• Swing 'n Sip Lowball Glass

    ★★★★★ 70 Reviews

    Forge unforgettable connections between the greens and the spirits with the Personalized Square Whiskey Glass, the pinnacle of golf tournament gifting. Crafted with precision, this glass transforms whiskey sipping into an art form, mirroring the finesse of a perfect swing. Its 8oz capacity not only holds his favorite blend but also encapsulates the camaraderie of the course. Engraved with his name, this glass becomes his symbol of golfing pride, a distinguished companion to share post-game stories. Let him relish both the triumphs and the tranquility of golf, one sip at a time.

    You can personalized this whiskey glass with 20 characters at the top of the design and 20 characters at the bottom of the design.  


    •3.27" (L) x 3.27" (H) x 3.35" (W)
    •Holds 8oz
    •Hand wash only