17 Custom Logos on Golf Towels: The Ultimate Branding Tool

by Melissa Bajda February 04, 2023

Adding a custom logo on a golf towel is the ultimate branding tool for any golf course or golf-related business.

Whether you are looking for a way to stand out from the clubhouse crowd or add a touch of professionalism and class to your offerings, adding a custom logo on golf towels are a great way to impress. From choosing the right design to picking the perfect towel material, we have found the best options out there.

Read on to discover the perfect golf towel that you can put your logo on.

17 Custom Logo on Golf Towels That Will Up Your Golfing Game

1. Magnetic Golf Towel

The right tools are essential when it comes to improving your golf game. One of those tools is a good-quality golf towel. A Magnetic Golf Towel stands out from the rest.

These magnetic golf towels have a unique design and feature a strong magnet in the center of the towel that attaches to any metal golf club.

These golf supplies are great gift for golf outing or charity event.

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2. Custom Waffle Golf Towel

The Custom Waffle Golf Towel is the perfect choice for golfers who need a reliable and stylish way to keep their equipment clean.

These logo golf towels are made from an 80/20 poly/nylon microfiber material with a unique waffle texture, making them extremely absorbent and durable.

The waffle texture also ensures that dirt and moisture are quickly removed from your golf clubs.

3. Birdie Gift Set

If you want to get your golfing buddy the ultimate gift set, look no further than the Birdie Gift Set.

It includes a divot tool, golf towel, and tumbler; all emblazoned with a custom logo of your choice. With this Custom Logo Gift Set, your golfing buddy will look great out on the green!

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4. Jessica Hollie Golf Towel

If you are looking for a luxurious golf towel to add a touch of class to your golf tournament, then The Jessica Hollie Golf Towels are perfect.

Made from luxurious cotton, these personalized golf towels are printed to a high quality and come in various colors.

These custom golf towels are also machine washable and super absorbent, soaking up any moisture on the course.

5. Un-fore Gettable Golf Towel

The Un-fore Gettable Golf Towels are an excellent choice for any golfer looking to upgrade their game.

These custom logo golf towels feature a tri-fold design, with a center silver carabiner to securely attach the towel to your golf bag.

These personalized golf towels are made of 80/20 poly/nylon microfiber with a waffle texture and are fully hemmed for a clean look.

6. Custom Grommeted Tri-Fold Golf Towel

Are you looking for a custom golf towel that adds luxury to your golf game? These Custom Grommeted Tri-fold golf towels are a perfect choice!

These high-quality logo golf towels are made of 85/15 poly/nylon microfiber material and are fully hemmed.

These personalized towels feature a corner grommet with a carabiner, making it easy to attach to your bag or belt loops.

7. Golf Embroidered Towel

The Golf Embroidered Towel is a luxurious and high-quality product for golfers of all levels.

Crafted from 100% cotton, these Tri-fold towels are designed to absorb moisture and keep you cool during your golfing charity event.

Its tri-fold design makes it easy to store and transport in your golf bag, while its convenient hook ensures that it won’t be lost or left behind.

8. Printualist Trifold Golf Towels

The Printualist Trifold Personalized Golf Towels are an excellent option for golfers.

These custom logo golf towels come with your choice of a custom logo. The towel itself is made from durable microfiber material to clean the clubs and golf balls.

It also features a grommet and carabiner clip for easy attachment to golf bags, carts, or golf carts.

9. Muka Personalized Golf Towel

The Muka Personalized Golf Towel Embroidered Logo is an excellent option for those looking for the stylish and functional golf towels.

The unique waffle texture adds a touch of elegance to the logo golf towels, while the embroidered logo gives it a personal touch.

It is made of high-quality microfiber fabric, which provides absorbency and durability while cleaning golf balls and clubs.

10. JBZ Embroidered Golf Towel

Golfers looking for a luxurious and high-quality golf towel with a personalized touch can go right with The JBZ Brand Personalized Golf Towels.

Featuring a luxurious microfiber material, these custom logo golf towels will absorb water quickly and keep your clubs clean while you are on the course.

Additionally, the embroidered logo adds an extra layer of custom styling for your golf tournament.

11. Printualist Embroidered Golf Towels

Show off your style on the golf course with this elegant, high-quality The Printualist Custom Golf Towels.

The heavyweight terry cloth material is soft and has excellent absorbency to keep you dry during play.

These custom logo golf towels feature a traditional trifold design with a grommet and carabiner clip for easy attachment to your golf bag.

12. Valueon Embroidered Golf Towel

The Valueon Embroidered Golf Towel with Clip is the perfect addition to any golf bag.

These ultra-absorbent waffle weave logo golf towels are designed with a custom embroidered logo, making it an ideal personalized gift or a nice treat for yourself.

The grommet and clip allow you to attach it to your golf bag or cart easily, so you never have to worry about losing track of it on the golf course.

13. White Golf Towel

White Golf Towels are perfect for any golf bag. You can customize these golf towels with your company logo to ensure your brand stands out on the course.

The print quality on our white logo golf towels is top-notch. The sublimation process ensures that your logo and design will not fade over time.

14. Muka Custom Golf Towel

The Muka Custom Golf Towels are a great way to add your brand to the golf course.

These stylish and functional golf towels are made from high-quality polyester that is both durable and lightweight, perfect for any golfer.

With its embroidered logo, these logo golf towels is a great way to show off your brand with pride.

15. JBZ Embroidered Golf Towel

If you want a unique way to enhance your brand identity, then The JBZ Personalized Embroidered Golf Towel is perfect.

These personalized golf towels are made from a soft, durable microfiber waffle material that ensures your logo stays vibrant and long-lasting.

The embroidered custom logo will give you a unique look on the course.

16. Valueon Custom Embroidered Golf Towel

The Valueon Customized Towels are perfect for serious golfers who want to make a statement on the course.

The embroidery on the golf towels are of the highest quality and makes it easy to add a custom logo or design that stands out.

These logo golf towels are soft and absorbent, providing excellent durability and performance.

17. Smart Go Golf & Sports Towel

For golfers looking to take their branding game to the next level, the Smart Go Golf & Sports Towel with Carabiner Clip is the perfect way to do it.

You can customize your artwork or business logo with our digital custom print service, adding a personal touch to your game.

The carabiner clip also makes it easy to attach to your bag or golf cart for convenient access throughout your round.


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