• How to Run a Golf Outing: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

    by Melissa Bajda March 05, 2023

    Are you looking for tips on how to run a golf outing? It can be daunting to plan an event with so many details that need to be considered.

    But with the proper knowledge and preparation, you can make more money and ensure your golf tournament is successful.

    This blog post will provide helpful tips, tricks, and advice to run a successful golf tournament, from planning to execution.

    An Easy How-to Guide on a Golf Outing!

    How to Run a Golf Outing

    1. Determine the Purpose of the Golf Tournament

    When a planning committee organizes golf outings, it is essential first to determine the purpose of the golf event.

    Is the purpose of the golf outing to raise money for charity, to build relationships with clients, or to have a fun day on the green?

    By understanding the purpose of your golf tournament, you can ensure that it is planned correctly and will meet its objectives.

    Once you have established the outing goal, you can plan the golf event.

    2. Choose a Date and Location

    When planning your golf tournament, one of the first things to consider is the date and location of the fundraising event.

    It is essential to select a date that works for your target audience and allows plenty of time for them to plan. It is also necessary to choose a date that works with your budget.

    • Once you have selected a date, you must find the correct location. You may want to consider a golf course that is local and easily accessible. It should have the amenities you need and be able to accommodate the size of your group. You should also consider the weather and any seasonality when selecting a date.
    • When selecting a golf course, knowing what's included in the rental fee is essential. Some golf courses provide carts, clubs, and other amenities, while others do not. Check what services are available and determine if you need to purchase additional items separately.
    • Finally, consider how many tee times you need and how far apart they should be. Consider the number of participants and the pace of play so that everyone can finish on time.

    By taking the time to consider the date, location, and amenities of a charity golf event, you can ensure that your golf tournament is a success! 

    3. Set a Budget

    When it comes to running a successful golf tournament, budgeting is an essential component.

    • It is essential to consider all the expenses associated with your outing, including the cost of golf, food, drinks, and prizes. Estimate these costs and add them up to get an overall budget for these fundraising events.
    • It is also essential to consider any additional costs that may come up while writing all the charity golf event details. This could include things like transportation, entertainment, and staffing. Ensure you have enough in your budget to cover all these items.
    • Additionally, think about ways to bring down the cost of the outing. You can do this by finding sponsorships or asking participants to chip in on the cost of their golf fees. This can help keep your overall budget down and make the outing more affordable.
    • Finally, make sure you are sticking to your budget! Once you have set a budget for the outing, it is essential to stick to it and ensure all costs are within the allotted amount. Keep extra costs from adding up throughout the golf event, as this could put you over your budget. 

    4. Set up Sponsorships

    If you want to make your charity golf tournament more profitable, setting up golf fundraisers or sponsorships for golf tournaments can be a great way to do so.

    • The key is to ensure that you have a variety of sponsors or golf fundraisers for different levels of involvement in your charity golf tournament. For instance, you can have a title sponsor (a company that will provide the most financial backing), multiple hole sponsors, and even more minor sponsors.
    • When reaching out to potential sponsors, it is important to communicate clearly about what kind of exposure and branding they will receive in exchange for their sponsorship. For instance, if they are a title sponsor, you can offer them signage at the tee box or even include their logo on promotional materials and emails.
    • In addition to exposure, another benefit you can offer potential sponsors is the opportunity to network with other professionals in their industry. For instance, you can invite them to meet and mingle with other local business owners during the golf tournament. This could be a great way to introduce them to potential partners or clients.
    • Finally, ensuring that you are providing potential sponsors with an appealing sponsorship package is important. Consider offering them discounts on products or services related to golf, such as free rounds of golf or access to special golf events. This golf tournament fundraiser idea will make your package more attractive and increase your chances of finding quality sponsors.

    5. Create a Timeline

    Creating a timeline for your charity golf tournament or outing is essential for the event's success.

    Planning and considering the time it takes to complete tasks allows you to stay on track and hit all the milestones.

    • Begin by creating a checklist of tasks you must complete before the golf tournament. This list should include all the essential aspects, such as setting a budget, choosing a location, obtaining sponsorships, and marketing the charity golf event.
    • Start with the deadline for the golf event day and work backward to create a timeline. Allow ample time for each task so that you don't get overwhelmed by having to rush at the end.
    • Once the timeline is created, assign specific tasks to each person involved. Ensure they understand their responsibilities and deadlines, so everyone works together towards a common goal.
    • Check-in regularly with each person throughout the planning process to ensure everything is on track.
    • Finally, plan for contingencies such as bad weather or unforeseen events during the outing. Have a backup plan in place in case something does go wrong so that you can quickly respond and handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

    By creating a timeline and assigning tasks accordingly, you can ensure your golf outing is successful. Proper planning and organization will make your charity golf event enjoyable for all involved!

