• Blue Elite Accent Golf Glove

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    The Blue Elite Accent Golf Glove is crafted from premium Cabretta leather, providing a tour-grade golf experience. It features dark color tones with unique elephant print accents, offering a subtle yet bold aesthetic. The glove is designed for professional-grade quality and performance, adhering to USGA and R&A rules. Its construction involves 100% premium Cabretta leather, ensuring durability and comfort.

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    🧼 Caring for Your Golf Glove

    Extend the life and maintain the quality of your glove with our easy care tips. Gently clean and dry your glove after each use. Avoid direct heat and sunlight when drying. Store it in a cool, dry place to preserve its material and shape. Regular care ensures lasting performance and comfort on the golf course.


    • 100% Premium Cabretta Leather
    • Tour Performance & Fit
    • Professional Grade Quality
    • AA Cabretta Leather Palm with Reinforced Patch
    • Conforms with USGA Rules
    • Conforms with R&A Rules of Golf