• Seafoam Loma Golf Bag

    • Under 2 pounds, the LOMA Bag is an ultra-lightweight golf bag that doesn't break the bank or your back!
    • It holds up to 6 clubs, so you'll never have to lug that old bag around your local Par 3 course again.
    • Play a quick 9 or all 18, it's built-in stand and insulated drink pouch make any round a breeze.
    • It's cushioned shoulder strap means Cart path only days will never get you down again!
    • Its signature sleek design fits stealthily in your trunk, so you can be ready anytime Golf calls!

    Make sure every round is a breeze with the LOMA Bag! This ultra-lightweight, under-2-lb golf bag holds up to 6 clubs and comes with a built-in stand, insulated drink pouch and cushioned shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Get ready for Golf to call with a sleek design that fits in any trunk. Take the game seriously, not yourself!

    • A comfy full-length shoulder strap for convenience
    • Insulated Frosty Pocket to keep those hidden mountains blue 
    • Velour-lined pocket for your phone, keys, wallet, or whatever! 
    • Full-length Duraflex legs 
    • Club Divider Dimension: 4" L x 5" W