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Golf Gone Wild: 17 Funny Golf Balls That Will Make Your Day

Updated on April 26, 2023 by Chris Bajda

Are you tired of playing golf with the same old boring balls? Want to spice up your game and make your buddies laugh (or groan)?

Look no further than the wacky world of funny golf balls! These little orbs of hilarity come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and are guaranteed to add some comedy gold to your shots.

From novelty faces to rude messages to glow-in-the-dark features, we've scoured the internet to find the funniest golf balls on the market. Whether you're a scratch golfer or a weekend hacker, you'll love hitting these balls and watching the reactions of your playing partners.

So, grab your clubs, your drinks, and your sense of humor, and let's tee off on a journey of laughter and leisure!

1. Custom Face Golf Ball

Custom golf Balls are the perfect way to make a statement while improving your game.

With many creative TaylorMade options available, you can create unique designs that reflect your personality and show off your sense of humor.

Whether it is a photo, multiple photos, or a caption for a bachelor party, you will surely get a few smiles with these funny golf balls.  

2. Kiss My Putt Funny Golf Ball

The Kiss My Putt Funny Golf Ball is the perfect way to inject fun into your game. In addition to being great for jokes and laughs, the Kiss My Putt Funny Golf Ball is also great for improving your golf skills.

It is one of the most popular funny golf balls on the market today, and you won't believe how many people are taking advantage of this fun addition to their golf cart. 

3. Cartoon Golf Balls with Personalized Bag

These Cartoon Golf Balls are perfect for any occasion and will surely be a hit on the green.

Whether playing with friends or family, these TaylorMade funny golf balls will add laughter to your game.

These items also add personality to your golf bag, so go ahead and show off your unique style.

4. Crafted Gift Funny Golf Balls

Are you looking for a hilarious way to add a little fun to your golf game? Look no further than Crafted Gift's range of Funny Golf Balls!

From the hilarious 'Swing Swear Repeat' to the hilarious 'Golf Wanker’, you will have a laugh when playing with these humorous golf balls.

These funny golf balls are perfect for the prankster in your group.

5. Funny Trump Golf Balls

These Brand Christmas-themed golf balls feature a picture of President Donald Trump with the message 'It is Beginning To Look A Lot Like You Miss Me.'

Whether you buy them as a gift for your golf buddy or yourself, these golf balls will surely get a few laughs. Add them to your favorites!

6. Funny Titties Golf Ball

Golf is fun, but it can get boring if you play with the same old boring golf balls. That is why these Brand Funny Titties funny golf balls will surely make your round of golf much more enjoyable!

The two-piece construction ensures that the ball won't be damaged when it comes into contact with the ground.

Not only does this silly golf ball look great, but it also has excellent durability.

7. May The Course Be With You Golf Ball

Golfers will surely get a chuckle from this May The Course Be With You Brand Golf Ball!

This brand golf ball is perfect for Star Wars fans and golfers alike. It will be a conversation starter when your buddies hit the links.

The unique design features the words May the Course Be with You printed in bold black.

8. Breaking Par Golf Ball

You will love the Breaking Bad golf ball if you are a Breaking Bad fan!

This one-of-a-kind golf ball has the iconic show name on the front. It is the perfect way to show off your fandom while teeing on the green.

Not only is it unique and stylish, but it will have all of your friends in stitches when they see it.

9. Funny Flamingo Golf Balls

Funny golf balls come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from smiley faces to replicas of multiple animals. One of the most unique and eye-catching golf balls is the Flamingo-themed One brand!

These humorous golf balls feature an adorable pink flamingo print on the cover. They will surely draw attention when you are out on the course and give everyone a good chuckle.

10. Funny Personalized Golf Ball

If you are a golf enthusiast, you know that having a change or unique golf ball can make or break your game.

This It Takes A Lot of Balls To Golf the Way I Do personalized golf ball features a name of your choice to make your buddies laugh on the golf course.

Perfect for any golfer who likes to show off their skills on the golf course.

11. F*&k Golf Ball

Golf can be a great sport but can also be dull sometimes. Thankfully, some funny golf balls can add fun and amusement to your game

The TaylorMade F*&k Golf Balls feature eye-catching designs that draw attention on and off the course. They will surely put a smile on your face and inject some fun into your game.

12. Funny Warning Sign Golf Ball

Are you looking for a unique way to inject humor into your golf game? Look no further than the Funny Warning Sign brand golf ball!

These funny golf balls have a unique warning sign printed on them that reads, Extreme Risk of Hazardous Shots and Lame Excuses.

It is the perfect way to remind yourself and your friends that even the best players are bound to make mistakes every once in a while.

13. Make Golf Great Again Golf Ball

Nothing does it better than a funny golf ball when making a statement on the golf course.

This Make Golf Great Again unique brand golf ball will bring laughter to the course and ensure everyone knows who you are rooting for.

The TaylorMade golf ball's classic red, white and blue colors also give it a distinctively patriotic look.

14. Tap This 69 Golf Ball

If you are looking for a funny golf ball that will get a few chuckles out on the course, look no further than Tap This 69 funny golf balls!

This hilarious golf ball features a white ball and a funny text that says, "Tap This 69". It is a great way to break the ice and lighten up your foursome.

15. Hit Me Golf Ball

If you are looking for a golf ball that is sure to stand out, the Hit Me Golf Ball is worth considering.

With their durable construction and quality materials, these funny golf balls will give you excellent performance on the course.

Plus, you will be sure to get some laughs out of it.

16. I'm Lost Golf Ball

This golf ball features an adorable font with a caption that says I'm Lost, Do You Know Where is (Owner Name).

It is sure to make your playing partners chuckle, and if you lose your ball in the rough, you can always pretend it is this one!

Not only does this ball look great, but it also plays great. 

17. Don't Touch My Balls Golf Ball

If you are looking for a funny golf ball that will make you smile, look no further than these Don't Touch My Balls funny golf balls!

This hilarious golf ball is perfect for any golfer who has been told to keep their hands off their ball.

The Don't Touch My Balls golf ball is made of durable and long-lasting materials to withstand a few swings without damage.


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