25 Golf Accessories You Need to Play Like a Pro

by Melissa Bajda March 05, 2023

Golf accessories are essential to playing like a pro.

This blog will explore 25 must-have golf accessories that every golfer needs to have to take their game to the next level.

Discover which golf accessories you need to play like a pro!

25 Golf Accessories You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

1. Smart Golf Glove

The Smart Golf Gloves by Groovy Golfer is made from 100% premium white Cabretta leather for a comfortable and secure grip during your swing.

These smart golf gloves also feature a patent-pending smartphone-compatible design, allowing you to easily use your phone without removing the glove.

These best golf accessories also include a lycra mesh on the top of the hand for an entire ventilation system and an interior wrist sweatband to reduce moisture buildup.

2. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag

Are you looking for a high-quality golf bag with all the features of a professional golf bag? Look no further than the TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Golf Bag

This golf bag is made from durable polyester and features a comfortable carrying strap for easy transport.

The golf bag also has 14 dividers and six pockets, providing plenty of storage space for your golf clubs and golf accessories.

3. All Weather Custom Golf Towel

If you are serious about your golf game, you must ensure you have the right golf accessories for the job.

A great golf towel is essential for any golfer, and you cannot go wrong with The All-weather custom golf towel.

For strength and durability, this golf towel is built with industrial double-stitch polyester UV-protected seaming.

4. Yuport Club Groove Cleaner

You cannot get the desired control on your ball if your club head or grooves are dirty. These golf accessories are essential, and the Yuport Golf Club Brush is a must-have golf accessory.

This golf gear is lightweight and stylish, easily attaches to your bag, and has a retractable zip-line aluminum carabiner.

These best golf accessories allow you to pull the brush to your golf club face easily without detaching it from your golf bag.

5. Golf Ranger Cooler

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep your golf balls and beverages cold on the golf course? Look no further than the Golf Ranger Cooler!

These handy golf accessories are made with an insulated liner and draw-string closure, weighing only one pound.

These golf accessories have enough room to fit six dozen golf balls or six icy cold ones, so you can stay hydrated and enjoy the course comfortably.

6. Grey Golf Shoe Bag

The Grey Golf Shoe Golf Bag by Groovy Golfer is the perfect golf accessory for any golfer looking to protect their shoes from dirt, mud, and moisture.

Crafted from high-quality Jones Vinyl and Velour materials, this shoe golf bag is designed to keep your shoes dry and clean while playing a golf game.

Its oversized design allows you to store up to two pairs of golf shoes, while two breathable airflow holes on the side panels allow your shoes to air out after a day on the golf course. 

7. Pocket Caddie 4-in-1 Golf Tool

The Pocket Caddie 4-in-1 Golf Tool is a must-have for all golfers.

The scrub brush and groove cleaner help remove dirt and debris from your club or club head. The divot tool helps repair any damage caused by golf shots, and the ball marker will help you mark your ball for easy reference.

With these golf accessories, you can always be sure your golf clubs are ready for the next shot!

8. Titleist Professional Zippered Pouch

Every golfer needs a valuables pouch. Car Keys, Wallet, Phone - stick them in this Premium Zippered Pouch from Titleist.

These golf accessories are made from good material and has a nice hook on the outside, meaning you can attach it to your bag easily.

These golf bags make storage simple, and if you'd prefer to use them for golf tees, ball markers, and divot tool instead, that's cool.

9. Big Frosty Golf Cooler

Golfers need a reliable way to keep their food and drink cool when on the course, which is why these Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler are essential golf accessories.

These golf accessories are made of coated polyester, making them highly durable and water-resistant. These golf bags coolers have plenty of room for up to six cans, plus sleeves specially designed to accommodate ice packs.

The zipper closure is water-resistant, ensuring your beverages stay nice and cold.

10. Golf Cart Cigar Holder

The Golf Cart Cigar Holder is the perfect golf accessory for any golf enthusiast.

These innovative golf accessories easily clip onto your steering wheel or golf cart rails, allowing you to enjoy a smoke while you play.

This golf equipment has clip-within-a-clip design that ensures your cigars remain secure and protected.

11. Garmin Approach S62

Continuing the tech theme, next up is the Garmin Approach S62.

Golf GPS Watches, like a laser range finder, are essential to any golfer's golf equipment.

These best golf accessories integrate full-color mapping with critical information, including shot tracking on your wrist.

12. Fore Father Water Bottle

These Fore Father golf accessories is the perfect companion for long days on the golf course.

