that last, this could be the one for you.

It may not be as soft a feel as some other options, but it remains supple and has a decent grip. The Medal also comes in numerous colors, which makes this a fun option.

39. Men's Stablegrip Bionic Golf Glove

Men's Stablegrip Bionic Golf Glove

Elevate your game with the Men's Bionic Stablegrip Golf Glove. Customizable for left-hand and right-hand players, these golf gloves revolutionize comfort with its anatomical pad system design. Constructed with premium Cabretta leather, it promises professional-grade quality and fit. 

Choose from an array of sizes and colors, these golf gloves redefine excellence in men's golf gloves. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, these golf gloves offer the ultimate blend of style, performance, and durability.

40. Chameleon Golf Gloves

Chameleon Golf Gloves

Add a pop of color to your game with the Chameleon Golf Gloves. With the option to choose your preferred color, hand, and size, these golf gloves truly embody personal style. 

Crafted from high-quality leather, these golf gloves provide durability without compromising on comfort. They're a unique addition to the range of men's golf gloves, combining functionality with a fun design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What golf gloves does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods, one of the most iconic golfers of all time, is known for using Nike golf gloves. Throughout his career, Woods has had a long-standing partnership with Nike, and he has consistently chosen their high-quality, performance-oriented gloves for his games. Although the exact model of gloves Woods uses may vary over the years, his loyalty to the Nike brand has been a notable aspect of his golfing gear.

Q2. Why do men wear golf gloves?

Men wear golf gloves mainly to enhance their golf club grip. This is especially crucial in hot or humid conditions where sweating can cause the golf clubs to slip. Golf gloves also help in preventing blisters and ensuring a more comfortable, consistent grip. This added comfort and control significantly aid in improving overall performance and the power of their shots.

Q3. How do you pick the right size golf glove?

Selecting the right size golf glove is key to achieving the best performance. A proper golf glove should fit snugly, almost like a second skin, without leaving any excess material at the fingertips. The fit should be comfortable across the palm and wrist.

Since golf glove sizes can vary slightly between different brands, it is important to try on a few sizes or brands to find the perfect fit for your hand.

Q4. What does cadet mean in golf gloves?

The term "cadet" in golf gloves refers to a specific sizing meant for players who have a hand shape with shorter fingers and wider palms. Cadet gloves are proportioned differently from standard gloves, with variations in finger length and palm width to accommodate this type of hand.

They provide a more tailored fit for players who might not find a comfortable fit in standard-sized gloves, and are offered by most golf glove manufacturers.


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