• Subway Ball Marker Bundle

    Introducing VivanTee's NY Subway Line-inspired magnetic golf ball markers. Designed to seamlessly fit with your VivanTee golf glove, these markers are a must-have for enthusiasts of New York City and golf alike.

    Our exclusive bundle includes each distinctive piece from the collection, offering the perfect match for any of your favorite VivanTee golf gloves. Whether you're a local or a lover of NYC's iconic transit system, these markers add a metropolitan twist to your game. Get ready to showcase your love for golf and the city's hustle and bustle with VivanTee's unique urban-inspired collection.

    The Bundle Includes

    1. L Train Marker: Reflects the iconic L train of NYC, embodying the essence of the trendy and vibrant areas it travels through, like Brooklyn's Williamsburg. It represents the dynamic urban spirit of these neighborhoods.

    2. T Yellow Cab Marker: The 'Yellow Cab' ball marker from VivanTee draws inspiration from the iconic NYC taxi cabs, adding a touch of urban sophistication to your golfing experience.

    3. Q Train Marker: This marker is inspired by the Q train, known for its artistic flair, especially in the Second Avenue Subway extension. It showcases the unique art installations that make this line stand out from others.

    4. 1 Train Marker: Captures the classic and straightforward character of the 1 train, a vital artery in New York's subway system. It's for those who appreciate the essential and enduring aspects of the city.

    5. 6 Train Marker: Represents the 6 train, a key line running through Manhattan's east side. It's emblematic of the hustle and efficiency of New York, connecting diverse neighborhoods and communities.


    • Premium stainless steel, nickel, and copper

    • Vibrant, versatile designs

    • Compatible with all VivanTee gloves