• 12 Trendy Golf Shoe Brands in 2024

    by Melissa Bajda June 03, 2024

    Golf shoes are more than just an accessory, they are a crucial part of your game, combining style, comfort, and performance. As we step into 2024, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in golf footwear is essential for every golfer.

    At Groovy Golfer, we've done the legwork for you. We've scoured the PGA Show and pored over the latest issues of Golf Digest to bring you the freshest, trendiest golf shoe brands of the year. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly materials, or simply the hottest styles on the green, dive into our curated women and men's golf shoes collection and find the perfect pair to elevate your game.

    Trendiest Golf Shoe Brands in 2024

    1. PAYNTR Golf

    PAYNTR Golf has quickly established itself as a brand to watch. At the helm of their design and technology is Mike Forsey, a name synonymous with golf footwear excellence.

    With over thirty years of experience, Forsey's journey in the golf industry is marked by a relentless pursuit of understanding what makes a golf shoe truly beneficial for players. Drawing insights from elite golfers, skilled shoemakers, and leading biomechanists, PAYNTR Golf's offerings are a testament to his comprehensive approach towards design and function. PAYNTR Golf's lineup includes both men's and women's collections, catering to a wide range of preferences and playing styles.

    Whether golfers are looking for the traditional stability and grip provided by spiked shoes or the versatility and comfort of spikeless options, PAYNTR Golf has meticulously crafted each model to meet these needs.

    2. G/Fore

    Emerging from the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, G/Fore has swiftly carved a niche for itself by blending contemporary design with the spirited essence and timeless traditions of golf.

    This performance golf shoe brand is the epitome of where modern aesthetic, youthful vibrancy, and golf’s deep-rooted customs converge, making it a standout choice for the modern golfer seeking distinction both on and off the course.

    G/Fore’s collection ranges from high-performance hybrid golf shoes that cater to the rigorous demands of the game, to stylish street shoes that maintain a golfer’s identity beyond the greens.

    3. True Linkswear

    Born from the shared experiences of two brothers with deep roots in the golfing world, True Linkswear stands as a testament to their journey from a family driving range to the prestigious greens of the TOUR.

    The brand's foundation is built on a simple yet transformative idea: to develop a golf shoe that doesn’t just perform on the course but is comfortable enough for everyday wear. This ambition has driven True Linkswear to pioneer footwear that merges unparalleled comfort with practical functionality, ensuring that golfers no longer have to compromise.

    Emphasizing breathable materials and sustainable practices, this best golf shoe brand is designed with the well-being of both the player and the planet in mind.

    4. 1764 Golf

    The 1764 brand is making significant waves in the golf shoe industry by adhering closely to the evolving trends and demands of modern golfers.

    With offerings such as Men's Knit and Leather options alongside Women's Knit, these best shoes showcase its versatility and commitment to inclusivity. 1764's approach is deeply rooted in understanding the nuanced needs of golfers, striving to provide footwear that is not only high-performing but also stylish and comfortable across various terrains and conditions.

    By keeping a close ear to the ground and engaging with the golfing community, 1764 embodies the spirit of contemporary golf - bold, inclusive, and ever-evolving.

    5. Foot Joy

    Foot Joy represents a cornerstone in the landscape of golf footwear, boasting over a century of unparalleled expertise and dedication to the game.

    Esteemed for its legacy and widespread acclaim, Foot Joy stands as the predominant choice among professional golfers. Since 1945, it has enjoyed the prestigious title of being the #1 shoe brand across PGA Tour events, a streak fueled by its commitment to innovation, performance, and comfort.

    Offering a diverse range of options including spiked, spikeless, off-course, and customizable shoes for both men and women, Foot Joy ensures that every golfer, regardless of their preference or playing style, has access to top-tier footwear.

    6. New Balance

    New Balance strides onto the golf scene with a heritage steeped in innovation and a commitment to improving athletic performance.

    Known globally for their emphasis on both function and style in athletic footwear, their venture into golf shoes is marked by the application of cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of what players need on the course. The integration of Fantom Fit systems in their golf shoes stands as a testament to this, providing a skeletal support structure that is both lightweight and supremely comfortable, ensuring a secure fit without the bulk.

    Further enhancing stability and performance is the incorporation of an Exoskeleton TPU outsole, designed to offer increased flexibility and traction, adapting to various terrains with ease.

    7. Callaway

    Callaway is a brand synonymous with the pinnacle of golf innovation since its inception in 1982, has long been revered for creating some of the most groundbreaking equipment in the sport. Beyond their illustrious golf club as “the greatest club of all time,” Callaway has seamlessly extended its expertise into golf footwear, offering an impressive array of shoes for both men and women.

    Emphasizing great grip, their golf shoes are designed to provide stability and support on any terrain. Pro golfers and amateurs alike appreciate the advanced technology behind Callaway's spiked and spikeless shoes, which offer the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

    The golf clothing brand's commitment to quality ensures that every pair of shoes enhances a golfer's connection to the ground, improving swing precision and power.

    8. Sqairz

    Sqairz is revolutionizing the golf shoe market with an innovative approach that began with a simple observation on a New England driving range.

    The Sqairz speed golf shoes, the Velo and Pro S2 models are setting new standards in the industry. These comfortable shoes are not just designed for performance but also ensure a stable and secure fit, allowing for a more effective energy transfer during the swing.

