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32 Best Golf Divot Tools For Golfers That Actually Land on the Greens

by Chris Bajda August 28, 2022

We’ve all hit that sweet iron shot that lands in the middle of the green, and we’ve all seen the pockmark hole that the golf ball leaves behind upon landing on the putting surface. It’s so important that we keep our greens pristine and, in order to do that, everyone needs to carefully repair those ball marks and divots.

Step up the nifty Golf Divot Tool. The Best Golf Divot Tools should be functional, ensuring that you repair your pitch mark or divot as best as possible. 

Below you will find a list of the 32 Best Golf Divot Tools that you can get your hands on right now. Don’t be that person trying to repair the damage with a tee, make sure you have the proper divot tool to do it with. 

We’ve taken a look at a variation of the best golf divot tools and you’ll find them compiled in the following list.  

32. Tanto RP2 Divot Repair Tool

Tanto have released the RP2 Divot Tool and it’s extremely slick. Tanto stands behind their products and makes high quality pieces - this tool will last. Switchblade technology is incorporated and high tension springs open strongly every time. A nice feature added is the bottle opener which is handy for the course, after your round or cracking a cold one at home. Perhaps the most useful feature is the stainless steel belt-clip, a brilliant solution for those who don’t like items in their pockets when playing. 


31. The Pitchfix Divot Tool

Pitchfix design great divot tools, period.

The original Pitchfixoffering is one of the best golf divot tools on the market. This fantastic greenside accessory has a switchblade function that automatically opens the device. You’ll find a two-pronged blade designed ergonomically to ensure you get the best results around the greens. A nice handle, plus a rubberised side, make this a comfortable tool to use. One of the best Golf Divot Tools around. 


30. Scotty Cameron Divot Pivot Repair Tool 

The name Scotty Cameron is synonymous with golf. Most known for their beautiful putters, they also make some fantastic accessories.

This Aluminum Divot tool is simple in design, but highly effective. The pivot style allows nice leverage when repairing those unsightly divots and pitchmarks. The Scotty Cameron Stamp is a nice touch too. Lightweight and easy to carry, this tool would make a great gift or addition to any golfer's bag. To note: On the more expensive side. 


29. Frogger Hop Magnetic Divot Repair Tool/Ball Marker

A more classic styled tool.

The Frogger Hop is U-Shaped and has two raised pronged to help with the perfect angle of attack. It’s a fixed tool, meaning the prongs remain solid throughout. The gloss finish makes the tool stand out and gives it a shiny, clean look. A magnetic slot for your ball-marker comes in handy, and makes this tool multipurpose. 


28. Arnold Palmer Invitational Ahead Switch Fix Divot Tool & Ball Marker Set

Continuing the switchblade trend, look no further than The King.

Arnie was a maestro on the course, and this Arnold Palmer Switch Fix Divot Toolis one of the best golf divot tools you can buy. Two color options in Red or Black. It’s comfortable in the hand and the button release is quick and satisfactory. The fixer itself is neat and tidy, and the two prongs are slimline allowing you to slide through the ground easily - A nice overall tool.  


27. Vice Gator - Gunmetal 

Vice are relatively new to the golf game but they’ve quickly left their mark with their range of excellent golf balls. Recently, they’ve added some accessories and this Vice Gator Divot Repair Tool is quality. If you love sleek design, the Vice Gator fits in that category. Aluminium built giving strength and durability, while remaining super lightweight. The matte black finish is beautiful and the precision milled Vice logo adds to the look. This tool comes with a neat black case for storage. 


26. Kraken Crayon Divot Tool

This one is kind of fun.

The Kraken Crayon tool is one of the more fun tools that are out there. It comes shaped and designed like a crayon, with the Kraken logo down the side. It’s a single style prong that’s lightweight and has an aluminium finish - the ergonomic design feels good in the hand or in your pocket. Any slight negative would be over the price, it’s expensive. However, it’s a very unique tool, looks great and performs well. Comes in three colors. 


25.  FutureRetroGolf - Bamboo Wood Golf Tool

In the name of sustainability, this Bamboo Wood Divot Tool has to be mentioned. FutureRetroGolf does a great job with design, while also ensuring that, even though its bamboo, the tool can still do the proper job required. These tools can be personalised with a stamp, logo, initials or names - engraved by a laser, making these a very cool gift for the golfer in your life. We appreciate an eco-friendly golf accessory and maybe this is the divot tool for you. 


