Mark Your Spot: 25 Unique Golf Ball Marker Designs

by Chris Bajda February 25, 2023

Golf ball markers may seem like a small detail, but they can make a big difference on the course.

In this blog post, we'll be counting down the top 25 best golf ball markers on the market. From witty funny ball markers to personalized markers, we've scoured the internet to find great ball markers that will make your playing partners be impressed or laugh (and maybe even throw you off your game).

So, get ready to make your mark on the course with our roundup of the best cool and funny golf ball markers. Just don't blame us if you get caught staring at your ball instead of sinking that putt. Let's get this show on the road! 

1. Lucky Ball Markers 

The glory era of golf will all be returning to him as he receives this Hobo Luck Ball Markers from you.

Known for its sculptural art form, the hobo nickel is said to bring a little luck to your golf game.

This ball marker is laser etched with the "LUCK" design on the front and a small Kraken logo on the backside.  

2. Dirty Golf Ball Marker

The Dirty Markers are the best golf ball markers that I have found.

They are the only ones I use on the golf course to make other people laugh on the golf course.

I recommend these ball markers to anyone who plays golf and wants a sense of humor by having the right tools!

3. Personalized Golf Ball Marker

If your husband loves to golf, and you love giving him something he will use to improve his game, I found the perfect gift for your husband: Personalized Golf Ball Markers.

These ball markers are small enough to fit right into his pocket, so he always has them on hand.

They are made of high-quality metal so that they won't break easily.

4. Golf Ball Markers Funny Pun Set of 4

These Funny Golf Ball Markers are a must-have for any golfer who wants to make their game more enjoyable.

These ball markers come with puns and jokes that keep you laughing all day. From Kiss My Putt, there are plenty of hilarious phrases on these markers.

This ball marker is made of metal and sturdy enough to last your whole round.

5. Middle Finger Adult Humor

We use our middle finger for all sorts of things. Sometimes it is a gesture of love, and other times it expresses anger.

But have you ever used your Middle Finger to mark your golf ball? It might seem like an odd thing to do, but this simple practice has many advantages.

6. Marvel Heroes Golf Ball Marker

This Marvel Heroes golf ball marker is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan.

Not only does it come with a clip to attach to your golf bag, but it also features the iconic Avengers logo and characters.

There is a lot to love about this ball marker, but my favorite part might be that it comes in a few different characters.

7. 3 Pack Funny Golf Ball Marker

If you are looking for an excellent gift for the golfer in your life, I recommend the 3-Pack Funny Golf ball marker!

This ball marker set includes a variety of funny golf ball markers that will surely put a smile on their face.

These are durable and made with high-quality materials so they won't get ruined on the course.

8. Air Jordan Custom Golf Ball Marker

These custom golf ball markers are eye-catching, and laser engraved with any text you choose. The possibilities are endless!

The Air Jordan Custom Golf Ball Marker is made of stainless steel with an antique look.

9. Bored Rickie NFT Funny Marker

If you are a golf enthusiast, then you know that one of the most frustrating things is when your ball ends up on the wrong side of the field or, worse yet, entirely out of bounds.

One way to avoid this is by using these Bored Rickie NFT golf ball markers to find them quickly and easily.

10. Custom Name Golf Ball Marker

This Custom Golf Ball Marker is perfect for the golfer who loves to show off their name on the course.

These ball markers also make an excellent gift for your groomsmen if you are planning a wedding or bachelor party.

This personalized golf ball marker comes in five colors to match your personality!

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11. Good Luck Birdie Golf Ball Markers

Golf Ball Marker Set


This golf ball marker set is the perfect gift for the golf-loving birdie chaser. Including three humorous ball marks and a hat clip, your golfer will be delighted with this ball mark.

I cannot guarantee this will improve his game, but it will put a smile on his face.

12. Elixir Golf Crystal Golf Ball Marker

Who says you can't have crystals on the golf course?

This Elixir Golf Crystal ball marker will provide that needed glitter as he plays his favorite sport.

It has a package dimension of 7.62 L X 7.62 W X 7.62 H (cm) and weighs 0.2 pounds and comes from Korea. 


Personalized Divot Tool Golf Ball Marker

This Personalized Divot Tool doubles as a ball marker, as you can remove the customized plate to mark your golf ball.

