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18 Affordable Golf Outing Gifts Under $20

February 29, 2024 by Chris Bajda

Golf is more than just a game, it's a way of life for many avid golfers. Whether they are out on the course perfecting their swing or watching their favorite pros compete on TV, golf is always on their mind. If you know someone who loves golf, then you have a chance to score big with the perfect gift for their next golf outing. 

And the best part? You don't have to break the bank to do it. With these 18 golf outing gifts under $20, you can show your appreciation for the game and the golfers in your life without putting a dent in your wallet. From practical items like golf balls and ball markers to fun and unique gifts designed to improve their short game, there is something for every golfer on this list. 

So, whether they're hitting the course with their clubs or cruising around in their golf cart, these affordable gifts are sure to be a hit with any golf fan.

1. Custom Logo Flask

Custom Logo Flask

For golfers who enjoy a mid-game refreshment, the Custom Logo Flask is an ideal golf gift. The 6-ounce black matte flask can be laser engraved with a logo and text, creating a personalized touch. Not only is it a stylish piece of golf gear to showcase on the golf cart, but it's also designed with the golfer's lifestyle in mind. 

This flask is perfect for those who want to enjoy a sip while considering the distance and play of their next swing.

2. Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

Add some fun to your golf game with a Golf Bag Beer Sleeve. This unique golf gift, designed for the life of the party golfers, is made from 100% black polyester fabric and features an adjustable strap. 

It conveniently holds up to 5 cans, ensuring you have a chilled beverage within arm's reach during your cart rides. Plus, you can choose your preferred color to match your golfing style.

3. Custom Logo Divot Tool

Our alloy Custom Logo Divot Tool, featuring a customizable ball marker, offers unmatched value, blending utility with personalized elegance for under $20.

This gift not only serves as a practical tool for golfers but also as a lasting reminder of your event, making it an unbeatable choice for budget-conscious organizers seeking quality and personal touch.

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4. Golf Shoe Bag

Golf Shoe Bag

Golf Shoe Bag is a practical golf gift for the golfer who values organization. It boasts ample space with extra pockets designed to hold socks, gloves, tees, golf balls, and even a brush. Its zippered sport shoe carrier bags with ventilation ensure your loved one's gear remains fresh while the top carry handle secured by a buckle ensures easy transportation. 

This Golf Shoe Bag, not just a fun gift, it also helps golfers enhance their short game by keeping their essentials in check.

5. Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

This matte black Bottle Opener, designed from heavy 14 gauge stainless steel, is a golf gift your friend will love. The bar blade is the perfect bar wrench, sized like a credit card, and can easily fit in a wallet credit card slot. 

The golf game and golf balls themed design can be personalized to match your friend's taste, making it a unique and practical choice.

6. Custom Golf Ball Marker

Custom Golf Ball Marker

An ultimate golf gift is the Custom Golf Ball Marker, a beloved accessory for golfers. This 1.25" diameter ball marker is 100% copper with a 1mm width. The best part? You can choose and personalize the design. 

Whether it's a symbol representing their love for the game or a monogram of their initials, this gift will not only help them mark their golf ball on the green but also remind them of a memorable golf outing every time they see it.

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7. Personalized Golf Valuables Pouch

Personalized Golf Valuables Pouch

ThisPersonalized Golf Valuables Pouch is a thoughtful and affordable option among golf gifts under $20. You can choose the color and patch type to match the golfer's style. Designed to securely hold golf balls, a ball marker, and other essentials, it's an ideal gift for golfers who like to keep their gear organized. 

Crafted from durable nylon with a leatherette patch, this pouch is not only practical, but also stylish.

8. Golf Tournament Koozie

Golf Tournament Koozie

Golfers love a good beverage during a short game, and this Golf Tournament Koozie is a choice golf gift. Made of faux leather with a lasered black design, it adds style to any golf cart drink holder. 

It keeps beverages chilled while expressing a love for the game. Personalize it for a special touch, giving golfers the chance to sip their drinks in style.

9. Personalized Golf Tool Set

This alloy Personalized Golf Tool is an ideal golf gift for golfers who value practicality and style. Engraved with up to 3 initials above the golf clubs, this tool will elevate any golfer's game. The personalized portion can be removed and used as a ball marker, adding another layer of utility.

Sized conveniently for carrying, it can greatly aid in their game, helping them to maintain accurate distance play with their golf balls.

10. Personalized Golf Ball Bag

Personalized Golf Ball Bag

This Personalized Golf Ball Bag, made from sleek artificial leather, is a standout among great golf gifts under $20. Golfers can customize the bag's color and design to reflect their personal style. 

