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15 Best Golf Ball Retrievers

by Chris Bajda July 11, 2022

It's always a joy for him to engage in playing his favorite sport.  Make playing golf more enjoyable for him by giving him a golf ball retriever, its a great golf gift that he will appreciate every time he plays a round. Make sure you're choosing one that is sturdy and durable. You'd be surprised how he will appreciate this convenient and thoughtful gift.  

Here are 15 of the best golf ball retrievers that you can choose from:  

15. Golf Ball Retriever Telescopic

This Golf Ball Retriever Telescopic has a unique telescopic design. The length can be 40-195cm/15.75-76.77inch. It can get back his ball from pond, mud, bushes and alligator easily. Let him retract the ball without any embarrassing posture, more importantly, save the cost for balls. The automatic locking device on the scoop prevents the golf ball from being dropped when retrieving. It also  comes with ball clip and a small ball mesh bag.

14. Golf Ball Retriever

Put an end to fishing those golf balls out of the water. The golf lover in your life will greatly appreciate being kept dry with this Callaway Golf Ball Retriever.  This gift includes a dual zip head cover so it looks like just another club in his golf bag. This retriever comes in 15 ft or 6 ft lengths ensuring wherever your golfer plays they won't be losing anymore balls.

13. Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water

This Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water can easily pick up balls within 2.0 meters. It is very useful when the golf ball falls in places like ponds, bushes, mud or border fence. The head of the golf ball retriever telescopic is made of sturdy plastic. When the spring of the head starts, the head will travel across shape. The shaft is made of lightweight stainless steel, which has high hardness and toughness and is not easy to break. 

12. Extendable Golf Ball Retriever 

The Telescopic Extendable Golf Ball Retriever is made of stainless steel, and won’t rust even though immersed in water. It can grab the ball on the ground sturdy, no need to bend over to retrieve the ball any longer.It features the longest length at 1.84 m / 6 ft, and can easily get back his ball wherever it is. The shaft is made from stainless giving a strong feel as well as metallic look.
This Ball Retriever Tool is made of stainless steel. It won’t rust even when  immersed in water. It has a length of 6ft / 9 ft, and can get the ball back easily. It weights only 7 Oz, and you won’t feel any pain when using it.  The super strong spring will automatically lock the ball in the ABS loop to prevent the golf ball from being dropped when retrieving. 

10. Golf Ball Retriever Telescopic for Water

This Golf Ball Retriever Telescopic for Water is a high-quality golf ball retriever that measures 23.5inch when retracted and extends up to 72.8 inch with minimal bending. It can get back your ball from pond, mud, bushes and alligator easily. You can be sure you're giving a steady and durable gift. 

9. Gotcha JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever


This Gotcha JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever is a single piece head design, with no moving parts. The new co-molded rubberized surface is designed for a good grip and hold the ball in place. It is ultra-compact which is one feature he will surely love. 

8. HOW TRUE Golf Ball Retriever


This HOW TRUE Golf Ball Retriever comes with a shag bag that allows for quick and easy ball pick up without bending over. It can hold up to 60 balls. He can simply press the tube on the ball and the mechanism stores the ball in the tube without falling out. 

7. Aluminium Tube Golf Ball Picker 

This Aluminium Tube Golf Ball Picker is made from high-quality aluminium and ABS plastic. It will not rust even when immersed in water. This one can hold up to 16 golf balls. Whether he's a new player or an experienced golfer, he can easily use the golf retriever to pick up golf balls. 

6. Golf Ball Retriever


This Golf Ball Retriever can hold up to 60 balls. The shag bag allows for quick and easy ball pick-up without bending over. Simply press the tube on the ball and the mechanism stores the ball in the tube without falling out. Package includes 1 pc golf ball shag bag in black. 

5. Ball Retriever Tool Golf with Locking Clip

This Ball Retriever Tool Golf with Locking Clip is made from patented super strong stainless steel with a nail fixing design. It has a spring release-ready head that is fixed by stainless steel nails and, features high hardness and toughness. He won't have to worry about the inner loop broken due to repeated use. You can be sure you're giving him a super strong and durable gift.

4. Practice and Range Golf Ball Shagger


This Practice and Range Golf Ball Shagger allows for quick and easy ball pickup without bending over. It can hold up to 80 golf balls and will not stretch. The stainless steel clips, solid brass zipper, and steel bag support plates provide maximum durability. The formed grip handle ensures a comfortable and easy grip. 

3. Golf Ball Retriever Professional Picker

This Golf Ball Retriever Professional Picker needs to be pressed against the ball and the ball will enter the tube, making it easier and faster to pick up the balls. It is composed of wear-resistant aluminum, lightweight and durable. The top grip is designed to protect the golfers hand, ensuring a comfortable and easy grip.

2. Grabber Picker Pick Up Sucker Tool


This Grabber Picker Pick Up Sucker Tool is easy to use. It adopts a slotted tube design, which can remove dirt. The tube mouth only needs to aim at the ball and press hard, and the ball will enter the tube. The pipe is long enough to pick up the ball without bending. The tube has holes to see the quantity. It's one convenient gift he will truly appreciate. 

1. Aluminum Telescoping Golf Ball Retriever

This Aluminum Telescoping Golf Ball Retriever allows you to choose between  12ft or 20ft sizes. It is a must have in every golfer's bag. It features a handle with added grip for all weather conditions and an orange cup that easily traps the ball. With the price of golf balls these days, this golf ball retriever is surely worth it!

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