Fore the Love of Laughs: 28 Funny Golf Hats

by Chris Bajda February 25, 2023

Golf may be a sport known for its decorum and sophistication, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it.

One way to inject some humor and personality into your game is by wearing a funny golf hat, head cover, or towel. From outrageous designs to punny phrases, there are plenty of options out there to make you and your fellow golfers chuckle.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the funniest golf hats available, and explore why adding a touch of humor to your golf attire might just improve your game. So, grab your sense of humor and join us on a journey through the world of funny golf hats.

1. Customized Golf Hat

custom funny golf hat

Prepare to unleash your inner comedian on the golf course with the ultimate funny golf hat.  With the power to personalize the message on the hat, you can inject a dose of humor that is bound to generate laughter and create unforgettable moments on the fairway.

2. May The Course Be With You Funny Golf Hat

If you are looking for an easy way to put a smile on your face, this funny golf hat is for you.

The design of the golf hat is based on the phrase May the Force Be with You from Star Wars and features an adjustable snap closure.

You can wear this funny golf hat either forwards or backward, depending on what mood you want to convey!

3. Shanker Club

Shanker Club Hat

The shanker club hat is the ultimate accessory for golfers that don't always land in the fairways. Crafted from high-quality materials, this hat not only delivers exceptional comfort and sun protection but also brings a hilarious twist to your golfing ensemble. Get ready to make fellow golfers chuckle and turn heads on the course as you rock this witty and stylish hat.

4. Talk Birdie to Me

Talk Birdie to Me Funny Golf Hat

Get ready to tee off with a twist of humor and style, courtesy of this Talk Birdie to Me golf hat! These hats are crafted from high-quality materials and offer the perfect canvas for customization, allowing you to express your unique personality on the course. With a dash of individuality and a whole lot of laughter, our funny golf hats will turn heads and have your fellow golfers giggling with delight.

5. The Golf Father Funny Golf Hat

It is hard to find something funny about golf, but this funny golf hat will put a smile on your face.

This funny golf hat is perfect for those who love both golf and dad jokes. It reads The Golf Father in cursive lettering, and the back of the hat features a buckle closure!

6. This is How I Roll Golf Cart Funny Hat

You will roll in style when you wear this funny golf cart hat!

This is How I Roll! Show everyone you are an avid golfer with this stylish hat that makes the perfect gift for friends, family members, coworkers, or anyone who loves the game.

The adjustable strap will help you get the perfect fit, and the mesh back will ensure your head stays cool.

6. No Yips Funny Golf Hat

The No Yips is a funny golf hat that is perfect for any golfer who has ever felt the pressure of being unable to put the ball straight.

With the No Yips Funny Golf Hat, you can have fun with your friends and family while still getting some great advice on improving your game.

7. I Suck at Golf Funny Hat

This I Suck at Golf is an excellent gift for the golfer in your life who might be a little down on themselves. This hat will make them laugh and not think about how they suck at golf.

This funny golf hat will let them know you are there for them, but it is ok if you are never going to be Tiger Woods.

8. Funny Cotton Twill Trucker Hat

The Cotton Twill Trucker Hat is a loose-fitting baseball cap with an adjustable snap closure in the back. The front bill is curved, and the hat features a funny golf cart patch.

This funny golf hat comes in three colors: charcoal with black trim, khaki, and light grey.

9. I Putt Out Golf Hat

Do your buddies make fun of you when you are out on the course? If so, then these funny golf hats are just what you need. This I Putt Out phrase will make them jealous as well!

This funny golf hat also offers UV protection, so if you wear it out on a sunny day at the golf course, you can be sure that your head won't get sunburnt!

10. Always Wash Your Balls Golfing Hat

This Always Wash Your Balls funny golf hat is perfect for you if you don't care about what people think and enjoy making others uncomfortable.

You can also wear it proudly to tell people you have a sense of humor and don't take life too seriously.

11. Titties Funny Golf Hat

If you are looking for a funny golf hat that will make your buddies jealous, this Funny Titties Adjustable Golf Hat is perfect.

This hilarious funny golf hat features an adjustable strap, a rope, and the title "Titties" on the front of the hat.

It is a perfect gift to give your golf buddies!

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12. Golf Excuse Cap

This funny cap is perfect for the golfer who wants an excuse for not going to the golf course or their missed shots.

These funny golf hats feature the best Golf Excuse phrases on the front and come in a navy blue color with a snapback.

Whatever your skill level, there is always an excuse!

13. Mesh Back Golf Shots Hat

It is not all about the golf course. It would help if you had your head in the game, even when you are off the green. This Mesh-back Golf Shots hat from 105West is an excellent gift for any golfer.

This funny golf hat has an adjustable snapback closure to fit any size head, and the hat's front says Golf Shots so that everyone knows what you are about.

