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17 Great Golf Cart Accessories

by Chris Bajda September 19, 2021

They are no longer exclusive on a golf course. Golf carts are personally being used by more and more people nowadays. He is obviously one of those who do just that. What can be a better gift than giving him something to properly accessorize his golf cart with. Give him golf cart parts similar to those you find in cars, like side view mirrors, stereo systems, seat belt kits, and portable windshields. Or find the more functional ones such as coolers, golf ball and club cleaners, and clip holders for cigars, cell phones, flags, and other golf accessories.

Keeping his golf cart well-equipped with necessary accessories and making it look stylish at the same time would be a goal for gift giving that can never go wrong.

 Here are 17 of the great golf accessories you can choose from: 

17. Portable Speaker Mount 

This Portable Speaker Mount quickly attaches to a golf cart railing with three adjustable straps. It fits rails up to 1.5 inches wide. It's made of non-slip material that keeps mount and speaker securely in place. This one comes with half inch padding that absorbs shock preventing speaker from rattling.

Secure your cigar during play with this handy cigar holder. This all-purpose cigar clip helps golfers manage their cigar while riding or hitting a golf shot. Never lose your cigar on the green again, now you just have to worry about losing your balls. The clip-within-a-clip design allows the device to attach to your cart independent of the cigar clip for remarkable stability. Stop setting golf carts on fire or burning your hands trying to golf and smoke. 

15. Golf Cart Folding Side Mirrors and Rear View Mirror


This Golf Cart Folding Side Mirrors and Rear View Mirror allows him to look into and see 150 degrees behind him! He can see just about everything behind his left and right hand shoulders. What's more, he will feel no vibration whatsoever while driving. He will also feel safe driving down the country roads.

14. Golf Cart Cigarette Lighter Outlet & Quick Charge

It has a built-in smart chip that will intelligently detect his devices and charging devices at optimal current. This Golf Cart Cigarette Lighter Outlet & Quick Charge comes with 3.0 Dual USB Charger with Cigarette Lighter Outlet. It has a cigarette lighter socket that could power up to 150W (24V). Enough for everyday use, it also fits perfectly with different electric devices. 

13. 2-Pack Bar Cup Holder for Stroller


This 2-Pack Bar Cup Holder can be attached on anything with a 1.5’’ to 2.3’’ diameter roll bar. The adjustable velcro straps are reinforced to hold the cup holder tight for tough road. It is not just a cup holder but can also hold a bottle, cell phone, wall charger and much more to help him get organized.

7. Golf Cooler 

On top of the ridiculous cost of beer on a golf course, the beer cart notoriously is always 3 holes ahead of you.  Most golf courses have a "no cooler" policy which makes the 9 Can Hideaway Golf Cooler the perfect gift to sneak a few frosty beverages onto the course. 

6. Golf Water Bottle 

This Golf Water Bottle is custom imprinted using professional materials and processes. Sublimation inks are used to produce vibrant, brilliant colors that will not fade or scratch. The design is permanently printed on BOTH sides of mug using high temperature dye sublimation. It can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite drink. 

5. Brush Groove Cleaner Tools

It's made from extremely durable plastic handle, nylon bristles and aluminum carabiner. This Brush Groove Cleaner Tools comes with a retractable 2 ft. zip-line carabiner that makes it easy to attach to your golf bag. It is quick and efficient when used in cleaning irons while on the fairway, for golf clubs and spikes, spike for cleaning deep in grooves and golf shoes.


Put this on your office bag, luggage, or golf bag. Always be ready to Tee off with a funny saying and engraved tag. Never be short of the green with this tag, add your name to the front and whatever funny line you want to the back and enjoy life. This gift will be a hole in one with any golf fanatic, don't 4 putt on the green, just sink it from the tee-off. 

3. Personalized Beer Koozie

No golfer wants sweaty hands when trying make a clutch shot. Give your husband or boyfriend this personalized golf koozi and save his game. Lets face it golf and beer go hand in hand and its important to keep those hands fresh. He will love taking a swig and seeing your message to him knowing you are always thinking of him.

2. Golf Ball Retriever

Who isn't tired of fishing their balls out of the water?! The golf lover in your life will greatly appreciate being kept dry with this Callaway Golf Ball Retriever.This retriever comes in 15 ft or 6 ft lengths ensuring wherever your golfer plays they won't be losing anymore balls. Also included is a dual zip head cover so it looks like just another club in his golf bag.

1. Monogrammed Microfiber Towel

Best Personalized Golf Towel

Your golfer will love this Golf Bag Towel because the microfiber uses a special technique to divide the filament into eight, the cross-section of microfiber looks like asterisk at the magnification. It has a better ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, grass than other towels because of the microfiber towel's special cross-section which can be more effective to capture as little as a few microns of dust particles. He will definitely appreciate this functional golf gift coming from you. 

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