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18 Great Mallet Putter Head Covers to Protect Your Clubs

by Chris Bajda September 12, 2022

Do you have several expensive mallet putters in your golf bag?

You might be wondering if there is an effective way to protect these pricey clubs from nicks and scratches and make them stand out more. The answer to both of these questions is yes!

There are plenty of mallet putter head covers on the market that will help you achieve both of these goals, and I have narrowed down the field to the 18 best available options right now!

1. USA Stars and Stripes Square Mallet Shaped

I recommend the USA Stars and Stripes Square Mallet Shaped for protecting your mallets from dirt, sand, moisture, or dust. The magnetic closure design is adjustable for a secure fit.

Magnetic closures are very durable and have a history of protecting against extreme temperatures.

2. Putt for Dough Money Maker Putter Headcover

Stay stylish and protect your golf club investment with the best-selling Money Maker Golf Putter Headcover!

It is made of moisture-resistant microfiber that stays soft and offers durable protection from dings and scratches.

Plus, it features a super-snug fit around your putter's head.

3. Life's A Beach Golf Putter Head Cover

One of the best golf mallet putter head covers that we highly recommend is the Life's A Beach Golf Putter Head Cover.

Not only does this fantastic product protect your mallet head from falling, sand, or any other hazard on the course but it also adds a colorful aspect to your game.

4. Get in the Hole Bi!ch Funny Putter Headcover

It is not always easy to find a decent putter head cover. Many of them are too bulky or flimsy, they do not fit snugly around the club, and the putter head slips out all over the place.

My favorite is Get in the Hole Bi!ch Funny Putter Headcover because it has reinforced seams on one side of the magnetic closure which means that your club will stay nicely snuggled.

5. Send Him Home Embroidered Putter Cover

If you love playing golf and spend a lot of time on the course, these clubs are perfect for you. These putters provide an excellent balance between grip comfort and durability.

In addition, these Send Him Home Putter Covers are designed with two magnetic closures.

6. Shark Golf Club Mallet Putter Head Cover

The Shark Golf Club Mallet Putter Head Cover is a perfect option for players who need the protection of a head cover but also want their golf club to look clean and sleek.

It is durable and easily visible on the ground. Plus, it does not add any weight to your putter, and is machine washable.

7. Poker Ace Putter Head Cover

If you are an avid golfer, then chances are you know how easily your mallet putter headcover can get filthy and damaged from the harsh sun and harsh environment. 

The Poker Ace Putter Head Cover is an affordable mallet putter head cover. It is lightweight and has a magnetic closure.

8. Sugar Skull Mustache Mallet Putter Head Cover


The Sugar Skull Mustache Mallet Putter Head Cover is one of the best options for your putters. They are made by hand in America. They look amazing and make a great gift too!

The best part about these covers is that they are made by hand, so every single cover will be unique to you!

9. Mesh Golf Putter Head Cover

The Mesh Golf Putter Head Cover is an affordable and functional way of protecting your golf clubs from scratches, dents, and chips. 

It is made of a stretchy mesh material that fits most mallets. It comes in five colors: black, blue, green, red, and orange.

10.Premium Leather Square Mallet Putter Cover

If you have an expensive putter, then you know how disappointing it is when the head cover is damaged or lost.

The great news is that this Premium Leather Square Mallet Putter is a high-quality putter cover available now to help keep your equipment safe and in good condition.

11.Friends Funny Putting Sayings Head Cover

It can be a struggle to find the perfect head cover for your putters. These Funny Putting Sayings Cover options are made of a water-resistant material, which means you do not have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

Plus, if a sand wedge wants to rub up against my friend's funny putting sayings head cover, then they are going to fight with their hands.

12.Hockey Goalie Mask Mallet Head Cover

The Hockey Goalie Mask Mallet Head Cover can also serve as a great mallet putter head cover. Its sleek design is easy on the eyes and good for protection against the sun and rain.

It is quite expensive but worth it if you want your clubs protected from the elements.

13.Lucky Bird Mallet Head Cover

The Lucky Bird is the perfect head cover for your golf clubs. It has a durable leather exterior that is just as comfortable on your hands as it is protecting your clubs.

With an adjustable cord and button closure, you will have no problem fitting this mallet head cover over any club, providing both protection and excellent grip.

14.Spider Mallet Cover

The Spider's Mallet Putter Head Cover has a sleek design with tight seams that protect the club from rain and snow. It is made of premium leather that provides maximum protection in wet weather conditions.

It fits most mallets with its simple design, and it is durable enough to withstand daily use for many years.

15.Lucky Clover Mallet Putter

The Lucky Clover High-quality golf putter head covers that can keep your clubs protected and you looking classy on the course.

Each cover is designed with durability and color as top priorities. Made of heavy-duty polyester, these are covers are built to last.

16.Crafted Mallet Putter Cover

The way you protect your clubs is the same way you protect your body. If you do not, there will be problems in both places!

Check out these Crafted Mullet Best Mallet Putter Head Covers that will get the job done for any occasion.

These are perfect as gifts or as an addition to your collection of luxury accessories.

17.Go Home Ball Funny Golf Putter Headcover

The Go Home Ball Funny Putter Head Cover is a perfect way to get into the game. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for your favorite golfer, or want something fancy for yourself, this mallet putter headcover is sure to please!

18.Embroidered Bombs Away! Putter Cover

To protect your golf clubs from dirt, weather, and outside elements a putter headcover is the perfect way to safeguard your most expensive golfing tool.

Luckily, many low-cost mallets putter head covers are high quality and come in a range of different colors. One such example is the Bombs Away! Putter Cover!


If you take golf seriously and want to protect your clubs as much as possible, check out these 18 best mallet putter head covers.

They are made from durable fabric with padding so they will never break, come in various colors, and even have designs on them so you can find the perfect one for your personality.

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