Perfectly designed to hold golf balls and tees, this bag is a useful addition to any golfer's cart. It not only adds a touch of elegance to their golf game but also ensures their golf balls are always within reach.

11. Custom Golf Shot Glass

Custom Golf Shot Glass

For the golfers in your life who love to break away from the office and relax, this Custom Golf Shot Glass is a great golf gift. Holding 2.25 ounces, this golf-themed shot glass can be personalized with two lines of text. 

Designed with golf fans in mind, this unique gift enhances the fun of the game they love.

12. Golf Outing Bag Tag

Golf Outing Bag Tag

The Golf Outing Bag Tag is a must-have piece of golf gear. Made from durable brown vegan leather, this bag tag not only enhances a golfer's style but also boosts their game. It comes with three tees included, which are essential for any round of golf. 

The tag can also be personalized, giving your golf gifts an intimate touch. Designed with golf fans in mind, this bag tag helps maintain the correct distance when placing the golf ball.

13. Personalized Logo Golf Towel

For the golfers who believe in combining functionality with style, the Personalized Logo Golf Towel is a must-have golf gear. Crafted from 100% microfiber black material, it's ideal for cleaning golf balls and clubs. 

You can choose a color and design that suits your golfer's taste, and even personalize it for an extra special touch. Designed to meet the needs of golf life, this is one of the golf gifts that will undoubtedly impress any golf lover.

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14. Custom Logo Divot Tool

Custom Logo Divot Tool

The Custom Logo Divot Tool is a practical and stylish golf gift, perfect for golfers who take pride in their game and their gear. Its patented lightweight aluminum double prong design is designed to cause less damage to greens, while the soft grooved handle ensures easy gripping. 

The set includes a switchblade divot tool and a double-sided removable magnetic ball marker, perfect for maintaining the distance in your short game. Personalize it with your logo and text to show off your golf outing team spirit.

15. Beer Bottle Golf Tees

Beer Bottle Golf Tees

This fun golf gift falls into the tees category. TheBeer Bottle Golf Tees, made from recyclable plastic, come in various colors to suit any golfer's preference. 

These uniquely designed tees not only add a twist to the golf gear, but also serve as a conversation starter on the course. Ideal for golfers who appreciate a bit of humor and novelty, these tees are an affordable and fun way to assist in the flight of golf balls during a game.

16. Golf Ball Whiskey Glass

Golf Ball Whiskey Glass

For those golfers who appreciate a post-game drink, the Golf Ball Whiskey Glass is a fantastic addition to the categories of great golf gifts under $20. 

Made from high-quality glass, this unique whiskey glass features a golf ball-shaped impression at the base, giving it a distinctive look. This serves as a fun and stylish way for golfers to enjoy their favorite whiskey while reminiscing about their latest golf outing.

17. Personalized Logo Golf Bottle Opener

Are you looking for affordable golf gifts? Look no further than our Logo Golf Bottle Opener! Perfect for your next golf outing, this sleek and practical accessory features your favorite golf brand's logo, making it a stylish addition to any golfer's gear collection.

Priced under $20, it's a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality. Give the gift of convenience and style with our Logo Golf Bottle Opener.

18. Golf Cornhole Game

Golf Cornhole Game

The Vertical Challenge Backyard Golf Cornhole Game is a gem among golf gifts under $20. It’s an exciting new cornhole chipping game designed for golfers of all abilities. 

Included in this set is a 26 in x 48 in vertical target, eight colored foam golf balls, and a dry erase scorecard. Perfect for a backyard golf outing, this game can provide hours of fun and is a creative way to practice their swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you gift a round of golf?

A1: Gift a round of golf by purchasing a course voucher, thoughtfully presented in a golf-themed card or package, allowing the recipient to enjoy a day on the links.

Q2: What is a good prize for a golf tournament?

A2: Consider premium golf equipment like personalized golf balls, quality gloves, or even an enticing weekend getaway to a golf resort as ideal prizes to elevate the excitement of a golf tournament.

Q3: What do you hand out at a golf tournament?

A3: Enhance the golfing experience with tournament memorabilia such as personalized golf balls, branded tees, divot repair tools, and golf towels, offering both functionality and lasting memories for participants.

Q4: What is a tee gift?

Q4: Tee gifts, distributed at the tournament start, typically comprise golf essentials like balls, tees, markers, and accessories, creating a sense of camaraderie and excitement among participants as they embark on the golfing adventure.


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