    6. Create a Registration System

    Creating a great event registration system for your next golf tournament or outing is critical to ensure your charity golf event is successful. It should be easy to use, secure, and organized.

    • When creating an event registration system, start by deciding what information you need from participants. Commonly requested information includes name, contact information, payment information, and handicap, if applicable.
    • You may also include additional questions like food or dietary restrictions or which holes they want to play on.
    • Next, you must decide how you would like participants to register. You can have participants register online, in person, or a combination of both. If you choose to have people register in person, make sure you have a method for them to pay, such as cash or check.
    • Once you have decided on your registration system, creating a timeline for when registration will open and close is essential. This will ensure you have enough time to plan and prepare for the golf event. You should also set a payment deadline and ensure that participants are aware of this deadline.
    • Finally, it is essential to create an organized system for tracking registrations. This could include an online database, spreadsheet, or something as simple as an Excel file.

    7. Market the Event

    Marketing your outing is essential for running a successful golf event. You want to ensure you reach the right people and encourage them to participate.

    Here are some ideas for how to market your charity golf event:

    • Create an Event Website: A website is the best golf tournament fundraiser. Setting up an event website for your golf tournament can help you provide all the necessary information about the event in one place, and you can also link to your event website in all other forms of marketing.
    • Social Media: This golf fundraiser for your next event is a great way to raise funds. Create a social media page and post updates regularly. Include pictures and videos of past events to give potential participants an idea of what to expect.
    • Flyers & Posters: Flyers and posters can be distributed around the area you are hosting the charity golf tournament, as well as at local golf courses, clubs, and businesses.
    • Newsletters & Emails: If you have an email list or newsletter, send out regular updates with event details and ways to register.
    • Reach Out to Local Businesses: Contact local businesses to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring your golf events or donating items for prizes.
    • Network with Golf Clubs: Contact local golf clubs and ask if they'd be willing to share information about your charity golf event with their members.

    With these successful golf event tips, you should have no problem getting the word out about your next charity golf tournament and ensuring it is a success!

    8. Select Your Activities

    When planning a golf tournament, consider the activities you want during the golf tournament. Depending on the purpose of the golf event, you can choose activities that will best suit the needs of your guests.

    • If your golf outing aims to network and build relationships, consider having an awards ceremony, trivia games, or other social activities. If you are raising money for charity, consider having a silent auction or raffle tickets.
    • Consider adding fun contests and activities on the golf course, such as the longest drive or closest to the pin. These charity golf tournament ideas are great ways to keep guests engaged and excited throughout the day.
    • Finally, you should also plan for a meal or reception at the end of the golf tournament. This is a great way to thank your guests for attending and show appreciation for their support. You can make it as casual or formal as you'd like, depending on the theme and purpose of your golf tournaments.

    Selecting activities for your charity golf tournament is a great way to ensure guests have a good time. By planning out these event details, you can ensure that your event is a success.

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    9. Arrange for Food and Beverages

    Food and drinks are essential elements of golf tournaments. It is important to plan for the right food and beverage options that your guests will enjoy.

    • For breakfast, consider offering a variety of bagels, pastries, and fruits. If the golf tournament is during lunchtime, offer sandwiches, salads, wraps, or other light fares. You can go with something more substantial such as barbeque or steak dinner for dinner.
    • Drinks should include non-alcoholic options like soda, juice, and water. Consider offering alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine at dinner. Check with the local laws and regulations regarding alcoholic beverages in the area.
    • You also need to plan for snacks throughout the day. Consider what your participants might want between holes: pretzels, chips, or other snacks.

    10. Secure Prizes and Gifts

    One of the key components of a successful golf tournament is having great prizes and gifts for participants. These ideas for fundraising events will motivate your players to play their best and create a fun and exciting atmosphere on the golf course.

    • To select the best prizes, consider your budget and target audience with planning committee members.
    • You should also decide if you want to give out prizes for achievements such as closest to the pin, longest drive, etc., or if you will provide random prizes for everyone who plays.
    • If you are giving out prizes for achievements, pick something that will appeal to your audience and excite them about playing. Consider giving out gift cards or certificates as prizes.
    • In addition to prizes, you may also want to provide some take-home gifts for all the players. Consider handing out logoed golf balls, hats, or other items with your logo or a sponsor's logo.

    By planning your prizes and gifts, you will ensure that everyone has a great time on the golf course.


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