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15 Golf Accessories You Need to Have In Your Arsenal

by Peter Dolan August 28, 2022

Golf accessories are many and varied. Every golfer needs some adds-on to enhance their playing experience. We’ve taken the time to carefully select some of the best golf accessories that you can get your hands on right now. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best golf accessories, and we’ve taken into account the golfer at every level. Some of these items are for the serious golfer, or would make a great gift. Some of these items are just plainly fun, or something that can help increase your accuracy on the course. 

At the end of the day, a good golf accessory will enhance your golfing experience. A cool new belt to make you feel great, a new piece of tech to help dial you in or simply, a sweet new towel to wipe that dirt right off. 

Below you will find a curated list of the 15 Best Golf Accessories that no golfer can go without.


1. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

This is one of golf’s hottest accessories right now.

It would make a brilliant gift, while the avid golfer would find it difficult not to buy this cool accessory. Bushnell are perhaps most known for their laser rangefinders but with this GPS Speaker, they’ve added a nice product to their range. The speaker has dual functionality - it plays aloud the distances for you, while also allowing you to listen to your favorite music while on the course or practicing. Simply download the bushnell app and sync to your speaker - you’ll have the distance to the front, middle and the back of the green read out loud. A must have. 


2. Garmin Approach S62

Continuing the tech theme, next up is the Garmin Approach S62.

Much like laser rangefinders, Golf GPS Watches have become an essential part of any golfers equipment. Garmin are at the forefront and their new S62 is a premium watch thatintegrates full-color mapping with critical information — including shot tracking with Approach® CT10 club tracking sensors — all on your wrist. It comes pre-loaded with 41,000 courses and has excellent features like Green View, Hazard View, Club Tracking and Pin Pointer. Definitely on the expensive end but Garmin do cheaper watches too such as the Approach S42 and Approach SI2.


3. Titleist StaDry Performance Towel

Titleist are up next, and let’s start with a product from their StaDry range. If you’re looking to add a quality towelto your bag, or want to gift a high quality accessory - the Titleist StaDry Towel is fantastic. StaDry technology allows the inside of the towel to stay dry, plus the microfibre material makes it quick drying. It also comes with a groove cleaner which is a bonus. Pros - Easily clips to your bag, Quality material and large. Cons - A little expensive.

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4. Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella

We can’t have a Best Golf Accessories list without including an umbrella. Every golfer knows that weather plays a part at the best of times, and when it rains, it often pours - You need to be prepared. The motocaddy clearview umbrella comes in at 55” making it on the larger side. However, it is carefully reinforced ensuring that it will stand up to that whipping wind. The bottom portion of the material is also clear which allows you to see through it. This aids visibility and helps you to stay dry. An excellent feature allows this umbrella to attach to your trolley or motocaddy, making this umbrella a worthwhile purchase. 


5. Wellputt Practice Putting Mat

For the obsessive practicer in your life, or maybe, if you’re reading this, you’re the obsessive practicer. Keep missing those 5 footers? Struggling with pace each time you play ? A putting matis the perfect golf accessory. It allows you to practice putting at home (or in the office, dare we say!). The Wellputt mats come in a few different lengths to suit your space. Their high quality, slick surface helps you to perfect your roll. Well designed diagrams and targets aid practice. Drive for Show, Putt for Dough.


6. The Orange Whip Trainer

Similar to a putting mat, a good training aid can help you get ahead. Chances are you’ve seen the Orange Whip Trainer before - Mike, who plays every Wednesday morning, swings his it the club carpark. The club pro has one lying around the shop that everyone picks up and has a go with. The young up-start furiously swings it before every range session. A classic training aid that helps with balance, tempo and rhythm - what more could you want. 


7. PGA Tour Pop-Up Chipping Net

A very simple, but very effective, golf accessory. This is a chipping training aid, and every golfer ever, in the history of the game, has needed to practice chipping. If you can’t get to your club to practice, or love to spend half an hour chipping balls (real or plastic) off your carpet floor - this little chipping net is great. Pops up super easily and folds away very small. Cheap and Cheerful. 


8. Titliest Professional Zippered Pouch

Every golfer needs a valuables pouch. Car Keys, Wallet, Phone - stick them in this premium zippered pouch from titleist.

It’s made from good material and has a nice hook on the outside, meaning you can attach it to your bag easily. Inner pouches make storage simple and if you’d prefer to use it for tees, ballmarkers and divot repair tools instead, that’s cool. Use it to keep hand sanitiser and band-aids handy too. Don’t waste time rummaging around your bag at the end of a round looking for your phone. 


9. IGOTCHA Jawz Compact Retriever 

Do you play golf at a course with lots of water ? Or do you tend to find that only singular hazard on the entire golf course every, single time? If you’re sick of seeing your brand new Callaway or Titliest disappear into the drink, you may need to consider a golf ball retriever. IGOTCHA's Jawz Compact Retriever uses a co-molded rubberized surface inside the loop to grip and hold the ball in place, with a telescoping stainless steel shaft that lets you set up the optimal length for retrieval. Super useful for recovering those balls that may be just out of reach in the bushes or long grass too. It comes in a few different lengths making this a must-have accessory this year. 


10. SoftSpikes Golf Ball Alignment Tool 

Let’s look at a cheap golf accessory that can also improve your game. It’s common now to put a line on your golf ball to aid with putting and most Pro’s will mark a line on their balls before each round. This inexpensive alignment tool from SoftSpikes ensures you get the accurate straight line drawn on every time. A “no-brainer” golf accessory. 


11. Sharpies Mini Permanent Markers

To compliment our new alignment tool, now we’re going to need something to draw those lines with. Sharpies are excellent and they come in a few different colors. Not only will you need them to draw those crisp new lines, you can also use them to mark your ball to help identify it. Against other markers, Sharpies are the best quality and generally the markings stay visible throughout the round. Throw a couple into your valuables pouch. 


12. Golf Alignment Sticks 

Perfect for the range.

Help get your alignment set and matched to your target each time. Alignment sticksare a cheap training aid that help you get quick results. Lay them on the ground to aid your stance, or thread them through your belt buckle to support rotation. These are a versatile product and about as cheap as it gets when it comes to training aids and golf accessories. They’ll also slide down your golf bag easily, while being super lightweight, making them convenient to transport. 


13. Yuport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner 

You simply cannot get the desired control on your ball if your clubface or grooves are dirty. Golf Club Brushes are an essential item and the Yuport Golf Club Brush is a must-have accessory. This brush is lightweight and stylish, easily attaches to your bag and has a retractable zip-line aluminum carabiner. It allows you to pull the brush easily to your club face, without having to detach it from your bag. Two kinds of bristles and a slim groove pick make this a full proof club cleaning solution. Soft Rubber Grips provide comfort when scrubbing.


14. FootJoy Braided Belt

No golf outfit is complete without the perfect belt.

This braided belt from FootJoy is highly fashionable and comes in 6 different colors. It also has a nice stretch feel for extra comfort. The buckle is a nice touch and will add class to any fit on the course. Having a braided style makes it easier to get the right fit and FootJoy are known for their excellent quality. 

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15. Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve

Last, but not least, we've picked out a fun accessory. Wondering how to keep those beers cold as you make your way around the course? The Pins & Aces beer sleeve has been thoughtfully designed so you can keep those beer nicely crisp and cool. The sleeve can fit up to 7 cans, and fits discreetly down you golf bag. Alternatively, stick it in the back of the golf cart. A great accessory for those summer rounds of golf. 

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