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  • 15 Great Golf Outing, Tournament & Sponsor Signage

    by Tobey Bajda May 05, 2024

    Golf outings are more than just a leisurely day on the course. They are also an opportunity for businesses and organizations to show their support and sponsor the event. And what better way to do that than through eye-catching hole sponsor signs? These signs not only add a touch of color and personality to the golf event, but they also serve as a thank you to the sponsors who help make it all possible.

    In this blog, we will highlight 15 outing signs that are a must-know for any event planner or sponsor looking to make a statement on the green. 

    So, whether you're planning a large-scale golf tournament or a smaller charity event, keep these golf tournament sign ideas in mind to elevate your event and show appreciation to those who support it.

    1. Golf Tournament Yard Sign

    Golf Tournament Yard Sign

    Crafted to withstand the elements, Golf Tournament Yard Signs are made from durable 4mm corrugated plastic and printed with UV safe inks, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact for outdoor use. 

    Anchored securely into the ground with 9 gauge steel stakes, these signs prominently feature the phrase "This Hole Sponsored By" to acknowledge the generous sponsors contributing to the golf event. 

    2. Double Sided Sponsor Sign

    Double Sided Sponsor Sign

    Double Sided Sponsor Signs are an innovative solution for maximizing visibility at your golf event. Made from robust corrugated plastic, also known as coroplast, these signs are designed to catch the eye from both directions.

    With the option to customize size and style, event planners can ensure each sign reflects the prestige of their sponsors accurately. The signs can be easily mounted on wire stakes or step stakes, making them versatile for different locations around the course. By using vibrant CMYK colors on white corrugated plastic, these signs effectively showcase sponsor logos and messages, ensuring they are seen by thousands, from the tee to the green.

    3. Personalized Golf Ball Sign

    Personalized Golf Sign

    Personalized Golf Signs add a unique touch to any golf tournament, allowing players and sponsors alike to see their names or logos prominently displayed. From customized tee signs at each hole to special acknowledgments for hole sponsors, these signs create a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

    Whether it's showcasing a sponsor's logo or personalizing a sign with a player's name and favorite golf ball brand, these signs make each participant feel valued and enhance the overall atmosphere of the event.

    4. Tee Signs

    Tee Signs

    Tee signs serve as the perfect welcome to each hole on the golf course, offering a prime opportunity to highlight golf tournament sponsors with elegance and visibility. These golf tee signs, customizable with free design services, ensure that sponsors’ logos and messages effectively reach the attendees throughout the event. 

    Equipped with stakes for easy placement in the ground, golf tee signs are strategically positioned to catch the eye at every tee-off, enhancing the overall golf event experience.

    5. Golf Sponsor Signs with Clear Plastic Sleeves and Stakes

    Golf Sponsor Signs with Clear Plastic Sleeves and Stakes

    Golf Sponsor Signs with Clear Plastic Sleeves and Stakes are essential for any golf outing, offering a durable and versatile option for showcasing sponsor signage. These double-sided signs allow for easy updates and protection of sponsor logos and messages, making them perfect for repeated use in golf tournaments. The clear plastic sleeves protect the vibrant color graphics from the elements, ensuring visibility throughout the golf event. 

    With sturdy stakes included, these signs are effortlessly placed around the course, making them a practical choice for recognizing golf tournament sponsors, hole sponsor signs, and more, keeping the event and its sponsors in clear view of the attendees.

    6. Reusable Golf Tournament Sponsor Sign

    Reusable Golf Tournament Sponsor Sign

    The Reusable Golf Tournament Sponsor Sign is a great innovation for event organizers looking to update and personalize sponsor recognition easily. This set comes ready to display your sponsor's logo prominently; simply print the logo, insert it into the durable print protector, and then slide it into the sign. 

    Designed to stand out to golfers and attendees alike, these signs can be effortlessly placed around the golf course, from tee signs near each starting point to golf hole sponsor signs along the fairways.

    7. Sports Graphic Tee Signs

    Sports Graphic Tee Signs

    Sports Graphic Tee Signs elevate the visual appeal of golf tournaments with their dynamic design and vibrant colors. With dimensions of 25"W x 16"H, these signs are made from 4mm 1/8" Coroplast, offering both durability and visibility on the course. 

    Each sign comes with a Wire H-Stake for easy installation. Ideal for showcasing sponsor logos or promoting specific holes, these tee signs are a practical yet impactful way to honor hole sponsors and enhance the overall aesthetic of the golf event.

    8. Full Color Golf Hole Sponsor Sign

    Full Color Golf Hole Sponsor Sign

    The Full Color Golf Hole Sponsor Sign is a vibrant addition to any golf outing, transforming the course into a visually stunning showcase of support. Measuring 24'' wide by 18'' tall and mounted on a 15'' sign stake, this sign is crafted from durable white corrugated plastic and features a vivid, digitally printed image of a golf green with hole and pin. 

    Designed to catch the eye, it prominently displays the hole sponsor's name, enhancing the visibility of sponsors and adding a professional touch to golf tournaments.

