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18 Golf Swag Essentials for the Ultimate Golfer

by Athisham Ulhaq September 19, 2022


What is the difference between being good at golf and being an awesome golfer? Golf swag.

You may be good at the game and well on your way to becoming a pro, but if you are not rocking the right gear, you will not be taken seriously by other golfers or anyone else out on the course with you.

To make sure you have the best golf swag out there, check out these 18 must-have items on your next shopping trip.

1. Funny Swing Swear Repeat Golf Towel

A towel is one of those golf accessories that every golfer should own. The golf towels keep you from getting soaked with water or losing grip on your club and provides a dry surface to put down your golf club when you are not using it.

Plus, if you are near a water hazard, you can use this Funny Towel to dry off as needed without risking dragging all your clubs into the water!

2. Rangefinder for Golfing

Finding your distance to the hole before you tee off is essential, but so is knowing what you are shooting for when laying up.

With many models, Rangefinders not only let you know how far away you are from your desired target but also offer variable distances in yards or meters.

3. Callaway Premium Synthetic Golf Glove

This Callaway Premium Glove is engineered to fit like a second skin to your hand.

This unique fitting system provides unparalleled comfort and performance with its two-way stretch fabric that allows for a natural gripping position and resists bunching behind the thumb of your golf club grip.

4. Golf Ball Holder

A golf ball holder is a great accessory on the course or around your home, work, or clubhouse.

It stores golf balls neatly, so they are ready to use anytime, saving time and energy when it is time to play.

Plus, this Golf Ball Holder can double as decoration if you choose to put one on your golf bag!

5. Groove Cleaner with Retractable Zip-line

The Groove Cleaner is one of the most essential and versatile golf swag you can own.

With a compact size and easy-to-use design, you can use it to clean every inch of your clubs with ease.

The retractable zip-line will let you spend less time worrying about tangled cords and more time enjoying your game.

6. Golf Ball Pick-up Suction Cup Stick

No one likes picking up golf balls from their next shot, so grab yourself a handy Golf Ball Pick-up Suction Cup Stick.

The no-scratch plastic design is durable, so it will stand up to anything you dish out, even if you throw your clubs in your trunk after a lousy round.

7. Nike Golf Dri-Fit Cap

The Nike Golf Hat is a great way to keep your head warm and dry on those chilly days. This golf swag hat will be able to withstand any weather conditions and will protect you from the sun's rays too.

It has an adjustable strap at the back that can fit most sizes, so there is no need to worry about it being too tight or loose around your head.

8. PUMA Men's Grip Sport Golf Shoe

For a golfer, there is no such thing as too many golf shoes. These PUMA Men's Grip Sport Golf Shoes with the exclusive wet traction contour system make it so you can hit your tee shot and then head straight to the fairway to finish your game.

They are stylish enough that you can wear them off-course in any social setting.

9. Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo

The Men's Tech Golf Polo from Under Armour. These shirts provide comfort, dry quickly, and look great on course or off course.

The golf apparel shirt also has UPF 40+ protection against the sun so that you can wear it in any environment.

There are many colors to choose from, so you will never have to worry about matching your golf shoes again!

10. Quick-Dry Ankle Socks

Golf season is coming, so grab these Quick-Dry Ankle Socks and have a fantastic time out on the course.

The anti-odor feature will help make sure you always feel fresh and dry, even if you are sweating buckets while playing a daily round of golf.

Plus, they come in various colors to suit your style!

11. Golf Arm Sleeves

Golfers with active arms are at risk of hitting their partners with a mishit. With this in mind, many golfers choose to wear Arm Sleeves which will offer them added protection and peace of mind for the next event.

A golfer should be especially cautious when it comes to selecting these sleeves.

12. Golf Stand Bag

A good Golf Stand Bag is essential to make your golf experience easier. Be sure to consider the size of your golf bag, what the golf bag includes and how many pockets you will need.

You might also want to see what colors are available to match the rest of your gear brand.

13. CANMORE TW410G GPS Golf Watch

As you know, golf is not just a game of long putts and birdies. This sport requires constant awareness of your surroundings.

The CANMORE TW410G GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking golf swag not only helps you keep tabs on distance and pace but also alerts you when you've been inactive too long.

14. Golf Ball Marker with Magnetic Hat Clip

The Golf Ball Marker is a must-have accessory that all golfers need. However, they are not always easy to find when they get lost.

Luckily, with this handy, innovative product, you can never lose your ball marker again!

This magnetized hat clip attaches to any hat in seconds and does not budge!

15. Mini Golf Score Counter

With this Handy Score Counter, you will never have to worry about forgetting your score on the course again. The body is made of a material that provides durability and ease of use.

It is lightweight and comfortable to carry around so that it will take up hardly any space in your golf bag, pocket, or golf cart!

16. Golf Club Head Cover

Selecting a Golf Club Head Cover is the easiest and fun part of preparing for your round.

There are many options for getting a new head cover; some even give you extra benefits at the tournament, such as reducing the temperature, preventing accidental contact with the clubhead, or shielding your clubs from dirt.

17. Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

If you are looking for something to spruce up a bad course day, search no further than Glow in The Dark Golf Balls.

These full color golf balls are a must-have for those who play at night event because nothing is worse than having a frustrating time trying to find your way around and hoping you end up back where you started with only a few seconds left on the clock.

18. Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push cart

The Electric Push Cart is a great product for those looking for an easy way to get around the course. It includes a remote that makes it much easier to steer and has built-in cup holders.

Plus, this is one of the most noticeable golf swags on my list.



Now you are equipped with everything you need to have a great time and enjoy a fantastic game of golf, so get out there and start whacking these 18 golf swags with your newfound confidence.

Keep an eye out for anything on this list that piques your interest.



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