• Top 19 Golf Accessories from PGA 2024: What's Hot This Year

    by Chris Bajda February 26, 2024

    We recently had the opportunity to attend the PGA 2024 event in Orlando, and we were blown away by the latest and greatest in the world of golf. From cutting-edge technology to innovative designs, there were so many new golf accessories that caught our attention.

    As avid golfers ourselves, we were excited to see what the top brands had in store for us this year. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed. The displays at the event showcased an array of new golf accessories that left us in awe. From stylish and functional golf bags to game-changing swing trainers, there was something for every golfer at PGA 2024.

    New Golf Accessories from PGA 2024

    In this blog post, we will be sharing our top picks for the new golf accessories that we saw at the event and why we think they will be a hit among golf enthusiasts.

    1. BEAVER Season Pack

    The BEAVER Season Pack stands out among the new golf accessories this year, catering to both men and women.

    Each golf gear pack includes three pairs of the original BEAVER Gloves, renowned for their premium AAA cabretta leather construction. These golf gloves boast a minimalist design that doesn't sacrifice functionality, featuring breathable ventilation both between and on the fingers to ensure comfort on the putting green.

    With sizes to fit all hands, the Season Pack is essential for any golfer looking to maintain a superior golf glove grip throughout the season.

    2. Vessel Player IV Pro Stand

    The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand is the epitome of innovative golf accessories, elevating the standard of golf bags.

    This stylish bag golf gear features a magnetic side pocket and a rangefinder pocket for quick access, while the microfiber-lined top and straps ensure your clubs and shoulders stay protected. Its patented rotator stand system, complemented by sturdy carbon fiber legs, provides stability on any terrain.

    The golf bag boasts an internal base divider for organization, an insulated cooler pocket, a large garment compartment, and an exterior valuables pocket to keep essentials safe, making it a perfect choice for PGA tour!

    3. The Marker Locker

    Innovatively designed for the avid golfer, The Marker Locker is a standout among new golf accessories at PGA 2024.

    This compact and lightweight accessory, weighing just 0.35 lbs, simplifies the way golfers manage and access their ball markers. Engineered for convenience, it comes equipped with a carabiner, allowing golfers to easily attach it to their golf bag or belt loop for quick access on the green.

    The Marker Locker ensures that your ball markers are always organized and within reach, eliminating the hassle of digging through pockets at critical moments of play.

    4. Solo Kool Model V

    The Solo Kool Model V is revolutionizing the golf game with its innovative design, making it one of the top golf accessories at PGA 2024.

    Equipped with a set of durable caster wheels, this model offers unparalleled maneuverability around the course. Its robust 20V 6Ah lithium battery ensures extended battery life, letting you enjoy round after round without the worry of a quick drain.

    The package also includes a convenient battery charger, guaranteeing your Solo Kool Model V is always ready for action.

    5. PAYNTR Golf X Tour Proto RS

    The PAYNTR Golf X Tour Proto RS is a game-changer in golf footwear, seamlessly blending style with performance.

    Designed for those who take their game seriously, this shoe guarantees stability and comfort whether you're hitting balls at the range or walking the full eighteen holes. Its innovative design complements your golf gear, ensuring great quality that lasts.

    Beyond the course, these best golf accessories fit effortlessly into your travel bags, making them an essential addition for the golfer on the go.

    6. Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker

    The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker is a groundbreaking addition to the best golf accessories of the year, offering golfers a multifunctional device that enhances their round.

    This premium golf gear features a crisp touchscreen display for easy navigation and scorekeeping, and its ability to calculate driving distance ensures you're always one step ahead. This device can dual pair with any Player+ for an expanded 100-foot range, and its magnetic strip allows for secure attachment to any golf cart.

    With premium dynamic audio and an IPX7 waterproof rating, it's designed to deliver superior sound in any conditions.

    7. Daphne's Animal Headcovers

    Daphne's Animal Headcovers are making a splash among trendy golf accessories, bringing both fun and function to the fairway.