24. Callaway Triple Track Divot Tool

A Divot Tool that helps you to line up your putts.

Callaway already has Triple Track Design golf balls and putters to aid alignment, pair that with this simple divot tool, and you’re guaranteed to line the putts up straight.  It comes with a removable marker and the double prong design allows for quick and proper green maintenance. Ergonomic shaping helps this tool sit neatly in the hand. 


23. Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool

The Insta Golf Spider Divot Toolis packed with technology. A stylish, milled case surrounds The Spider which features four wavy, thin metal prongs. It’s easy to use - just manoeuvre the tool in the ground around the divot, the same as you do with a two prong tool - and you should have well repaired surfaces. It also features a magnetic slot for a ball marker which is a nice touch. This divot tool is probably on the heavier side due to being packed with technology, but it’s certainly one of our favorites. 


22. Birdicorn 6-in-1 Divot Tool

Probably the tool with the most additional uses on this list.

Aluminium and lightweight with two well shaped prongs. This multifaceted toolacts as a ball-marker holder, bottle opener, groove cleaner, grip holder,  alignment aid, and even has a built-in stencil to mark your golf ball with. Despite having all that extra functionality, the tool remains light and easy to use - making this a no-brainer if you want a little extra out of your Divot Tool. 


21. Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Tool

Sticking with the multi-tools, we go back to the trusted Callaway brand. A Compact tool, despite many uses. This divot tool will fix even the most stubborn pitch marks while also helping you to clean your grooves - a small fiber brush and a neat groove cleaner are attached. It’s not a traditional shape, but it does have the trusted two prongs and includes a nice Callaway ball-marker too. 


20. Visualize Talon Plus Premium Divot Tool

An all metal tool for the golfer that really appreciates a stylish look and excellent functionality.

The Talon Plus is a perfect size and its metallic exterior feels nice in the hand. The Visualize is a switchblade where the prongs pop out seamlessly. Designed to last, you can be sure that this tool is durable. The color range gives plenty of choice and if you’re the type of golfer who likes a little color in their life, this tool could be for you. Includes a magnetic ball marker. 


19. Moore Golfing Divot Repair Tool

Catering for everyone is important and the Moore Golfing Divot Repair Tooldoes just that. Cheap as they come, yet still high quality - we love to see it. Basic and classic in design, similar to a pivot style, the tool is unfussy and will repair your ball mark with ease. The steel metal will last forever, meaning this divot tool is great value. You can pick these up in packs of 3 too, which we like. 


18. Pitchfix Twister 3 Prong Tool

Let’s have another entry for Pitchfix, and a worthy Divot Toolto close off this list of the 15 Best Golf Divot Tools. This particular offering from Pitchfix is a twistable model. All 3 Prongs go into the ground, twist slightly and pull back up. It’s a uniquely shaped tool that’s a little on the heavier side but with the retractable prongs, and specialised twisting system, a very good ball mark repairer.

17. Golf Divot Repair Tool Made from a Real Baseball

This Golf Divot Repair Tool Made from a Real Baseball is detachable. It attaches to the magnet on the divot repair tool as shown in the video. Iron is used as the Ball Markers' material while Zinc alloy is used as the divot tools' material. The baseball set in stainless steel round bezel. 

16. Personalized Divot Tool Ball Marker

This Personalized Divot Tool Ball Marker is a foldable switchblade ball marker that can be customized with initials or name. You can also add personalization to the back of the divot tool. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and custom engraved for a permanent design that will not fade over time. What a great golf gift for Dad and Grandpas!

15. Divot Tool that Holds Cigars

Golf Cigar Holder

This fun cigar golf tool is a cigar holder that you can plug into the ground, but it also has a fun golf ball marker on it that he can use to mark his golf ball when he is putting. It's a great gift for anyone that likes to enjoy a cigar while they are golfing. It also serves as a divot tool. Cigar loving golfers will definitely love this gift! 

14. Custom Heavy Duty GreensKeeper Divot Tool


This Custom Heavy Duty GreensKeeper Divot Tool is cast in the USA out of either copper or brass.  This is a tool that will hold up fixing your pitch marks for years. With measurements at 2.75" x 1" and a solid 1/8" thick, this is a tool he can actually place in his pocket. Each Greenskeeper divot tool comes packed in our JP Custom Golf window tin.

