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  • Putt Swear and Pick Up Ball Marker

    ★★★★★ 70 Reviews

    Introducing our tongue-in-cheek "Putt, Swear, Pick Up" copper ball marker! Designed for those moments on the green when your patience is wearing thin and your vocabulary might be getting colorful.

    Crafted with a realistic copper appearance, this marker adds a touch of humor to your golf game. The engraved message serves as a reminder that sometimes even the best of us have those rounds where a polite "golf clap" just won't cut it.

    With its witty inscription, this marker is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. Perfect for those days when your putter feels more like a frustration stick, and every stroke seems to elicit a colorful commentary.

    Whether you're aiming for par or just aiming to keep your cool, our "Putt, Swear, Pick Up" copper ball marker is the ideal companion for your next round. After all, laughter is par for the course!