    9. Large Golf Ball Sponsor Sign

    Large Golf Ball Sponsor Sign

    The Large Golf Ball Sponsor Sign stands out for its unique design and impactful visibility during any golf tournament. Crafted from white corrugated plastic and meticulously die-cut to mimic a golf ball, this 22'' diameter sign prominently features a sponsor's details with a sharp, black imprint on one side. 

    Ideal for golf hole sponsor signs, this creative approach not only garners attention but also effectively conveys gratitude to sponsors, enhancing their visibility throughout the golf event.

    10. Trophy Diecut Golf Tee Signs

    Trophy Diecut Golf Tee Signs

    The Trophy Diecut Golf Tee Signs are a unique and eye-catching option for recognizing the contributions of sponsors at any golf tournament. These 24"x24" golf signs, crafted from durable 4mm 1/8" Coroplast (Corrugated PVC), are designed to resemble a trophy, offering a creative nod to the competitive spirit of the event. 

    Including a Wire H-stake for easy installation, these tee signs provide a distinctive way to display sponsor signage, enhancing the visual landscape of the golf event. 

    11. Golf Hole Sponsor Sign with Clear Sleeve

    Golf Hole Sponsor Sign with Clear Sleeve

    Elevate your golf tournament with the Golf Hole Sponsor Sign with Clear Sleeve, a standout choice for dynamic event branding. This sign, crafted from durable white corrugated plastic and digitally printed, offers the flexibility to match your event's color scheme. It features a vibrant golfer tee image, imprinted on one side, and includes clear pockets designed for 8 1/2'' x 11'' inserts. 

    This innovative detail allows for easy updates of sponsor details, ensuring that hole sponsor signs remain a focal point of your golf event.

    12. Golf Hole Sponsor Sign

    Golf Hole Sponsor Sign

    The Golf Hole Sponsor Sign is a fundamental piece for any golf outing, enhancing the course with essential sponsorship signs. Measuring 24'' wide x 18'' tall and affixed with a 15'' sign stake, this white corrugated plastic sign boasts a striking green imprint, drawing attention to your hole sponsors. 

    Customizable with the sponsor's name, these signs play a pivotal role in the event by seamlessly integrating sponsor signage with the natural beauty of the golf course.

    13. Golf Cart Sponsor Sign

    Golf Cart Sponsor Sign

    The Golf Cart Sponsor Sign is a standout feature at any golf event, especially designed to elevate sponsor recognition during tournaments and golf outings. Crafted from white corrugated plastic, this unique sign is die-cut in the shape of a golf cart, offering a playful yet professional presentation of sponsor support. 

    With a bold, black imprint on one side, it succinctly captures the sponsor's name, making it an eye-catching addition to the event.

    14. Golfer Swing Design Signs

    Custom Design Signs

    Custom Design Signs offer a unique opportunity to bring personalized creativity to your golf tournament. Their services cater to crafting bespoke signs that reflect the specific themes or branding of your event. 

    Whether it’s integrating a distinctive golf ball design, creating stand-out tee signs, or featuring dynamic hole sponsor signs, we ensure your vision comes to life in full color. These signs can incorporate anything from specific sponsor logos to custom imagery related to your golf event, making each hole, golf cart, and sponsor signs truly unique.

    15. Personalized Golf Hole Sponsor Signs

    Personalized Golf Hole Sponsor Signs

    Personalized Golf Hole Sponsor Signs are a cornerstone for showcasing support in golf events. These signs stand prominently on the green, offering a visual acknowledgment of a sponsor's contribution to the tournament. 

    By incorporating a sponsor’s logo and custom messaging, these signs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the course but also provide invaluable marketing services for businesses.

    How to Create Engaging Signage for Golf Outings and Sponsor Events

    Creating signs for a golf outing and sponsors involves balancing visibility, aesthetics, and conveying necessary information. Here's a breakdown of what you might include:

    • Event Title/Logo: Start with a prominent display of the event name or logo for branding.

    • Date and Time: Ensure clarity on when the event is taking place.

    • Location: Include the name and address of the golf course.

    • Welcome Message: A friendly greeting or thank you for attending.

    • Sponsor Logos: Display logos of sponsors prominently. Arrange them in a visually appealing manner, considering their level of sponsorship.

    • Sponsor Information: Include a brief description or tagline for each sponsor. This could be their services, products, or any other relevant information.

    • Hole Assignments: If applicable, list which sponsor is associated with which hole.

    • Directions/Map: Provide a map or directions to key areas like registration, starting point, restrooms, etc.

    • Rules: Display any important rules or regulations for the event.

    • Contact Information: Include contact details for inquiries or assistance during the event.

    • Social Media Handles/Hashtags: Encourage attendees to share their experience on social media with designated hashtags.

    • Thank You: Conclude with a thank you message for sponsors and participants.

    For Sponsor Signs:

    • Sponsor Name: Clearly display the name of the sponsor.

    • Logo: Include the sponsor's logo prominently.

    • Tagline/Description: Briefly describe the sponsor's business or their association with the event.

    • Contact Information: Optionally, include contact details for the sponsor.

    Consider the size and design of the signs to ensure they are readable from a distance. You might want to use waterproof materials if the event is outdoors.


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