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14 Golf Tees For Performance Improvement

Updated on February 18, 2023 by Peter Dolan

Let's talk tees, and I don’t mean T-Shirts. We’re talking about golf tees, and we’re looking at the best golf tees for your game. 

Maybe one of the most used items during your round of golf, while also being one of the least talked about. We’re here to change that. Finding the best golf tee for you is important, after all, you probably use one on every hole. 

It’s pretty rare to just drop your ball on the tee box and strike it - 99 times out of 100 you’ll stick your tee in the ground and place your ball on top of it carefully. 

Tees are one of golf's most popular (and necessary) accessories. They range from standard wooden white tees, to tees with height markings on them, to little plastic stubby tees and more environmentally friendly bamboo tees. Basically, there is a tee out there for everyone. 

Keep reading to find the 14 great golf tee options. 

1. Pride PTS 3 ¼” Tees

Pride Professional Tee System teesare at the forefront of the game when it comes to golf tees. The 3 ¼” offering makes these an ideal tee for launching that driver. These tees are made of solid hardwood and have been engineered and designed to allow for maximum performance and durability. Their blue marking line allows you to put your tee in the ground at the same length every time, allowing for peak teeing consistency. Tee it high, let it fly. 


2. Zero Friction ZFT Maxx 3-Prong 4” Distance Golf Tee

Best for the Big Stick. This extra long offering from Zero Friction is built for smashing the driver. Zero Friction design tees with the intention of having the least amount of resistance possible during the strike. These tees are a clever design that ensures you tee the ball up high enough with the driver. The 3 Pronged tips also make these tees stand out.  Extra positives - Made with bio-composite and recycled materials, making them durable and slightly better for the environment then fully plastic tees. 


3. Pride PTS 2 ⅛ ” Tees

Sticking with the Pride family, we introduce a shorter PTS wooden tee. The 2 ⅛ ” tee is suited to use on Par 3s, or when you may need an iron off the tee on a Par 4. As they’re shorter, they’re less likely to break, meaning you should get some more use out of them. The Pride PTS also have quite a small head which some players prefer, as it minimises the surface area and increases the strike of the club on ball. 


4. Champkey SDB Bamboo Golf Tees

The Champkey SDB Bamboo Golf Teeis great if you want something more sustainable. These tees are biodegradable, making them less harmful to the environment. They incorporate a nice marking system which aids you when searching for that correct tee height. Bamboo is also a soft material which reduces friction, always something that’s vital when striking a golf ball. 


5. Pride Golf Tee 2 ¾” 

The Classic. Pride Golf have been making tees since the 50’s and their standard Pride Golf Tee is a bestseller. What’s great is that these tees come in packs of 500 if you look in the right place, meaning they should last you all season and beyond! A well made wooden tee that’s coated all-white. Some might think that’s boring, but others will love the clean look. 


6. GreenKeeper 4 Yards More Golf Tee - Brush Tee

Looking for a few extra yards? The 4 Yards Morecould be worth a shot. These tees sit in the Brush Tee family, where the ball sits on top of prong like fibre, rather than the traditional wood tip. Perks - Frictionless (no obstruction through the strike), Low Spin, Durable (these guys last). However, there are only 4 in a pack, so that’s something to be aware of. A lot of golfers steer clear of Brush Tip tees, but if you are looking to try something new and want a few extra yards - these could work in your bag. 



7. Callaway Performance Tees

Callaway are known for top quality golf equipment, and their accessories maintain that quality. Their performance tees can be used for the driver, woods and the irons, as they come in a few different lengths. These teesgenerally come in a 4 or 6 pack, and are made from a plastic material with a nicely sharpened tip to allow entry into the ground easily. The tee design helps promote lower spin which in turn should lead to increased distance. Color-coded too so you know the tee length as soon as you take it out of your pocket. 

8. Thiodoon Premium Wooden Tees

Excellent hardwood tees that come in large packs of 100. These tees also come in 3 different sizes - 3 1/4 “, 2 3/4 “ and 2 1/8 “, making them very useful.100% Natural Hardwood and Precision milled for consistent performance. As they are wooden golf tees, the material makes them less environmentally toxic. Thiodoon tees are good value for money with the large pack size and they’re also available in a wide range of block colors, making them easy to spot on the golf course. A good overall option if you want bulk. 


9. Champ Zarma FLYtee 

These tees are from the My Hite range and come in packs of 25, with multiple colors. Another tee that is pronged in style, this time we see the head has 6 prongs. The cup is shallow at the top helping to reduce club surface and ball surface contact, and the prong system allows the ball to be perched perfectly on top. Stripes down the tee aid with teeing height, ensuring you tee it the same each time. The main rib of these tees have also been reinforced to help strengthen the tee and to maximize shelf life. 

10. Izzo Golf Plastic Tees

Popular for their color and durability. These Izzo Teescome in a range of bright colors, and our favorites have to be the Neon Pink. Why, you ask. well because they’re so easy to spot. Most people play a white tee or something similar, and often it takes a few seconds to spot them after you’ve hit. With these Neon Pink Izzo tees that problem doesn’t exist. Once you adjust to having that bright pink tee, you’ll find it easy to see it after each tee shot. What’s more, they are a great product and feature the pronged style that is so popular now. 


11. Pride PTS Step Tees

If you like an exact science and feel the need to know exactly how far to peg the tee in the ground every time - a stepped tee is probably for you. The lip style  means that you can never push the tee further into the ground than the optimum height, so no more questioning yourself. Consistency in golf is key and teeing height is no different. Step Tees give you that and, as we’ve mentioned before, Pride makes quality tees. Solid hardwood material to reduce breakage and splintering making them some of the best tees in the business.


12. GreenKeeper 4 Yards More Golf Tee - 4Hybrid

It’s commonplace now to see someone pull out a rescue/hybrid club, or a long iron, off a tee box. These clubs provide good distance and have become an alternative to the more traditional drivers and woods off certain tee shots. Many weekend players will find that they also tend to hit quite a lot of hybrid clubs into longer Par-3s too. 4Hybrid teesare designed to be durable, flexible and help prop up your ball nicely. A 1inch tee height is just right when placing that hybrid club down behind the ball. Bonus points for a nice purple color. 


13. Finger Ten Rubber Cushion Tees

50 or 100 Pack - Cheap and Cheerful while also long-lasting. These Finger Ten Tees are a combination of plastic and rubber. The main body of the tee is plastic and the tip has a rubber cushion. The tees are sold in Three Heights: 2 ⅛”, 2 ¾”, and 3 ¼”. The rubber style tip may not be for everyone but they do a solid job and are easy to find after each shot. Probably some of the best value tees on the market. 


14. Martini Step Up Tees

These USA Made teesare quite popular and their stepped style is useful for consistency. They are a strong plastic material which ensures they won’t break, while coming in various colors to help with locating them after your shot. Mainly used for the driver and big-headed fairway woods - they come in a couple of different sizes so be sure to check them out to get the right size for you. 


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