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The 17 Best Golf Range Finders

by Chris Bajda January 13, 2021

No more doubting and second guessing. Let him revolutionize his game by equipping him with a reliable rangefinder. Accurate yardage is at the tip of his fingers as you allow him to put his fears aside and confidently hit each long distance shot with this golf accessory in his hands. Let him say goodbye to getting exhausted in looking for the nearest distance marker and then going through the circus of attempting to figure out what the relative yardage is for his upcoming shot. He can look through the lens of the rangefinder and know right away the distance to the pin and yardage to various other areas on the hole, such as bunkers and hazards.

Here are 17 of the best golf range finders you can choose from:    

17. Bushnell PRO XE


This newest hottie is topping the charts with its highest speed and accuracy in comparison with other rangefinders in the market. The slope calculation was made more accurate with its temperature and barometric elements. It also has an extremely bright and clear reading and a new and handy magnet feature that clips to everything. There is no losing in this Bushnell PRO XE because although it is a bit pricey, it will be a good investment to ensure his future wins.

16. Garmin Approach Z82


This Garmin Approach Z82 is an “eye candy” for the golf field not only for its looks but for its features as well. It has the most accurate laser range finder on the market within 10” of the flag and up to 450 yards, image stabilization and vibration feedback. Its optics include a 2-D course view mapping for more than 41, 000 courses worldwide, a laser range arc feature and a hazard view to quickly scroll through each hazard on the map. 

15. TecTecTec ULT-X


This TecTecTec ULT-X screams of technology and it sure knows what it’s yelling for. It is equipped with Target lock Technology that allows this smarty device to catch flags at up to 450 yards and hazards at up to 1000 yards with high quality magnification for clear and bright images. Another technology it keeps is the latest optical technology that gives the most accurate and reliable measurements with an accuracy of±1 yard at distances of up to 1000 yards.

14. Bushnell Tour V5

It’s not everyday that he gets something in his hand that functions well within his needs and expectations. But this Bushnell Tour V5 “just works”. Although it may not seem like an extremely expensive type, this device has the right combination of size, speed and predictability that will give you your money’s worth. The high quality standard plus the amazing presentation and this version’s slope calculation will make you say “Yes” to this golf buddy.

13. Precision PRO NX9 HD

If you are looking for an affordable and best value for your limited budget, this Precision PRO NX9 HD is the way to go. It has the accuracy and  other features of a more expensive and more sophisticated rangefinder and even has a built in magnet for additional convenience. The build quality may not seem and feel high end but the embedded technological features gets the job done quite well for its price.

12. Sureshot PINLOC 5001PS Golf Laser Rangefinder


This Sureshot PINLOC 5001PS Golf Laser Rangefinder device has a golden feature. This range finder will lock in your interest in a snap. It has an intelligent pulse feature that activates on lock in, a slope mode that is perfect for uphill or downhill gradients, priority loc that ignores background images and prioritizes focal points, pin-loc that locks onto target and the distance is displayed for 15 seconds,  and scan mode that scans the entire terrain and their distances quickly.


This 400 yard range PRO NX7 PRO still impresses any golfer that lays its eyes on it. It has an adaptive slope technology that can be turned on and off.  The pulse vibration technology goes along well with its target acquisition technology as it silently notifies you when you are already locked on to your target. It is also water resistant and its shock proof design gives you a hint that it is worth its price.


Looks can be deceiving but this one looks the part quite accurately.  It can measure up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode and an advanced pin-seeker technology enveloped in its durable rainproof body. Optics wise, it carries a premium ultra-clear, multi layered optics with easy read display with distance indicator and continuous measurement mode for fast and convenient measurement. This TECTECTEC VPRO500 is lightweight and durable making it a great golf gadget to carry around.

9. Bushnell Tour V4

Choices are always welcome. So if you are still choosing a rangefinder that fits your budget you may want to consider this Bushnell Tour V4.  It has accuracy up to 1 yard with 400+ yards to a flag. This device is also equipped with a fast focus system and has 5 x magnifications for better view. The package contains a case, a protective skin and a battery. Check out if this is the one for him.

8. NIKON Coolshot GII

This NIKON Coolshot GII is the next generation of the top-selling Coolshot 20, but better and bolder. With its increased range and superior accuracy this device is so far from being second rate. Its optics are superb with a quality 6x optical monocular with multilayer coating for bright and clear images,  Eyepiece Focus Diopter to focus your own exact vision and Long Eye Relief (20mm) to give way to sunglasses or eyeglasses.

7. PeakPulse 6PRO

You can hold what you see or see while you hold. This PeakPulse 6PRO rangefinder gives you the power to see your target while holding the control in your hands. It has a built-in slope technology that gives an adjusted distance based on the hole’s incline/decline and aids you to select the appropriate club for the shot. Also it has a slope-switch technology that lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of patented slope function.


If cost efficiency is your determiner in finding a good rangefinder, you may want to stop the search and go for this GOGOGO SPORT VPRO. It provides high-precision distance measurement, a fully multi coated optics lenses that effectively reduces reflected light and increase the transmission of light giving you a brighter and clearer image. The diopter is adjustable for precise focus on display. Its slope function is also fit for legal tournaments.


This LEOPOLD GX 2i3 has technologies in play that will improve the way you play. It has a club selection recommendation based on your hitting strength, slope and even the current condition of the weather. The range capabilities are 400 yards to pin and 700 yards reflective. It is made with Prism Lock Technology and powered with performance DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine and advance laser that measures faster with great accuracy.

4. Callaway 300 PRO

A silent achiever in the market, this Callaway 300 PRO comes from a brand that is not typically known for rangefinders. However this underdog of a device is both waterproof and fog proof. For its price, it already has a 6x magnification with yardage of 5-1000 with±1 yard accuracy. Its scan functionality will allow you to hit multiple targets at once. Now that is indeed a making of a great pocket gadget and game buddy.

3. Bushnell PRO X2

If you are willing to pay, get this Bushnell PRO X2 and improve his play. This device is known to be pricier as it comes from a company known to create and innovate top rangefinders in the market. However you will get your money’s worth with its extreme accuracy and extreme durability. The sleekness of its design also creates rave reviews that will make him want to display this gadget all day even after the game.

2. Bozily Golf

This device sounds a bit like the overall assistant of Charlie’s Angels, Bozly, and surely it will assist you in winning your game. It is durable with an easy grip design, waterproof and fog resistant and it scans targets up to 1200 yards and four modes of use. For a very affordable price, this Bozily Golf surprises with a slope switch technology that determines the slope degree and slope compensation distance quickly.

1. Voice Caddie SL1

Carry a golf essential and play in style. This Voice Caddie SL1 is a must-have as it has GPS Pin Assist that utilizes GPS data to filter background and hone in on one pin. It also has slope integration, continuous scan mode, stabilization, vibration on target capture, optical angle/high clarity lens and a special OLED for low light play. All these features and more packed in a sleekly designed golf buddy he will want to carry when he competes.

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