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12 Best Golf Grips in 2022

Updated on August 23, 2022 by Peter Dolan

Are you on the market for some new grips this season? Below you can find a comprehensive guide to the Best Golf Grips on the market in 2022. 

Finding the best golf grip to suit your needs isn’t always easy, so we’ve gone to the trouble of reviewing some of the best out there, so you don’t have to. 

Whether you’re looking for some extra grip to launch those drives this year, or simply looking for a softer grip on your wedges for those delicate shots around the green, we’ve selected the best golf grips for everyone. 

Keep reading to find the right grip for your game!


1. Lamkin Comfort Plus Golf Grips

These Lamkin Comfort Gripsare both soft and extremely comfortable. They provide excellent shock absorption and a nice feel in your hands through the strike. Generally providing a more tacky feel, some players won’t enjoy, but if you’re looking for that soft touch and decent grip, these could be the golf grip for you. Lamkin are also one of the most reliable brands, so you can be assured that these grips will be durable too.


2. Golf Pride MCC Grip


Golf Pride remain one of the best grip manufacturers in the game, and this New Decade Multi-Compound Grip is another high quality grip.

The blend of brushed cotton technology, combined with rubber in the lower half makes this an excellent texture and it provides wonderful traction throughout. You will see this grip everywhere in the game, from Major winners to your weekend players at the local muni. A brilliant all-round grip that comes in multiple colours, allowing you to add some fun to the bag. 


3. Winn Dry-Tac Grip

If you Fish and occasionally golf - you’ll know Winn. If you Golf and occasionally fish - you’ll know Winn. 

This gripdoes what it says on the tin. Fantastic in wet conditions, and has an extremely tacky and grippy feel. It also comes in a multitude of sizes from standard, to midsize and oversize. Conveniently, they also do a Ladies and a Junior grip - making these suitable for kids looking for some new, quality grips. If you tend to play golf in wet conditions, or play regularly in high humidity - then these are the grips for you.


4. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Sweaty hands? No problem.

These grips are about as tacky as they get. They come with a great bonus too - they’re cheap! For a player who likes to really feel tackiness when gripping the club, they feel amazing. The Golf Pride Tour Wraps seem to be more suited to irons than woods, and probably are not as good in wet weather as some of the others on this list, so bear that in mind. Overall though, an extremely reliable performer that comes in a host of different colours.


5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align

Continuing the Golf Pride trend, the Tour Velvet Align are an exceptional grip. They have excellent playability, and feel great in the hands. These grips have an alignment strip through the back, making them a leader in the field when it comes to ensuring you’re lined up correctly. They aid hand placement, meaning you can consistently get your hands on in the correct place. This added alignment confirmation when gripping is helpful and should increase confidence when pulling the trigger - something every golfer wants! Lack of variety in the colour, but don’t let that put you off. 


6. Superstroke S-Tech Grip

Used by Jordan Spieth, need we say more? 

These grips comes in multiple colorways, so it’s already a favourite - every golfer needs a splash of color in their life! Most golfers will know the Superstroke brand for their jumbo style Putter grips, but they also make brilliant iron/woods grips. They’re a great combination of soft and tacky and they’ll also hold up in most weather conditions. Standard and Midsize available, while they also have a decent pricepoint.


7. Lamkin Crossline Grip

The Old Faithful.

These grips are some of the best grips in golf and are certainly one of the most played in the game. They offer a classically iconic look and suit every club through the bag. One of the main reasons these grips are so popular is their durability - they last forever! Although we should be replacing grips semi-regularly, this doesn’t have to be the case with these Crosslines - they’re built for the long haul. They are on the firmer side, so something to keep in mind.


8. Golf Pride Tour Velvet

While on the topic of classic grips, we have to mention the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Similar to the Lamkin Crossline in style, they have comparable qualities. Again, the Tour Velvet is one of the most played grips in the game and it’s easy to see why - excellent rubber feel, long lasting material, classic style, nice playability. What’s not to like?


9. Karma Velour Midsize Grips

Best bargain golf grip? Probably.

You can find these grips on Amazon and when it comes to regripping your clubs on a slim budget, these could be your best option. They provide a similar feel to the Golf Pride Tour Velvets, and for less. Generally quite tacky with a medium soft feel, they come in multiple color options too, making them a fun choice. Would be a good option for a beginner. 


10. Iomic Sticky 2.3 Grips

Is color your thing?

The Iomic Sticky 2.3 grip comes in 9 different colors from your standard Navy and Black, to brighter options like Lime Green and Sky Blue. They can really add a pop of color to your bag. Not only are these grips fun, they perform well too. Innovative IOMAX elastomer makes up the grip material which makes for solid tackiness and good stability. Cool colors - check. Nice performance - check.


11. JumboMax JMX UltraLite Grips

Let’s talk oversized. Do you have big hands? Or just like the thicker feel on your grips? 

The JumboMax JMX UltraLite Grips are perfect for those of us in need of an oversized feel. These grips are great because although oversized can sometimes mean heavier, altering the feel of the club in your hands, these are UltraLite. Having balanced weight distribution with heavy oversized grips is imperative, and these JumboMax give you that. They’re soft and they feel good - proving Oversized can do it all.


12. Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Golf Grip

We can’t compile a Best Golf Grips list without including a cord style grip. They can be a slightly acquired taste, but often once you try them - you’ll never go back. Cord grips have a slightly rougher feel to the hand but with these particular Golf Prides, the ‘Z’ style texture pattern allows superior traction and channels moisture away from the hands. The Z-Gripsalso stand up to a lot of punishment. If you are a fan of grinding, and hitting a lot of range balls, these grips will stand up to the test, often getting better the more worn in they get.





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