    These novelty headcovers are designed to fit up to a 460cc driver, ensuring a universal appeal for golfers of all skill levels. Crafted from soft, weather-resistant fur, these covers not only protect your clubs but do so with an added flair.

    With a comprehensive selection featuring all animals, players can personalize their bags with a touch of whimsy.

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    8. Towel Tag - Includes Waffle Towel

    Elevating the functionality and style of your golf bag, the Towel Tag stands out among the new accessories introduced at PGA 2024.

    This ingenious product allows every golfer to personalize their bag with a custom text Golf Towel Tag, available in a spectrum of colors to match any style. The included waffle golf towel, measuring an ample 20 inches by 32 inches, ensures you can keep your clubs clean and dry with ease.

    The Towel Tag's design not only enhances the look of your golf gear but also emphasizes the individuality of the golfer.

    9. The Tee Clip: Magnetic Golf Tee Holder

    The Tee Clip emerges as a game-changer in the realm of must-have golf accessories, featuring a high-quality stainless steel design that conveniently holds two standard or plastic tees.

    Its magnetic clip effortlessly attaches to a golfer's hat brim, offering quick access on the greens. This innovative golf equipment, which includes a sleek storage tin, doubles as a golf ball marker and alignment tool, and can even serve as a Divot Repair Tool.

    This golf gear eliminates the need to clutter your pockets, providing a significant advantage on the golf course without compromising on the use of favorite wooden tees.

    10. Inno Electric Golf Carts

    The Electric Golf Cart redefines mobility on the golf course, providing golfers with a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

    Its compact design minimizes fairway damage, while the optimal speed setting ensures seamless gameplay, eliminating any potential for frustration. This high-performance golf equipment is designed with both the player and the course in mind, offering a sustainable and convenient way to navigate the greens.

    Its sleek build and thoughtful engineering make it an indispensable accessory for golfers who value the essence of the game and the environment.

    11. The Club Rest

    The Club Rest is a marvel in golf, designed to keep your golf clubs elevated and dry during play.

    Constructed from high-tensile aluminum and weighing only 8.5oz, it is a lightweight addition to your golf bag that doesn't compromise strength. The solid welded crossbar construction provides stability, while the comfortable golf ball grip push handle makes it easy to insert and remove from the ground.

    This golf gear effortlessly fits in your golf bag, making it one of the best golf accessories for maintaining the integrity of your clubs on the course.

    12. The BYRD Belt

    The BYRD Belt, a unique addition to this year's best golf accessories, expertly combines function with fashion.

    On one side, it's the perfect golf companion, featuring a golf tee sheath, divot tool sheath, ball marker magnet, and a handy glove holder, ensuring easy access to your essential gear without compromising your swing. Flip it over for a sleek, everyday look that retains its style off the course.

    This innovative golf gear caters to every golfer's need, blending seamless utility with elegance, ensuring your golf tees, golf gloves, and other necessities are always within reach.

    13. Blue Tees Series 3 Max+ Rangefinder

    The Blue Tees Series 3 Max+ Rangefinder is a pinnacle of precision among golf accessories, designed for those who demand accuracy and reliability on the course.

    Featuring a 1000-yard range with advanced flag lock and active tracking, it ensures your target is never out of sight. Its slope switch technology adjusts for elevation, while pulse vibration confirms lock-on to the flag.

    The built-in magnetic strip for easy cart attachment, water-resistant build, and crystal-clear display make it a standout in GPS rangefinders.

    14. Gimme Midnight Camo Grip

    The Gimme Midnight Camo Grip is the latest innovation in best golf accessories, blending enhanced feel and comfort with superior stability and control on the green.

    This grip for your golf gear features a high-tech polymer core, sized at 58 rounds and weighing in at a balanced 55g, ensuring a solid hold without sacrificing sensitivity.

    Its unique design, inspired by a love for the outdoors and a youthful spirit, is complemented by a convenient magnetic ball marker.

    15. The BYRD Byll Golf Hat

    The Byrd Byll Golf Hat is the latest in practical yet stylish golf accessories, perfect for the golfer who values convenience and efficiency.

