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    Glove Wallet

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    A premium way to keep your golf gloves ready for the next 18. A fresh glove is vital to every round and almost every shot...and what you do with your Bender Golf Glove between rounds is just as important as what you do with it during play.
    The Glove Wallet can hold up to 4 golf gloves, separated by individual dividers for a more even drying period between rounds. The zippered pouch lets you stash some cash for the 19th hole or have it readily available for the next wager. The Glove Wallet is something every golfer should have in their bag.
    • Leather Outer Covers
    • 3 Glove Dividers
    • Zippered Valuables Pouch
    • Allows gloves to dry slowly & evenly to prolong life
    • Approximately 11" x 5" x .5"
    Hand wash or dry.