14. Problem Solved Funny Golf Hat

If you are looking for a funny golf hat that will make your buddies jealous, this is the one!

The Problem Solved logo on the front and back of the hat is a white mesh with a snapback. When wearing it, people will think you will solve all your problems by going to the golf course.

It is a perfect funny golf hat for any occasion.

15. Half of the Golf is Fun Hat

It can be challenging to keep your head in the game when you only want to take off your hat and wipe that sweat off your forehead.

A good laugh will relax those muscles and allow you to focus on making some great shots again with a refresh mind, and one way to make your buddies green with envy while they are over at the 19th hole is with this Half of Golf is Fun, The Other Half is Putting funny golf hat.

16. Make Putting Great Again Hat

The Putting Great Again Hat is a parody of the famous Trump campaign slogan Make America Great Again.

The Putting Great Again Hat is the perfect way to show off your love for golf and Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

This funny golf hat is perfect for any golfer who values patriotism and wants to make their friends jealous.

17. It Takes a lot of Balls Hat

Some say golf is challenging but not as hard as you think. You do not have to be Tiger Woods or anything.

All you need is a little patience and the right hat. One such hat is this It Takes a lot of Balls to Golf the way that I Do golf hat.

Plus, if you are looking for that perfect gift to make your buddies jealous, this is the ideal golf hat!

18. Got Balls Snapback Hat

This fun and stylish snapback hat is the perfect way to show your sense of humor and love of golf.

This funny golf hat features a classic snapback design of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, with a mesh back to keep you cool and comfortable on the course.

The bold embroidered slogan "Got Balls" is sure to get some attention from your fellow golfers and make you the life of the party.

19. Let's Get Drunk And Drive Hat

Make your golfing game a little more exciting with this Let's Get Drunk And Drive The Golf Cart Funny Golf Hat!

Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton twill, this funny golf hat features a soft crown, six sewn eyelets, and six stitched rows on the brim.

Perfect for the weekend warrior or the professional, this hat is sure to make a statement.

20. Glutes Activated Golf Hat

It is perfect if you want a funny golf hat that shows off your glute activation skills.

The Glutes Activated Funny Golf Hat features a 100% chino cotton twill material with an unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile design. It also has an adjustable strap to fit all sizes.

The Glutes Activated Golf Hat is the perfect combination of style and humor.

21. Life Behind The Wheel Hat

Take your game to the next level with the Life Behind The Wheel Funny Golf Cart Hat.

The funny golf hat features a humorous message about life on the golf course printed in black lettering, which reads: "Life Behind The Wheel."

The fun design of this hat will make you stand out from the other golfers and show off your sense of humor.

22. Back Nines Matter Golf Hat

This golf hat is a fun way to show off your golf game and sense of humor.

The Back Nines Matter Funny Golf Hat is sure to put a smile on the faces of all your golfing buddies.

Whether hitting the links for a few hours or playing 18 holes, this funny golf hat will help you look your best.

23. Golf Funny Minimalist Trucker Hat

This unisex Golf Funny Minimalist Trucker Hat is perfect for showing your love for golf and making a statement on the green.

This funny golf hat features a classic trucker design with a minimalistic twist, featuring an adjustable snapback closure and a pre-curved bill.

This unique and funny golf hat shows off your sense of humor and style.

24. Embroidered Nuke it Golf Cap

This unique and stylish cap is made with a 100% cotton twill fabric, making it comfortable enough to wear on the course.

This funny golf hat features an adjustable closure and a pre-curved brim to customize the fit. The front of the hat is embroidered with "Nuke it!" adding a playful element to your look.

25. I Can't, I Have Golf Hat

The I Can't, I Have Golf Hat is perfect if you are looking for a funny golf hat that will make your friends laugh.

This playful funny golf hat features a heat transfer vinyl saying "I Can't, I Have Golf" across the front, making it clear to everyone that golf is your priority.

So, if you want to show off your love for golf, this hat is definitely for you!

26. They See Me Rollin They Hatin Hat

This hat is a fun and quirky addition to any golfing wardrobe.

This funny golf hat design features the phrase "They See Me Rollin', They Hatin" on the front of the cap. 

This phrase speaks volumes to anyone who has ever played golf; rolling golf carts around the course can often draw the ire of fellow golfers.

27. Shit Hot Golfer Cap

If you are looking for a hat that will make you stand out on the course, then the Shit Hot Golfer Cap is the one for you.

With its red and white embroidered message, this funny golf hat will give you a bit of attitude and flair. The message itself reads "Shit Hot Golfer" in bold letters. This funny golf hat looks great with any outfit and will turn some heads.

28. Bogey Golfer Hat

This Bogey Golfer funny golf Hat is perfect for those who like to golf and have the proper sense of humor.

This funny golf hat comes with a snap closure so you can put it on and take it off easily when needed. The hat is made from 100% polyester, so it is perfect for staying cool all summer.

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