    Available in sleek black or navy blue, this one size fits all snap-back hat is designed to keep your essentials within reach by securely holding two golf tees and one ball marker.

    Each hat comes with FREE tees and a ball marker, ensuring you're prepared from the first tee-off.

    16. Birdie Golf Girl Ball Marker Necklace

    The Birdie Golf Girl Ball Marker Necklace combines elegance with utility, quickly becoming one of the favorite golf accessories of the season.

    With a 1" diameter ball marker attached to a 16" Rolo chain of 2.5MM thickness, it exudes style and can be worn with confidence both on and off the course. The 18k gold plated necklace, featuring a secure lobster clasp, is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a statement of your love for the game.

    17. Axius Core - Unlock Your Swing

    The secret to maximizing your swing doesn't lie in the latest club or the most technologically advanced ball; it's rooted in the strength of your core.

    The Axius Core introduces a revolutionary way to train your upper, mid, and lower core, targeting the essential muscles that power your swing.

    By enhancing core stability and flexibility, golfers can see significant improvements in their game, including increased driving distance and reduced risk of injury.

    18. Rovestar E - Electric Golf Bag + Push Cart

    The Rovestar E merges the convenience of an electric golf bag with the utility of a pushcart, showcasing a modern and distinctive shape that's sure to turn heads on the course.

    Equipped with a 7800 mAh intelligent lithium battery and an LED digital display, it emphasizes functionality without compromising on style.

    The golf gear features a durable UV and water-resistant outer fabric cover, ensuring your gear stays protected in all weather conditions. Its proprietary drop-shaped clubs organizer with 14 individual club dividers allows for easy access and organization.

    19. Glo Pro Firefly - Golf Training Aid

    The Glo Pro Firefly is a beacon for golfers seeking improvement in their game, highlighting its place among essential golf accessories.

    These innovative training aids consist of a laser light, a clamp for easy attachment to the putter's shaft, and a specialized Glo Pro pad designed for practice. By projecting a laser line directly onto the pad, players receive immediate visual feedback on their stroke's path and alignment, making it an invaluable tool for honing putting skills.

    What Are the Items You Need to Play Golf?

    To play golf, you'll need a variety of equipment and items, each serving a specific purpose for the game. Here's a comprehensive list:

    Essential Equipment

    1. Golf Clubs: A set typically includes a mix of the following:

    • Drivers: For long-distance tee shots.

    • Fairway Woods: For distance shots from the fairway.

    • Irons: A range used for various distances; higher numbers indicate shorter shots.

    • Wedges: Specialized irons for short shots, getting out of sand traps, and lobbing over hazards.

    • Putters: Used on the green to roll the ball into the hole.

    2. Golf Balls: Specific golf balls that suit your playing style and skill level.

    3. Golf Bag: To carry your clubs and accessories around the course.

    Clothing and Footwear

    4. Golf Shoes: Shoes with soft spikes or spikeless grips to provide stability and support.

    5. Comfortable Clothing: Many golf courses have a dress code, typically including collared shirts for men, appropriate tops for women, and golf pants or shorts. Make sure that they protect you from harmful UV rays.

    Golf Accessories

    6. Tees: Small pegs to elevate the ball for the first stroke on each hole.

    7. Golf Gloves: Worn on the leading hand to improve grip and prevent blisters.

    8. Ball Markers: Small flat objects used to mark the position of your ball on the green when picking it up.

    10. Divot Repair Tool: Used to repair the ground where the ball has left an indentation or divot.

    11. Golf Towel: For cleaning golf balls, clubs, and hands.

    12. Umbrella and Rain Gear: For playing in inclement weather. Double canopy umbrella would be a great choice.

    13. Golf Hat or Visor: To protect from the sun and improve visibility.

    14. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and improve vision on sunny days.

    15. Golf Cart (optional): For transportation around the course, though walking is also common.

    16. Rangefinder or GPS Device (optional): To measure distances to the hole or other points on the course.

    Golf Accessories


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