    These Sqairz golf shoes are recognized on the tour for their distinctive design and the competitive edge they provide, making them a preferred choice for golfers aiming for both comfort and excellence on the golf course. Most golfers can experience a noticeable improvement in their game with these best golf shoes.

    9. ECCO

    ECCO is a Danish company founded in 1963 and has built the reputation on innovation and quality craftsmanship, becoming a beloved name in golf footwear.

    Known for its pioneering spirit, ECCO golf shoes have introduced several ground-breaking technologies, including BIOM and GORE-TEX to set new standards in comfort and performance on the golf course. ECCO's Hybrid collection merges on-course reliability with off-course style, offering versatility without sacrificing functionality. Additionally, their cleated shoes provide exceptional grip and stability, catering to the demands of both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike.

    With a wide range of options for men and women, ECCO golf shoes continue to offer high-performance, stylish, and durable golf shoes that cater to the varied needs and preferences of the golfing community.

    10. Nike Golf

    Nike Golf is hailing from the renowned sports brand headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, continues to dominate the fairways with its innovative and stylish approach to golf footwear.

    This golf apparel brand leverages its deep-rooted expertise in athletic gear to engineer some of the favorite golf shoes on the market, focusing on enhancing the golf swing through advanced technology and design. Nike's offerings include both traditional spikes and spikeless models, catering to the preferences of every golfer. Their spiked model emphasizes stability and traction, allowing golfers to maintain a firm stance even in the most challenging conditions.

    This dedication to performance with Nike's iconic aesthetic, ensures that golfers not only play their best but also look good while doing so.

    11. Skechers

    Skechers steps onto the green with its GO GOLF collection, offering golfers a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and performance. Renowned for their wide array of lifestyle and performance products, Skechers applies the same dedication to innovation and quality in their casual golf shoes.

    Each new pair in the GO GOLF line is engineered with advanced technologies like the responsive, high-performance cushioning and a dynamic lacing system designed to wrap the foot in comfort and support.

    For those demanding courses where every step counts, these best golf shoes provide great traction, ensuring golfers have the grip they need in varying weather conditions and terrains.

    12. Adidas Golf

    Adidas Golf emerges as a frontrunner in the quest to find the perfect shoe for golfers who refuse to let aching feet disrupt their game.

    Renowned for blending style with functionality, Adidas has introduced an innovative range of golf footwear that caters to every golfer's needs, whether they are looking for a traditional spiked model for unparalleled stability on the green or a modern spikeless shoe for versatile comfort. Each golf shoe is engineered with groundbreaking technologies such as the Twist Grip outsole, designed to offer superior grip and flexibility, ensuring many golfers can play golf with confidence and comfort.

    With a dedication to helping golfers of all levels find their ideal footwear, Adidas Golf remains a top choice for those seeking to enhance their game without sacrificing comfort or style.

    How to Choose the Right Golf Shoe?

    Understanding Your Needs

    When selecting golf shoes, consider your playing style and the conditions of the courses you frequent. For example, if you walk the course regularly, prioritize comfort and support. Conversely, if you often ride, focus on traction and stability.

    Additionally, if you play on wet or damp courses, waterproof shoes are essential, while lightweight and breathable options are ideal for dry, firm golf courses.

    Key Factors to Consider

    1. Comfort and Fit

    Comfort and fit are crucial for any golf shoe. Look for ergonomic designs that support your foot's natural shape and adaptive cushioning to reduce fatigue during long rounds.

    2. Performance Features

    Performance features such as traction and stability are essential for maintaining a stable base during your swing. Lightweight materials can enhance mobility and reduce fatigue, while waterproofing is necessary for playing in wet conditions.

    3. Durability

    Durability is another key consideration. Choose shoes made with high-quality construction and materials that can withstand frequent use. Wear-resistant outsoles provide long-lasting performance.

    4. Style and Aesthetics

    Style and aesthetics are also important. Decide between classic and modern designs based on your personal preference. Some golf brands offer customization options, allowing you to personalize your shoes to match your style.

    Maintenance Tips

    Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your golf shoes. Regularly clean them according to the manufacturer's care instructions to maintain their appearance and performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What brand sells the most golf shoes?

    FootJoy is widely recognized as the leading brand in golf shoe sales. Known for its commitment to quality, comfort, and performance, FootJoy has established itself as the go-to choice for both amateur and professional golfers. Its extensive range of products caters to various styles and preferences, making it a dominant force in the golf footwear market.

    Q2. What golf shoe does Tiger Woods wear?

    Tiger Woods typically wears Nike golf shoes, specifically models from the Nike TW series designed in collaboration with him. These shoes are engineered to meet his exacting standards, offering superior support, stability, and performance, which are crucial for his powerful and precise play on the golf course.

    Q3. What shoes does Scottie Scheffler wear?

    Scottie Scheffler wears golf shoes from Nike. As a Nike-sponsored athlete, he often sports models that provide the necessary grip, comfort, and support to perform at the highest level, reflecting the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence in athletic footwear.

    Q4. Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

    Yes, many professional golfers do wear spikeless golf shoes. While traditional spiked shoes are known for their superior traction, spikeless models offer greater versatility and comfort without compromising on performance.

    Brands have advanced their designs to ensure spikeless shoes provide adequate grip and stability, making them a popular choice among pros on various types of courses.


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