• Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler

    Tee off with style, stay refreshed, and keep your thirst in check with our Big Frosty Golf Cooler. Crafted for golfers who believe that every round should be accompanied by the perfect beverage, this golf bag cooler is your ticket to a cooler, more enjoyable golfing experience.

    This cooler is perfect for carrying your favorite beers, fitting into any golf bag, and most importantly keeping your refreshments cold for when you birdie (or bogey) the first hole. Elevate your golfing experience, stay refreshed, and keep the good times rolling on the green with the Big Frosty Golf Cooler. It's the perfect companion for golfers who know that great shots and great sips go hand in hand.


    • Size: 17” x 7”
    • Material: Coated Polyester
    • Water resistant zippers
    • Fit up to 6 cans
    • Holds 4 pint cans 
    • Fit 6 slim cans comfortably
    • Very discreet 
    • Sleeves for ice packs
    • 3 grab handles 
    • Does not fit in the Loma or Loma XL Bags
    • Ice pack not included
    • Do not put ice cubes in the bag.