13. Customized Golf Divot Repair Tool

Cutter & Buck Personalized Divot Tool & Ball Marker - 18974

This Customized Golf Divot Repair Tool make him prepare for the easy divot repair. Allow him to hit the links ready to leave the turf as spotless as he found it. Have his name or initials engraved in silver on this awesome gift with 8 characters per line, with a maximum of 3 lines.   

This Spartan Golf Divot Tool is a one-of-a-kind divot tool just for him. It is a unique golf tool that is also a club rest and key chain. It's one gift that can easily be attached to his golf bag. Definitely a practical and functional gift every golf lover will treasure for life.  

11. NFL Divot Tool

This NFL Divot Tool would be perfect for showing off team spirit while on the green. It features a unique and patented lightweight aluminum double prong design which causes less damage to greens & a soft grooved handle for easy gripping. This set includes a switchblade divot tool & double-sided removable magnetic ball marker. 

10. Personalized Divot Tool & Golf Marker

Personalized Divot Tool Black

This Personalzied Divot Tool & Ball Marker is one gift he will definitely love. Each time he struts his putt, he is sure to remember you with this thoughtful gift. This stylish 2-in-1 gift has a  high-quality divot tool base and can have his name or initials engraved on it.

9. Anodised Aluminium Custom Golf Divot Tool

 This Anodised Aluminium Custom Golf Divot Tool can be engraved with his name or a message. Logos or crests or even an image file may also be engraved on to this awesome gift. It's one gift he will certainly use for a long time. 

8. Personalized Golf Divot Tool

golf divot tool

This Personalized Golf Divot Tool is like giving him something he will be proud to whip out!! It is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. You can be sure  it will be a hit gift with any golf loving guy in your life. It's one gift that is sure to put a big smile on his face.

7. Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool 

This Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool comes with a durable milled aluminum case and a magnetic ball marker. You can never go wrong with this gift given the unique and innovative design. It is simply the perfect gift for the golf aficionado that will truly bring a big smile on his face.    

6. Custom Golf Divot Tool

This Custom Golf Divot Tool has a wavy design steel pitch mark repairer/divot repair tool, with copper effect painted finish and laser engraved personalization. It can be engraved with initials, a name or message into the back of the tool or leave it blank if you prefer. Should you want a silver metal finish, the copper coating can be stripped leaving a bare steel surface.

5. MLB Divot Tool and Ball Marker

This MLB switchblade divot tool and ball marker is made with a patented lightweight aluminum double prong design. He will be showing off his favorite team while playing his favorite game. This set includes a double sided removable magnetic ball marker as well. Your baseball loving golfer will be thrilled to have this gift.

4. Divot Tool 6-in-1 Golf Tool 

The Divot Do All 6-in-1 Golf Tool  is the perfect multi-functional pocket organizer for the golf course that comes in a durable blister pack. This 6 golf tool in 1  features golf ball marker, divot tool, cigar holder, club head cleaner, golf grip saver, and a shotgun can opener. 

3. Meeseeks Caddy Divot Repair Tool 

This Meeseeks Caddy Divot Repair Tool will remind him of conversations lke this: Meeseeks: Remember to square your shoulders, Jerru Krry: Yeah, yeah. I got it. (Jerry misses the ball completely) Meeseeks: That's okay. I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me! Try again and keep your head down. Jerry: Okay, well, which is it? Square my shoulders or keep my head down? Meeseeks 3: Well, it's both. But most importantly, you got to relax. It's one gift that will put a big smile on his face. 

2. Engraved Cutter & Buck Tour 3 in 1 Divot Tool

This Engraved Cutter & Buck Tour 3 in 1 Divot Tool will definitely be loved by your golf lover family or friend. This multi-functional tool can be used to mark his spot in golf, pop his favorite drink and place it back to his belt easily with an attached clip. It’s a stylish and functional  gift that can be engraved with his initials or a special date. It's one gift he’ll always remember you by. 

1. Tiger Style with Laser Engraved Personalization

This Tiger Style with Laser Engraved Personalization can be laser engraved with his with his initials, name or message on the back. This gift just shows his playful and competitive side while enjoying his favorite game of all time. You can be sure this will end up as his favorite golf accessory. 


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