With its sleek design and custom initials, any golfer will be impressed to get this as a gift.

This 2-in-1 ball mark divot tool gift is a high-quality divot tool to help him fix his ball marks.

Any golfer will be proud to carry it with him on the golf course.  

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    14. Nice Shot Dad Golf Markers

    Perfect for your dad, help him complete his collection of golf accessories that will make him think of his kids when he is on the course.

    These Magnetic Golf Ball Markers are stamped with the wording "nice shot Dad!" and "may the course be with you."

    This ball mark comes ready to be handed to your dad as it is placed in a gift-wrapped box with free shipping.

    15. Pokémon Inspired Ball Markers

    Have to Catch them All! If you are a Pokémon fan, you will love these Pokéball-inspired golf ball markers.

    This ball mark comes in four colors, look like poker chips and are an excellent way to show your fandom on the golf course.

    Plus, these featured best-selling attach magnetically, so you don't have to worry about losing them on the green.

    16. Photo Ball Markers

    Remembering the people closest to his heart while playing his favorite sport are two things, he will never get tired of.

    You can be sure he will never lose his spot on the green again, thanks to because of these custom golf Ball Markers!

    Add your flair and stand out amongst your foursomes.

    17. Personalized Golf Hat Clip and Ball Marker

    This Personalized Golf Hat Clip and Ball Marker is a stylish hat clip that doubles as a practical tool: a personalized magnetic ball marker!

    You can change the initials to personalize the clip & ball marker.

    This ball mark is made from metal, it also comes with a strong magnet that helps keep it accessible.  

      18. White Marble Gray Golf Ball Marker

      This White Marble Gray golf ball marker features a white marble background with a handwritten light gray monogrammed name on a black rectangle framed in silver.

      These are affordable options, and you can place his initials on it to make it extra special.

      Thanks to this excellent custom golf ball marker, never lose your spot on the green again.

      19. Baseball Golf Ball Marker

      This featured best selling is hand-painted and raised in metal.

      This Baseball Golf Ball Marker represents two games closest to his heart and is authentically shaped and comes with a matching hat clip.

      This ball marker is one great gift idea he'll love to put in his golf bag! 

      20. Don't Tread on Me Magnetic Ball Marker

      Let him tee happy with this tee-rrific new product!

      The Don't Tread on Me Magnetic Ball Marker perfectly combines an excellent attachment and a helpful tool.

      It comes with a handy accessory clip to your golf hat, and the resin-topped image is a removable ball marker, as shown.

      This ball marker product is a hole-in-one!    

      21. Black Gray White Golf Ball Marker 


      This Black Gray White golf ball marker is a personalized golf hat clip featuring a light gray monogram initial and white retro script name on a black background.

      It is a stylish hat clip that doubles as a practical tool: a personalized golf ball marker! By adding your flair, look sharp on the green and in the country club.

      22. One Putt Golf Ball Marker 

      One Putt Ball Marker

      This One Putt Golf Ball Marker comes with red, white & blue stripes and a magnetic hat clip.

      It features a chrome finish with the words "One Putt" across the bottom.

      It also comes with the most robust magnetic hat clip on the market to firmly hold it in place so it will not fall off.

      This ball marker is a high-quality item he would use for a long time. 

      23. Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Markers

      This Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Marker features a League-specific cap clip that easily attaches to any hat.

      This ball marker is printed with his favorite team's logo and includes a cap clip, two double-sided enamel color fill, and magnetic markers.

      It is the perfect gift to show off his team spirit while on the green.  

      24. Team Golf NFL Golf Chip Ball Markers

      NFL Team Golf Marker

      With his team logo on the back of the chip and a solid magnet to hold the marker, this Team Golf NFL Golf Chip Ball Marker is the perfect gift for your golf aficionado friend.

      This ball marker set includes three colored golf chip ball markers and three double-sided enamel color filled with magnetic markers.     

      25. Gorilla Golf Ball Marker

      The Gorilla Golf Ball Marker is great for the big hitter in your group.

      This ball marker has a solid magnetic hat clip on the market to hold it so it will not fall off firmly.

      It is one good deal for a high-quality marker!    

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