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How to Clean Your Golf Grips for Better Performance

Updated on September 18, 2022 by Athisham Ulhaq

Most people do not think twice about cleaning their golf grips, but they do not realize how simple it is to do so.

With all the time and money, you have invested in your golf clubs, would it not be nice to know how to clean your golf grips properly, so they last longer?  If you've invested in a great set of golf grips, putting a little time into cleaning them will help get the most out of them.

Clean Golf Grips

Some people just give their golf club grips a quick rinse; that is all they need. Others like to clean golf grips with soap and water or an alcohol-based cleaner. Others do it their way by heating golf club grips and letting them cool down. Just know that heated dirty grips are bad because they can deteriorate the rubber, so do not overdo it on the heat if you want your grips for years to come.

Golfers of all levels should read how to clean golf grips, so you can keep them looking and feeling like new grips!


What You Will Need

  • Sink or Bucket
  • Soft grip cleaning tools or a fresh sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Towel 

Step 1. Soap and Warm Water

No matter how you clean golf clubs, most people neglect their golf grips and give them a quick wipe-down. It is not only unhygienic but can also damage the grip by removing the natural oils and leaving your hands unprotected from sweat that can start making your grips slippery. To properly clean golf grips, fill up a bucket with warm water and dish soap.

To make soap and warm water, use 1⁄2 a teaspoon of dish soap and warm up one cup of water. Warm water will work better than cold or tepid water.

Putting the soapy water on your golf grips removes the oils from your hands that are transferred onto the grip through sweat.

Give your dirty golf clubs an excellent rinse to thoroughly remove any dirt or chalk built on them.


Step 2. Scrub Down the Golf Grips

The next step is to use soft scrub brush or sponge in circular motions. Continue scrubbing until the dirt and grime from your grip have been removed. Be sure not to use too much pressure, so you do not rip off the grips! If this does happen, glue it back on immediately.

We know this sounds super easy, but in reality, washing a golf club take a little bit of patience and practice. No worries, though, it is worth it!


Step 3: Dry off Your Golf Grips

Next comes drying them off to fix slippery golf grips. It can be done with a towel or grip cleaning wipes if you do not want to use more electricity than necessary, or even just let them air dry for hours, so they do not make any unwanted slip hazards in your basement when wet later on down the line.


Step 4. Oiling the Golf Grips (Optional)

 Finally, we are going to talk about oiling the golf grip. A lot of people skip this part because they think it will leave them with slippery golf grips. That is not true at all!

You just need to have a light coat and not let it sit on there too long before wiping it off, like two minutes max; otherwise, you will start attracting dust particles which could become airborne.


Regular Cleaning

One way to keep your golf club grips looking clean and new is by wiping them down with a microfiber dry cloth after each use.

It will remove any dirt or sweat that has built up. Do not forget about the heel of the dirty grips. You can easily overlook this area, but it is one of the most important parts as it is where you typically grip your club.

When grip cleaning, ensure you do not apply too much pressure so that you do not cause them any damage. It might take some time, though it is worth it if you want to keep those beautiful golf clubs looking pristine for as long as possible!


Benefits to Clean Your Golf Grips


1. Preventing Sweat and Debris Build-Up

It is essential to clean golf grips periodically, so they do not become caked with sweat, excess dirt, or debris with grip cleaning wipes.

Leaving dirt and sweat on the grips can result in slippery hands on the club when you are swinging and make your grip less firm.

Excess grit between your fingers could also lead to blisters.

2. Improving Grip Strength

A better grip on the club allows for more powerful swings while preventing finger slips that can lead to missing a putt or hitting it way off target from getting too far from the hole.

A well-maintained grip will also ensure you get the most out of each swing.

3. Gives Club Face More Contact with Ball

Keeping your clubs clean and sharpened helps ensure consistent contact with the ball, which means straighter shots and greater distance traveled by the ball.

4. Reducing Choking

A strong golf grip gives you a firmer hold on the club, so there is less chance of choking up during long drives or power shots where gripping becomes difficult.

5. Keeping Clubs in Top Condition

If you use an older set of clubs, cleaning your grips will help keep them in top condition for next season.

6. Staying Sanitary

Sanitizing your leather grips will prevent any unwanted bacterial build-up over time and eliminate unpleasant odors from playing with golf clubs outside.

Simply wiping down your leather golf grips with a moist cloth dipped in water and soap will go a long way towards keeping things fresh.


Golf is a favorite pastime for many people, but it can be difficult to maintain if you are always on the move.

In order to ensure that your grip stays in shape, use these tips to clean your grips and get your game back up and running as soon as possible.

Happy gripping!



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