These best golf accessories hold 32oz of liquid and is stylish black matte. The screw-on lid features an easy flip top, so you can quickly access your water without repeatedly unscrewing the cap.

Its double-walled construction will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours.

13. Golf Series 2 Pro Rangefinder

If you are looking for a professional-grade range finder to help nail your approach shots, the Golf Series 2 Pro Range finder are must-have golf accessories.

This golf equipment has an adjustable EZ Optic Focus to give you high-definition viewing to get precise readings of the yardage to the pin.

These best golf accessories are also waterproof, with a hard-shell carrying case for extra protection. You also get a microfiber cleaning cloth with your purchase to ensure your lens stays pristine for each round.

14. Golf Ball Retriever

Whether you are out playing a round of golf or simply trying to find your ball in the water, a Golf Ball Retriever can be a handy tool.

These best golf accessories have a telescopic shaft with a spring-release-ready head that is lightweight yet incredibly durable.

This golf ball retriever lets you quickly retrieve your ball from water hazards or any other difficult-to-reach places on the course.

15. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

It would make a brilliant gift, while the avid golfer would find it difficult not to buy these excellent golf accessories.

Bushnell is most known for their laser rangefinders, but with this GPS Speaker they have added an excellent product to its range.

These best golf accessories have dual functionality. It plays aloud the distances for you while also allowing you to listen to your favorite music while on the golf course.

16.StaDry Performance Towel

Titleist is up next, and let's start with the golf accessories from their StaDry range.

If you want to add a Quality Towel to your golf bag or gift high-quality golf accessories, the Titleist StaDry Golf Towel is fantastic.

StaDry technology allows the inside of these golf accessories to staying dry, plus the microfiber material makes it quick drying.

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17. Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella

We need to include an umbrella to have a Best Golf Accessories list.

The Motocaddy Clearview Golf Umbrella with sun protection comes in at 55", making it more prominent. However, these golf accessories are carefully reinforced, ensuring they stand up to that whipping wind.

The material's bottom portion is also transparent, allowing you to see through it.

18. Wellputt Practice Putting Mat

Keep missing those five footers? Struggling with pace each time you play golf?

Putting Mat is the perfect golf accessory. It allows you to practice putting at home (or in the office, dare we say!).

These best golf accessories come in a few different lengths to suit your space. Their high-quality, slick surface helps you to perfect your roll.

19. The Orange Whip Trainer

The good training aids, like a putting mat, can help you get ahead.

You may have seen the Orange Whip Trainer before. The golf clubs Pro has one lying around the shop that everyone picks up and has a go with.

The young up-start furiously swings it before every range session. The classic training aids that help with balance, tempo, and rhythm. What more could you want?

20. PGA Tour Pop-Up Chipping Net

A very simple but very effective golf accessory.

This is a Chipping Training Aid, and every golfer in the game's history has needed to practice chipping.

If you can't get to your golf clubs to practice or love to spend half an hour chipping balls (real or plastic) off your carpet floor, these training aids are great.

21. SoftSpikes Golf Ball Alignment Tool 

Let's look at the cheap golf accessories that can improve your game.

It is common now to put a line on your golf balls to aid with putting, and most Pro will mark a line on their golf balls before each round.

This inexpensive Alignment Tool from SoftSpikes ensures you get the accurate straight line drawn on every time. A "no-brainer" golf accessory. 

22. Sharpies Mini Permanent Markers

Sharpies are excellent, and they come in a few different colors.

Not only will you need them to draw those crisp new lines, but you can also use these golf accessories to mark your golf balls to help identify it.

Against other markers, Sharpies are the best quality, and generally, the markings stay visible throughout the round. Throw a couple into your valuables golf bag.

23. Golf Alignment Sticks 

Help get your alignment set and matched to your target each time. 

Alignment Sticks are cheap training aids that help you get quick results. Lay these golf accessories on the ground to aid your stance, or thread them through your belt buckle to support rotation.

These are versatile products and about as cheap as it gets regarding training aids and golf accessories.

24. FootJoy Braided Belt

No golf outfit is complete without the perfect belt.

This Braided Belt from FootJoy is highly fashionable and comes in 6 colors. It also has a nice stretch feel for extra comfort.

The buckle is a nice touch and will add class to any fit on the golf courses.

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25. Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve

Wondering how to keep those beers cold as you make your way around the course? The Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve has been thoughtfully designed so you can keep those beers nicely crisp and cool.

These golf accessories can fit up to 7 cans and discreetly down your golf bag. Alternatively, stick it in the back of the golf cart. A great golf accessory for those summer rounds of golf.

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